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Looks Awful and empty and lifeless ....a poor decision by the designers to use 3d models......looks worse and taxes the system for poorer results .....SMH

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@Harrisk954 did you consider that PS4 had 1 week or 7 days head start? if they Measured it by daily sales, Which is the way MS is spinning it, then Xb1 is doing better, It's crazy 7 days headstart and 100 bucks cheaper, Sony has got to be scratching their head because i just don't know how MS pulled those numbers off! either way if this is true MS will outpace Sony by the holidays end.....

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Forza will be the go to game, so happy it's launching with this game, a game i can sink tons of hours into!

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LOL, reading about PS$ issues all over the web.....come on N4G and the lead article is this! lol Classic!

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Lets be fair here,what scale of a game does anyone expect Mr. Cerny to produce if he was so entangled in the design of the PS4? IMO he should not have even bothered with this until he was fully capable of putting all his effort into it.

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It's sad reading all of the comments about what happened 8-9 years ago with MS....that isn't going to fix this current guys should just relax and wait....see what happens...i really hope it's a faulty batch, i wish this on no company. period.

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What a horrible site filled with spam and bad writing.........terrible.....

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Game looks fantastic it all depends on the tracks. some tracks are bland in nature and some look amazing.

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Someone who can't seem to put 2 and 2 together on N4G, interesting.

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Ohh N4G! your Sony fan are about as silly as Fox News viewers ....interviewing a man who spread a rumor from a source he isn't sure about....Stupidity clearly has no is boarder line libel.

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The hurt runs deep with this one! just buy what you like dude and enjoy! don't worry the PS4 will have great games as

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Let me guess........ Famitsu is now a great media house..........

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Dam! even with half the Sh!t turned down Ryse still looks better than KZ!

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I don't know to be honest, but lets ask a far more sensible question....Why can't DriveClub run at 1080P @ 60FPS like Forza 5 ? I call Forza Far more efficient that Driveclub.... makes sense? :)

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So the XB1 is a far more efficient machine, Makes sense since the games seem to look and run better. I love all the uneducated comments about PR after the tech team shamed every wannabe in this forum....the "proofs in the pudding" as they say and right now MS's pudding looks argument there!

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The Vita is dead guys get over it! people dont even want it from the discount bin......sheesh....move on!

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Lol that would be disappointing......but from the sound of it would rather play Kinectimals than Knack...loooooooool

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Keep in mind PS4 are bundled with games! thats where the high numbers come in ...Xbox One is not! just some food for thought.

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Oh you can hold a conversation? lol not surprised at all! but enjoy playing around in drivel from a plopping while????

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