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That's a silly "fact" why put in old assets in a new game? under the umbrella of "bonus " cars is super lazy...GT is ancient by today's standards. both gameplay and graphics.

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Stupid mistake but honestly.....who cares?

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Of course during the whole XB1 vs PS4 debate the song was completely different and it was MS who held back the potential of the PS4. Now Sony is totally gimping the XBX the song has changed.

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absolutely hilarious lol

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Doesn't look bad at all, I would say it one of the more polished game at E3 this year! it does however look generic and I put State of Decay 2 in the same bag but that has multiplayer elements which the gameplay is centered around. I'll be honest even though it looked spectacular I just didn't care for it at all.

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hahahahaha, Double vote if i could have!

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Its ridiculous because its exactly the opposite of what you just stated.....Cross platform does not work that way lol.

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Ridiculous on Sony's behalf.....

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wow a troll in every thread......

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I'm not sure they view it that way, Sony didnt give any hardcore exclusive on their mid gen upgrade either. I think they view it as current gen made to enhance the experience. Some people want a premium product. I'll gladly buy the console knowing its the best place to play 3rd party games.i enjoyed it but agree that they needed at least one killer app in the line up, Forza is great but doesn't being any Newness with it. Anthem is absolutely insane but it needed to be exclusive, I...

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The price cut is a great indicator of the Scorpio's price point.

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not sure how educated these guesses are......

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Looks Awful and empty and lifeless ....a poor decision by the designers to use 3d models......looks worse and taxes the system for poorer results .....SMH

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@Harrisk954 did you consider that PS4 had 1 week or 7 days head start? if they Measured it by daily sales, Which is the way MS is spinning it, then Xb1 is doing better, It's crazy 7 days headstart and 100 bucks cheaper, Sony has got to be scratching their head because i just don't know how MS pulled those numbers off! either way if this is true MS will outpace Sony by the holidays end.....

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Forza will be the go to game, so happy it's launching with this game, a game i can sink tons of hours into!

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LOL, reading about PS$ issues all over the web.....come on N4G and the lead article is this! lol Classic!

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Lets be fair here,what scale of a game does anyone expect Mr. Cerny to produce if he was so entangled in the design of the PS4? IMO he should not have even bothered with this until he was fully capable of putting all his effort into it.

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It's sad reading all of the comments about what happened 8-9 years ago with MS....that isn't going to fix this current guys should just relax and wait....see what happens...i really hope it's a faulty batch, i wish this on no company. period.

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What a horrible site filled with spam and bad writing.........terrible.....

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