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Destiny is probably my #1 anticipated game of the fall, really hope it's clearly different from Halo in more than just storyline.

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I have two favorite moments in Call of Duty campaigns. Without spoiling anything, the 'I Am Viktor Reznov' scene from the first Black Ops and that part in Modern Warfare 2 when Soap tackles the dude out of the second story window onto the car.

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I think a lot of these will doubtless be known to FPS fans or veteran gamers but as Call of Duty brings more and more young players into the fold, it's nice to educate them!

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The point is that people go into an FPS expecting shooting and violence, not necessarily a pretty shocking attempted rape.

I'm not saying the scene was out of hand or wrong, I'm saying that reviewers should be mentioning it to their readers and they're not. So, I am.

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Did you read the piece? I deliberately did not deliver any opinion on the subject whatsoever. It is my opinion, however, that players who may not be comfortable with the sequence should be clearly warned that it's there and for whatever reason, other outlets refuse to mention it.

Or were you saying that Kotaku will sniff out this rape scene and have a field day with it? Because that's totally true.

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Hopefully they'll have a strong showing, I want to see that new engine.

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I know what you mean, but it's fun to see consoles getting powerful.

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Dem Splicers.

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I thought about Dedi's, but I feel like IW heard our message on those pretty damn loud with Modern Warfare 2 so I'm hoping they'll include those by default. At least on PC.

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"And more microtransactions!" said nobody ever.

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I played the hell out of Bad Company 2 but not as much with Battlefield 3. I'm with you on this one.

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Totally agree! There's so much potential in Frosbite 3, I hope they get the most out of it.

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This is a smart move, in my opinion. Distance themselves from the companies that America is starting to distrust while still including them in the actual game.

May not be classy, but it's smart.

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Totally agree, a proper reboot not just a crappy XBLA port or something. This years Tomb Raider seems to have done it right.

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I'm not the biggest MMO fan out there, but Wildstar looks really good. I'm excited to check it out.

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3 Kill Streak: Unmanned Aerial Kotick

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Yeah, well said. GOTY edition will probably have all the DLC.

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Steam should put it on sale for their next big blowout. Would that be Summer? Definitely recommend it, one of - if not the - best game of 2012.

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Yeah, I definitely agree. I would love to be able to purchase them in the main game.

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I think violence in games needs to be justified. If it's violent just for the shock value, it has no place in this industry.

If the story is gritty and the violence is purposeful, I'm definitely interested. Spec Ops: The Line is the perfect example, there is some tough content in that game - stuff that makes you cringe to see and doesn't leave you when you stop playing.

But it served a grander purpose and, for that, it doesn't bother me.

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