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Lol.. Beat crota once, got boots and the mg. Plus shader and emblem..

Its all RNG.. Seeing guides for how to get these guns is hilarious..

Play the raid. The end.. Lol #2.1.1
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Play raid, hope for it to drop..

That about sum up the guide? Lol #2
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Hey! I'm #2

Good for me.. Lol.. I didn't know not buying into your fanboy tinfoil hat wearing theories made me a shill..

I prefer Xbox.. Sue me.. I dont talk trash about Sony. I just correct their fanboys.. Big difference #2.11.2
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Thanks :) #2.5.9
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Its the point of advertising something you won't deliver.. The importance is irrelevant..

They got caught up in the "resolution war" they wanted to push and its backfired huge..

Not really the end of the world or anything.. Probably won't settle anyways.. But one can hope its a lesson learned and everyone in the industry learns from it as well #1.1.3
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You guys are flooding my inbox.. Lol..

I'll get to you all eventually but FYI, it takes a few days anyways so you won't get in for the halo beta #2.1.3
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Its relevant because we are talking a few million sales difference.. Those countries may only be 10% of the market.
But what's 10% of the 300m consoles sold last gen?

A hell of a lot more then the difference we have now..

That's why its totally relevant.. If xboxs were sold there, the gap would close.. Its basic math that only a fanboy would try to spin away..

But don't try to put words in my mouth, I've never once sai... #1.1.23
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Referring to the comment above mine.. "Wow its going over a million units a week"

Just struck me as funny when this entire article is about 700k for the week.. #1.2.8
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If you don't have a buddy in the program to invite you, throw me a pm with your gamertag and I'll invite you when I get a chance #2.1.2
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Lol.. Sorry.. But have to point this out..
.how the hell is it over a million a week when its clearly 700k in the headline..

And vgchartz... Lol #1.2.5
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Try opening them on your hunter.. I think rahool is still a troll and likes to screw with people.. Lol #4.1
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OK wow... Gonna jump in here with some logic and common sense for people..

1) Xbox can certainly catch up, only an idiot fanboy would think the race is over after a year and a few million units... Unlikely? For sure.. But not impossible

2) the 40 vs 100 stupidity... Are you kids trolling or what?

Yes, the lead may exist (I don't follow it) in those 42 countries.. But how is it relevant? Easy! Do the math on countries they both compete..... #1.1.8
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Traded bf4 and nearly paid for my years sub..

But ot.. Super cool... Loved undisputed but the demo for this title reminded me too much of ea mma so I skipped it..

Happy to get to play it now risk free #2
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Who cares?

Does being on PC or 360 somehow diminish the game you are playing?

We are talking consoles here... Exclusive simply refers to one or the other..

Can you play it on ps3/ps4? No? Exclusive.. Goes both ways too.. #3.2.1
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And what if they are right?

I mean cmon... You guys all act like everything is set in stone..

It can go any which way... Sony dominated leading up to the holidays but then ms took off.. So if Sony is so unbeatable, how'd that happen?

I'm not here making claims.. But cmon.. Ms could go on to win every month or could lose every month... People need to stop trying to predict trends simply based on what they want to happen.. #1.6.3
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Yeah OK....

Does your business mind tell you a company that has multiple divisions generating billions a year (including the hardware division you think is losing money) is not desperate?

Earnings reports will tell you a lot more then the bs you read on the internet #5.2
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I don't understand how desperation and good business go together..

By not including kinect, they can afford to sell for cheaper.. And they have a bunch of great games out.. Giving someone a couple titles in exchange for years of xbl and game sales is not the straight up loss some think it is..

These companies think long term.. #2.1
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I'm still thoroughly enjoying the game, but this expansion is a little lacking IMO..

Was hoping for more #3
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Wtf is up with the article itself?

Ps4 was cool but Xbox one failed? Please explain how the exact same feature set (no dnla on either, no mkv on either etc) gave such different results?

I know the article is about how they perform now.. But I can't get over that.. They were both exactly the same at launch

Did ps4 have all the features you hold against Xbox? Nope.. Blurays didn't work? Huh.. News to me.. Same with Netflix skipping etc.. #17
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I got obsidian mind for warlock.. Lol.. My hunter is still rocking the vog helm thanks to xur lol..

Even the titan.. He's at 26 and could of used it.. My warlock is only lvl8 but have 1 exotic helm and 2 purple boots for him already..

Once I get him above 20 I'll be laughing.. At least my hunter is finally 30 #2.1.1
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