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who said they didnt? my entire friends list has now switched over.. and what kind of logic is that? ps3 had the same fanbase, why hasnt ps4 sold 80m?

you cant honestly tell me the smear campaign didnt have an effect on general perception. every single video online, every single forum and comment section...

the loyal fanbases are so tiny both companies would quickly fold if thats all they had... the casual consumer is what makes or breaks a product and they ar... #1.2.3
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care to elaborate?

the only reason it still haunts them is you guys constantly bring it up like you are on commission lol..

you said yourself its all changed... so why does it still haunt them?

edit... better how? you mean had a conference where an entire group of people didnt go into attack mode? wasnt going to happen.. preorders sold out after e3, i know because it took me 3 days to find a retailer to get one... then the relentless attacks... #1.2
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did everyone miss the end of the stream?

he said something about a raid activity that they just arent calling a raid.. will be revealed soon #1.4
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nope.. more proof you assumed something you saw in a video almost 2 years before release was part of the main game when they said no such thing. it might as well have been a concept piece... you arent being sold a trailer at that point, its simply a teaser showing the tone of the game etc.

taken out? you mean never included dont you?

just because you didnt get something doesnt mean it was cut.. it was never included and was always planned as DLC (imo anyways)... #3.2
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did they say it was part of the stock game?

just because it showed up in devdoc video doesnt mean it was advertised to us or promised in any way..

DLC is planned along side the main game.. some seem to think a dev gives you every single asset and feature theyve ever brainstormed or began to mock up but only once the game ships do they begin to think about DLC..

thats a very naive viewpoint imo... the problem with this industry is that people... #4.2.2
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i honestly dont get why people are pissed or surprised by this fact..

half a billion dollars on the line and you think dlc wasnt planned from the beginning?

people seem to think they are entitled to any and everything that bungie had at launch.. a dev diary vid isnt advertisment #9
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That will annoy the living crap out of me..

I along with many others have dismantled their vog armor because it was made useless..

Thankfully I kept all my weapons but every piece of armor was scrapped #2.1
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how long to you think games can be $60?

honestly... inflation and competition is only getting worse for a publisher.. DLC is a way to keep games at the standard price theyve always been without putting the core game out of reach for many consumers..

yes.. full games now cost ~$100...

its just a different method but all companies do it.. using recycled material but charging the same price, coke dropping 91ml from their bottles and saying its f... #12
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wtf are you talking about?

it hasnt grown at all, its shrunk..

and 360 had the stronger gpu if im not mistaken.. #4.1.3
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1) eh..
2) http://www.craveonline.ca/g...
5)ms has constant sales too
6)we get tons of indies too
7)who cares? literally.
8)coming soon
9)coming soon
10)uhhh.. ok.. maybe? lol.. #1.4.1
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thats just what they allocated...

azure is up to 14 million last article i read #1.6.1
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they lost a class action lawsuit... still have the email somewhere..

now i dont know if anyones data was used, one can assume it was.. #1.5.1
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wow... ok there buddy.... i really hope you are trolling and not being serious..

sony paid for the marketing rights... just like other titles and just like microsoft has done...

EA didnt pick sony, sony bought the marketing rights to the game. #1.2.1
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i agree marlin.. framerate is huge.. resolution isnt even noticed by 95% of people within reason (even tho most claim to).. #3.3.2
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pretty much...

just a marketing deal... battle for a casual consumer..

theyll all basically imply these games are exclusives and hope people believe it.. and many do..

as much as people love to exaggerate and debate ps4/x1, multiplats are all virtually identical for all intents and purposes.. doesnt matter which side got the deal, their trailers will show what youre getting as well #7.1
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i wanted this game simply because it looked hilarious..

but judging by comments, it would get old quick... #5
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ive got the 500x

seems to be the same thing minus the bluetooth and stand... i love them #2
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ugh.... #1
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and i love how you fanboys naturally assume a ridiculous claim is true simply because you hate microsoft..

lets talk about ignorant... #2.2.1
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a fired dev being bitter... gotta take that with a grain of salt..

3 sides to every story.. theirs, yours and the truth

i mean... this statement might as well be a home contractor thats saying "well... if you want your kitchen to have sinks and stuff, thatll be extra"

MS had standards... just because you claim to need more money doesnt mean you were making good use of what you WERE given.. #2
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