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except xbox and pc gamers couldnt care less about uncharted ( we arent getting it) #1.1.16
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and why do the burgers on the McDs menu look way better then what you get?

its not even downgraded... the trailer is simply polished up and post processed all to hell to make it look as good as possible.. thats marketing..

is it shady? well... kind of but not really... its common knowledge (i cant recall ever hearing someone at mcdonalds complain their burger looks nothing like the picture) #2
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who gives a shit about sony?

seriously dude... this is about xbox one gaining some power... nothing to do with sony or playstation..

the only people up in arms about this are fanboys that dont want the competition improving. great for gaming huh? #7.3.3
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i remember reading something from MS about avoiding actual figures as it greatly depends on the developer..

maybe thats what these guys expect for their title #1.2.5
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well no, i understand that... i watched south park lol

what im saying is comparing the two sectors is like apples and oranges... literally millions of people will buy a game like angry birds and simply play it on the bus or on break at work (or the shitter lol)..

those people arent really "gamers" and are not competition for consoles or PC gaming.. #3.1.2
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ive never understood this debate or whatever you call it..

mobile gaming taking over.. what exactly? every person that spends 0.99 on angry birds or sudoku is now compared to people dropping $70 on games?

"mobile gaming" is not even close to console or PC gaming in any regard imo #3
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So what's your deal? Its baseless because a game you like didn't sell as much as a popular remaster?

Where to begin... Lol #9.2
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Xbox one was my pick.. Very happy with it #15
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Pretty sure it was turbo graphix 16.. Had one but only remember having like 2 games for it lol #1.1.2
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That is insanely cool of Harmonix to do.. Well done.. #11
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wow.. #1
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ya i found it pretty cool but found it depended greatly on where it decided to put you..

i never once got hacked and never once managed to hack someone... seemed too easy to find people

the idea was super cool tho #12.1.2
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i liked the first one... just felt it was a cheap knock off of GTA in some ways and that irked me...

the multiplayer aspects were really cool but again, needed a bit of work.. but overall the game has promise and i look forward to seeing what theyve done for WD2 #12
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and what does marketing have to do with development? #9.3.1
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"According to Xbox fans Microsoft has won the last two E3s, but what has that been converted to for Xbox fans? Microsoft likes to showcase games, but not release them? It's been two years and the list of Xbox exclusives (games only available on Xbox) is rather lacking. "

your comment.. pretty clearly trying to imply games havent been released or some lack of games on xbox..

people like me? ha.. you are the one acting like... #1.2.18
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Because PC and consoles aren't competitors.. And the 360 isn't threatening Xbox, a sale is a sale..

Exclusive means you aren't playing it on Nintendo or Sony hardware..

You guys are splitting hairs trying to act like because its on PC that it somehow isn't available on Xbox..

Ps4 doesn't have them.. That's all that matters (in the context we are talking about anyways) #1.2.7
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yet hes the only one that even mentioned anything remotely positive about xbox... one comment that actually quotes the article and not just the points you want to see, or ignore.

are you upset every other comment on here neglected the few upsides of the xbox version?

honestly dude.. unless its been heavily edited.. i dont see your point #14.1
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day/night cycles are pretty pointless in a 5-10min race..

forza h2 was a nice mix imo.. #4.3
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my xbox storage is 3.5tb.. think i have 2.7tb free but have 20+ games #5
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im not refering to any brand here boys.. no need for the baseless disagrees..

im asking how they can say a local console has 150ms of input lag yet a streaming game that requires every single step the local console does but adds the distance all info needs to travel but comes out faster..

thats impossible. #1.1
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