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Yes, got deluxe preordered along with 4 more games.

Whoever complains about the price, you can wait a yr for a $50 cut - which I'm guessing Nintendo gave themselves some room (despite Nintendo taking a reported "loss") before the next MS & Sony consoles release. $249 basic white U and $299 deluxe sounds about right, & I'd guess the next MS & Sony consoles will launch at $399 minimum.

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Can you play as it charges?

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You don't need another snatch, since you are satisfied with your Puss3.

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Hell m********** yes.

I got the Deluxe, NSMBU, Zombi U, BLOPS 2, ACIII preordered, on deck. Also will buy Trine & Nano assault on the eshop.

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Positive Wii U news = *CRICKETS*

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The gamepad will still be useful in front of you, even if players prefer the pro controller, like BLOPS 2 for example: loadouts on the fly, large map, score streaks etc.

The gamepad is not something you should want to put aside, its designed to be...desirable. Just the next step to make gaming that much more "immersive", having a gadget like the sub-screen OUTSIDE OF THE TV, to assist whats going on the main screen.

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& it doesn't need to be. Wii set the bar very high. Remember Nintendo was coming off of 33 mil and 22 mil sold on N64 & GCN. A bare minimum of 50 mil Wii U sold should and will be considered a great success. I personally think it will reach 70. Wii U will start of scorching hot, have a steady peak, but will have more "legs" than Wii. 70 mil LTD sounds about right.

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What's the problem? If you want to use the pro controller, you can put the gamepad on its own stand in front of you (included w/Deluxe bundle), where the headset connects. Bit of a clusterfuck yes, but "hardcoreee" gamers never complained about their miles of turtlebeach wires, so don't start now just b/c its Nintendo, the company you love to hate.

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Don't knock the Chinese hustle. You gotta get yours, I gotta get mine...&they gotta get theirs. This is no Kathie Lee Wii U manufacturing situation.

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You need to learn comprehending what you read before you reply with such...wit. No one is dissing the PS360. if you must know I proudly own all the consoles (bought 4 360s, & 2 PS3s). Yes I favor Nintendo, but doesn't mean I hate on the others, quite the opposite actually.

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@from the beach

possibly, yes. Neo Geo was a great, $luxury$ system for its time. But Nintendo is a mainstream monster, and will "win" again (I guess facts bother certain people on this site, immature fanboys *sigh*).

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Wii U = SNES

PS4 & Xbox 8 = Neo Geo

We all know who wins.

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Yup, bundled w/Madden '14 "Playcaller edition" for $149.99

$99 standalone.

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I'm a Nintendo fan, but whoever made that power claim was trollin like a muhf...besides, the whole "times" or "X" more powerful is bullsh...

Wii U will be easily more powerful, and b/c of its modern parts & design, will be far more efficient, which is why they still can have a smaller shell case. so until someone dissects the internals, that's all we can go by.

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I was hoping for this, good move IMO. For me at launch through holidays, it'll be ZombiU, NSMBU, ACIII, BLOPS 2 & NintendoLand. For my 2nd wave of games I'll get Aliens & Rayman, so that move helps solidify the launch window games.

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The Wii was opposite in that it picked up momentum, but Wii U will start off hot. It'll be interesting, something that starts on fire has higher expectations, which may lead to disappointment. There's a chance Wii U can flop.

However, based on what we know, this is the "safest" console released by Nintendo since SNES, its pretty much guaranteed to be a hit. Not necessarily the best or most selling, but Nintendo + HD + new innovation for home consoles + BC, s...

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Peter Chubb, the writer of this article, got a big piece of info wrong: Its not the GPU that devs have said is still a bit behind PS360, its the CPU. The GPU is far ahead of PS360, that is not even debatable. Modern features, more grunt, more efficient, etc.

So the problem is current gen games are more CPU intensive, which brings launch Wii U titles back down to PS360 levels. Until games are built from the ground up for Wii U, not many devs. will take advantage of the new...

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I think when it comes to LAUNCH prices - it doesn't matter. Companies have every right to capitalize on hardcore, or early adopters who are eager to buy first. It's only smart business, and we can't be mad at that. This is a business first and foremost.

My opinion is it may be $50 too high on both skus, but as I said, its the price to pay for being an early adopter. Remember, there's only so many units they can build, so to put it at such a low price, and not...

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Retro are masters at maximizing Nintendo hardware for visuals. Factor 5 wasn't too shabby either.

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Agreed completely. I'm a Nintendo fan and tend to be optimistic with expectations, but in this case ReviewTechUSA is reaching. Of course we know what "FULL HD" means, but we don't know what they mean by it (if that makes sensee). If we listen to the context, during the press conference Activision was saying "HD Graphics...FIRST TIME ON A NINTENDO CONSOLE". So what that spokesman (who may not be tech savvy) easily could have meant, is removing doubt from fans tha...

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