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But I could die next week.. lol..

And I said it seems impossible, based on where we are today.. they could build some insane custom machine and string along 100 1080s today along with custom software to produce a demo.. it just isn't practical so nobody will bother to do it.. we need a leap that isn't in the works (that I'm aware of)

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Seemed to be against controlling the character..

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Probably would have been wise to not include religious figures..

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It's a hassle.. I will gladly fork over $60 for this because of the ease of use.. an original controller (close enough) etc.. it's the same reason people buy consoles vs pc gaming

Bring it up to the cottage for some drunken nostalgia with friends.. I don't imagine I'll play it that much (like you said, most games don't hold up) but it's still an awesome little package..

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Wonder if it's still locked if you pay for the game.. maybe arcade mode is considered extra dlc..

Haven't loaded it up yet

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Photorealism rendered in real-time seems almost impossible.. hope I live to see the day

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For $60 I get 30 classic games with a HDMI port that will play on my led.. I'm sold

They won't be able to keep up with demand imo..

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Odd.. I'm in Canada where the game is also not released.. it's fully functioning

Edit.. meant as a reply to below

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It's still not a con.. you don't pay extra for it, it will simply be an unused license.

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What con? It's nothing but positive..

Not having a use for something isn't a con..

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It sure does. End of story as far as im concerned.

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If having a pc was the only requirement, consoles would never have existed..

Unless streaming really takes off, console and pc will always coexist.

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these stipulations on how many can be excluded or whatever is on you..

Available to all =inclusive
Available to some but not all = exclusive

People in the gaming realm have always misused this word. I know what you mean blah blah but it's still not accurate based on its definition

(Very late edit... Those who disagree need to pay more attention in English class or pick up a dictionary)

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Do you think dx12 releases and viola! Everything is there?

It's coming.. this is another step towards that

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I actually have them both downloaded from their trials.. never bothered to delete them, kind of glad now lol

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I figure anyone can use it.. don't back corporate projects if you object to them.

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We've already been through this.. exclusive means no such thing..

Call it what you want,i dont care.. but stop trying to twist the English language around..

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Wrong.. still Xbox exclusive just extended over to win10 .. Xbox one is a console, Xbox is a platform

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Still wonder why Canada doesn't get cortana.. win10 took awhile but it's added now, wonder why the delay again for xb1

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Or I could just use my elite controller in my hands.. without any issues you mention..

And funny enough.. those issues all sound like user error (one trigger lock on only and not having the stick secured properly) but I can't say some manufacturing issues didn't slip past.. first I'm hearing of it and mine is perfect tho

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