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While I enjoy it quite a bit, thought the story was some of their best, plague lands looks amazing, splicers are more aggressive etc..

It doesn't feel like a $40 (Canadian) dlc.. should of been $30 imo..

But for the cost to enjoyment ratio, it's still good buy for me

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Darkwolf. That's it exactly

Both companies have the exact same model going forward.. it just seems ms is more willing to eat into their profits with better specs (even Slim's.. ms added a uhd drive which kills any cost savings they made with the slim, Sony removed the optical port to save money)

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Where is the 7 reasons to make stupid meaningless "articles"?

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I personally did not like 2.. didn't even finish it, I remember feeling let down after loving the first so much..

Infinite had a really cool story that I liked and got attached to Elizabeth but gameplay was a bit of a letdown

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I actually did some research on that one as I thought the same.. ps4 simply can not do HDR with a HDMI 1.4 output..

However it seems 1.4 and 2.0 is compatible, as in identical physical port.. provided the controller is capable, you can upgrade to 2.0 thru firmware.

The same is not true of uhd br that I'm aware of

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Yup.. already exists.. it's only to really help new players anyways..

Most of us are already 25+ in factions anyways and in no real need of boosters

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To be fair tho.. when does a company ever say "hey.. our last one was better, what can ya do?"

Every new Honda civic is the best civic.. every new iPhone etc..

I think people are nitpicking..

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Except the majority of software sales are multiplats

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First parties do whats needed.. 3rd parties generally have PC builds with way higher quality anyways that they can use

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I'm sorry.. that ps4p for sale?

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No.. it's because of windows. Their platform

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Except Microsoft is one of the successful companies in the world and amd, the company that makes everything for both consoles, already released a 6tf GPU for very reasonable price.

Soooo.... You got nothin? Lol

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People understand it quite well..

Explain the legalities of these same emulators on Google play.. or the fact they can republish after removing Xbox support.

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Yeah except...

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Unless they can update the HDMI port to 2.0 with a patch, I fail to see how ps4 could possible do HDR.

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Consumer prices are not what they pay..

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With a name like that, your opinion on ps3 Linux is kinda funny..

It wasn't some punk or fanboy.. it was geohot, the same guy that jailbroke the iphone and wasn't malicious. (Illegal maybe lol)

But the fact you think anyone that doesn't praise Sony is working for Microsoft is pretty pathetic if you really believe that

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What does that have to do with anything?

You're concerned with the money ms makes? Billions..

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Nah it kind of does.. but I see the point

Just like today with battlefield etc where we can't do 1080/60 on every game.. but some.. but it ensured we were past the sub-720 era

Now.. some games will be 4k.. but it should make 1080/60 a reality (or absolutely gorgeous 30fps) for every title..

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It's generally played anything I've thrown at it.. including h.265

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