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You do realize i was being sarcastic don't you?

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Rinse, repeat, etc etc.

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It's innovative for Call of Duty, it just the fact that the things they are calling innovative have been around in other games for years, and they talk about them like they are brand new never before seen features.

Sliding on your knees while shooting!
Destructible environments!
Fish that move out of the way for you!

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Well judging from today's gameplay reveal, the benchmark is in the exact same place.

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I don't think he is, look at his comment history. *Shudders*

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Oh my god, how old are you?

BF is a poor man's cod? Facepalm.

One is a large scale team based shooter and the other is an arena shooter.

You sound like a corporate puppet being paid to say the same crap in every post you make.

Sexism? Good guys? Wtf are you talking about lol?

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Ironic how one of, if not THE richest company in gaming makes little to no change in what they call a next gen release. While you get upcoming devs and indie devs making genuinely innovative games not getting a fraction of the money or attention.

Its the same with everything though, the things that are most popular aren't always the best.

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Wow, i actually had to look at the HUD to see which game this was. because the gameplay was exactly the same as the rest.

Is this current gen or next gen footage?

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I feel 14 years old all over again.

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You certainly can, bf4 looks exactly the same as bf3 too. Its not always about side taking or being a fanboy or trolling, sometimes its simply stating the truth.

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In the way that it looks exactly the same as every other CoD release? What's wrong with your eyes?

Same graphics (only slightly better)
Same crappy death animations.
Same running animation.
Same engine from years ago.
Same crappy gun sounds (not real gun sounds)

What more do you need, there's only so much of the same you can take before you realise you have been paying for the same game over and over.

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I'm in no way a CoD hater, but this looks exactly the same as the rest. So lazy.

And all these "new" features have been in games for years now....

If there's anytime for change its going into a new generation, they are so scared of losing their fanbase($£$£$) that they won't change the game too much.

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Please tell me that was current gen footage. Ultimate facepalm if it wasn't.

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Me too, i hate it when they use next gen as an excuse for a price hike. Like you said, no more than £40.

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*Cough* Pre-owned*Cough*

No more money from me EA.

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Always loved GTA satire.

"I'm not extending a helping hand, im giving you all the finger!"


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Really? People still do these stupid comparisons?

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People already have the things that the Xbox One is offering (TV,Apps,Sports,Streaming etc), and have done for years. I'm not saying completely abandon those things but change the ratio of attention more towards the gaming side. Their vision of having the Xbox One as the main entertainment system in all homes is way too ambitious due to most people already having devices that do what the Xbox One is promoting.

Just give us quality games! Make that the number 1 focus.

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My PS3 slim is whisper quiet. Only makes noise if i haven't installed a game.

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Knew it was a something that wouldn't last long as soon as it started getting attention. Now people have expensive 3d tv's and don't care for 3d anymore.

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