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Some people have way to much free time..

Why the hell would anyone bother doing such a thing? #5
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Lol... Can't really argue that one either..

Tho I'm not here just to argue with ppl, I'm usually at work when I'm on here.. On my phone while taking a break etc

But my last desk job.. Lol.. Ya.. Killed way too many hours on fb or forums, yet still did more work then coworkers haha #1.1.3
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300k a month is low?

Good thing you guys don't run companies ;) #1.4.2
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You downloaded 12 gigs in 3 minutes?

As for the question.. Think they are using their own #23.1
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Some like to spin and lie.. Or just plain ignore the facts..

Maybe they don't realize they are both public companies and their financials are public knowledge.

I've seen it on both sides so not singling anyone out.. Some think its perfect, others will think its the biggest POS ever made.. The truth is always somewhere in the middle #1.5.2
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Care to actually name a single "capability" the ps4 has that x1 doesn't? #1.1.10
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The entire article and issue is a "corrupted" file warning if people tried to launch the game before it finished downloading..

Seeing as its an installer, it couldn't possibly run before 100%.. Bungies mistake #16
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Yet playstations success isn't doing much for Sony's bottom line.. And xboxs "failure" hasn't put a dent in ms' revenue..

Consoles are so very little of what these two companies do #1.2.2
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Sooo.. We are reading the article saying its GPU is about $200 and you're talking about 4k gaming?!

Thanks boys.. Ya made my day ;) #3.1.3
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Sigh.. For the millionth time

1080p vs 720p is a recycled argument from years ago.. It referred to actual physical pixels in your TV..

We are now talking native resolution of the source media.. Totally different.

And its 900p upscaled to 1080p vs native 1080p..

Counting pixels is pointless.. We all have the same.. If a pixel is supposed to be black natively and the scaler predicts its black.. What's the difference? There... #11
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Oh I believe they have clout.. No doubt there..

But its like saying 343i decided they rather not do halo.. Its not up to them.. They are a division of a parent company.

If any of the big 3 want a game made by one of their first parties, I believe its being made regardless of the developers personal desires #7.1.1
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How so?

360 outsold x1.. Makes sense since its 80m vs 5m

But when 5m beats 80m (ps3) then its not quite so obvious.

Its paints the picture of more ps3 owners jumping to ps4 then 360 owners jumping to x1

Spin would be trying to make that seem like 360 users going to ps4.. #1.2.1
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That makes too much sense.. Lol

What I find surprising is Xbox one outselling ps3 for watchdogs.. Could be more then one factor there but I'd assume it shows a lot more ps3 users jumped to next gen vs 360 gamers. #1.1
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Life's gotta suck to just troll crap you apparently hate.. What a fun Friday night ;)

But fear not.. I'll leave you alone now (well.. Ignore you..same thing) #2.1
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The comment strikes me as strange..

They are a first party.. They make one if Sony tells them too.. Same would go for all first parties #7
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Kind of a stupid title..

Uncharted is unfilmable... Check out our interview with the director of said movie.. Lol

Its completely film able.. Just because its likely to suck like the other game based movies doesn't mean its "unfilmable"

Look at need for speed.. Even Jesse pinkman couldn't save that crap lol #2
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Master chief has a helmet.. Close enough lol #25
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Xbox is Microsoft's ticket into the minds of young future customers..

They don't need to beat Sony to be successful.. We have never once had only one option for a reason.. There will always be one company on top that makes the most money or sells the most units.. But the rest can still live happily ever after.. Auto industry, smart phone etc.. #1.1.5
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Personally I'd rather have brands pay to have their products advertised then what we normally get..

Blocked out labels or made up brand names (even if some are hilariously bad lol)

We know its supposed to be Pepsi, they know its supposed to be Pepsi.. Let it just be Pepsi! Lol

Lol.. But seriously.. I'm fine with it provided its not annoying or taking away from my enjoyment.. #6
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Lol... Lazy bastards..

From lines like that.. Or the wise cracks about hiding behind a box (and throwing up the L as he runs by) are a big reason I want this game.. Think it'll keep me laughing..

Kinda like borderlands 2.. That lil s@#t talking robot kept me laughing the entire game.. Seems too few games accomplish that. #1
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