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I'd love a NFS u3.. #1.5.1
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Fair point.. But take a look at damn near any FPs game..

There is one weapon in each class that is better and that's all anyone uses anyway..

I like the choice and variety.. But it seems even if they made 20 other rifles, everyone would still use the carbine unless the "op" tag gets thrown on another gun.. #2.1.1
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So someone makes the claim that Xbox is based around forced hype, and I'm not allowed to point out the fact that both could be accused of it?

Bs. #1.1.3
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It's $19.99 on xbl.. Can't speak on anything else

Seems pretty fun so far.. Tho some challenges are downright evil Lol.. #1.1
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And Sony isn't doing the same?

Hype comes from fans fighting with each other.. All companies involved aren't making crazy claims, its the fans doing that.. They are simply promoting their products #1.1.1
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DRM is everywhere.. Its not evil, its what stops piracy from being completely out of control..

Even downloading your game on a closed platform is a form of DRM.. Signing into your account etc

Digital rights management is not bad or evil.. What people have issues with is intrusive DRM, constant pop ups to verify who you are etc.. Or like PC games where is actually hinders performance

Even their original plan was completely in the background..... #7.6.1
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Hahaha.. So true..

So much bs in that post.. It wasnt intruding anything, all in the background.. And everyone cried about it then proceeded to download all their games anyway after it changed.

And kinect has never been always on.. It simply waits until you say Xbox on.. That never changed

You make it all seem so evil when it isn't.. That's on you, there is nothing wrong with peoples memories. Some see it differently #6.1.4
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Both use 8 core CPUs.. Making the most of all of them is a common goal for both..

Its not like either side went "omg, we need to do that too!"

Timing of their announcement doesn't imply the idea belongs to one of the other.. Just two solutions for a shared issue #7.2
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Yet those same Sony fans are the ones saying it would, just to argue it..

Despite one or two guys trolling you.. Nobody, especially ms has said dx12 will make the x1 faster then ps4..

Yet I can post hundreds of examples of Sony fanboys claiming everyone is saying it #2.2.1
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But its all hype and PR spin remember.. Dx12 wasn't going to do anything, remember?

But hold on a second.. Sony is working to implement the same features? But why? They don't apply to consoles right?

Lol.. Hilarious.. Good for Sony, but some fans need to stop with the flip flopping all depending which side does it #1.11
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So you seem to think everyone that is having a blast with it are just too stupid to realize that they dnt really like it?

You find it repetitive.. Doesnt mean everyone else has to think that #2.1.1
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I guess so..

But still.. Its the equivalent of my saying its all a rip off of windows movie maker, as it precedes Vegas..

Silly yes.. But saying Sony is following upload studio is pretty reasonable giving the timing..

Using a PC video editor as a counter argument isn't (sony didn't create Vegas either for the record) #1.6.9
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Add in 1080p Skype and controlling my TV (a mic isn't a ir blaster) plus signing me into xbl automatically....

Yep.. Very much worth $100 #1.4.10
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It is easier..

When I'm watching TV, I say Xbox play titanfall and what do ya know?

I'm instantly in the multiplayer menu, right where I left off..

Quicker and easier then anyone else can do it ;) #1.4.7
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Ahh.. So you know microsofts hopes and dreams.. And also read the minds of ms investors raking in cash year after year?

And they have plenty of choice.. X1 is selling faster then any Xbox before it.. Just because some have a weird vested interest in who comes out on top doesn't mean 2nd isn't a success. #1.2.1
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They will be.. Its not if, its simply when

And you could change it out but void your warranty in the process #2.1.2
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I have bf4, ryse, dr3, forza, rayman legends, powerstar golf, ki and titanfall all on disk and I'm at 38% full..

Not an issue.. Yet #2
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Ahh.. Some random website huh.

I see.. Even if sony themselves said sold to customer.. So what? Like they (or anyone else) hasn't bullshitted you before.. If called out, it was a typo..

Point is.. How many retailers in the world are selling these consoles? How many were bought in bulk to sell on eBay?

Sold to customer is a bs number thats an estimate at best.. Sony sold 7m to retailers, that's it.. If they shipped 9-10m then that'... #8.2.7
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Says who exactly?

Who exactly is telling you what ea was betting on? Seeing as ea didn't even fund the game on their own, I think your claims of what they were counting on are make belief.

And medman.. Wow dude.. You sure make a hell of a lot of reaching assumptions.. But trying to pawn them off as some kind of fact is laughable.. Even the "kill Sony" outright lie you threw in there #4.1.3
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Says who?

Stop being naive and think about that for a second #8.2.1
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