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thats is was pc is for xbox is for halo and only halo in my experience

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dangit teh 1 xbox exclusive next year and i have to wait until septembro to play it NOT FAIR

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could be worse they could of cut all support for it like someone else and why is it that its ahead of the 360 in europe even though it didn't launch there until 2007 you know almost 2 years after the 360...face it you know that the only reason the 360 has sold more is because of a year head start and you know eventually the ps3 will outsell it world-wide weather it be before this console gen is over or a couple years after a new one starts but either way the 360 will have sold less than t...

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yoo bee trollin hard dawg you needz to stop it

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Silly pirates modding is for Xbox 360's

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here is ur typikal xbox fanboys response to the price hike ""I love paying more money for something i'm already paying for that is available for free on pc/ps3/PS2/wii/psp/ds/dsi/dsix l and getting no upgrades of any sort for paying more""

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Number of 360 features available elsewhere for free = All of them.

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yeah now you can wave you hands about on a eyetoy hd(kinect)

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ohhhh yesss rrod on the go!

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Poor johhny you know the playstation 3 has been selling better than xbox or the xbox would still have that 8 million lead it started with.

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baseballfan just give it up already will ya the whole point of kinect from the start was you wont have to use a controller to play and now that all u xbots realize youre gonna need one for 95% of games all you say is "but you can still use one with it" which would make that $150 you spent on the controller less motion device a HUGE waste

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lol lol lol xbox 360 RROD lol lol lol my xbox broke lol lol lol wish i had real exclusives lol lol lol guess i should go purchase a ps3 so i can play real games lol lol lol

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if you have to defend are in fact butthurt

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Guy with a halo pick talking about Sony...Irony at its finest.

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well duh, you have to be a programmed bot not to know that

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Sony has sold on average 8.3mil a year, MS has sold on average 7.85. So in the end Sony has a better "time" and at the end of the race it doesnt matter who finished first just who has a better time.

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its not like baseball its like a race.

and what MS did was start early to appear to be winning. Im sure people who follow Nascar and etc. know what im talking about.

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NO WAY!!! You can play using a skin resembling the average X-bot.

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