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I am liking this new direction from M$. can't wait to play against my friend on his X1.

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Please capcom. Include a classic arcade mode asap

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This is reasonable.

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I like what cap ok did with Rasheed. I was playing with Karyn most of the night though. It's like a turbo alpha 3 in terms of gameplay. No pun intended.

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Well things looked promising last night. Downloaded the beta again started it up and it started a in game update. That's as far as it got. Ufff

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I pre ordered this game and downloaded the beta. but I have not been able to play it.....

I deleted it from my hard drive outa frustration....

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not working for me (Lynn, Ma)

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I preordered this game just to get the promised early access. This stinks. I could have saved that 60 dollar preorder for something else. Uff

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I am getting some input lag. When I press any button at the title screen to attempt to log into the server the error message dialog doesn't doesn't respond quickly to my button presses in an effort to attempt to bypass the error and actually get into a game. Hmmmmm

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Title screen seems ok. That's about as far as I have gotten.

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i would love if sony would release an official windows client for this. pstv is ok if you have it connected to a 720p monitor over LAN. but on a 60" 1080p display it is seriously lacking.

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The cloth is only used on my ps4. It's folded neatly beside the unit for occasional use.

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I want that bay cover NOW!! My sheen cover is scarred beyond belief and all I do is wipe it ocassionally with a micro fiber cloth.

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That would be an awesome last boss

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I play this game the majority of the time via remote play. I have yet to beat a boss playing at the actual Console.

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looking forward to the 60FPS remote play feature. playing driveclub on my pstv and vita is fine but playing something like resogun was horrible because of the frame rate cap of 30.

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playing this now at work via remote play on my vita. started with the noble scion.

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thanks for the replies. after your feedback, i have decided to give it a go. i just queued it up for download to my ps4. it should be done by the time i get home from work. :)

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Never played a souls game. I wonder if I should pick this up. I am worried about the notorious difficulty these games are known for though. Lol

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