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Except its still being played by tons of people?
Lol.. #1.2
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Completely agree..

Its totally valid for them to turn it down.. But the excuses are ridiculous.. #1.1.1
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Always wanted to play it but have no interest in the mp.

May pick it up for the campaign. #1.3
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I'm assuming you keep any games you've downloaded ala PS+ or gwg provided you keep your subscription up.. #5.1
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You aren't..

The vault doesn't mean all their back catalog... Its whatever games they add to it, and its x1 only.. #3.1.2
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Except nobody is forcing you into this program.. They will still gladly sell you your games on disk or digitally..

Some of you guys are really grasping at straws to try and bash this.

How in the world is it any different then a publisher specific PS+? #1.1.4
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Just for the sake of argument.. Who said 50 publishers? And who are the other 40 that I can't think of? Lol

I'm joking and serious at the same time.. I honestly can't name more then 10 or so publishers. #2.4.1
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And what is that?

Its a collection of games you can download and play.. It will change up from time to time.. They won't be brand new titles

What part are people missing?

And other guy.. I don't know about where you live, but prices are the same.. Fifa and madden etc are all $59.99.. Digital or retail.. When new anyways.. Think they are $30 now #4.1.1
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I'm all for it..

Dont get me wrong.. Dont buy it based on assumptions.. You get 10% off digital ea games plus early access.. If you buy 5 ea games a year you're pretty well covered

But let's face it... The vault is the big seller... If you even see one game you'd like, then how can you go wrong?

I'm personally waiting for different games.. I'd try FIFA, peggle and madden for $30 but can't be bothered really.. May e... #4
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Are you?

They would be responsible if you downloaded the game or bought the disk.. What's the difference?

Dlc suffers the same problems.. Cod elite being a huge one.. Season passes etc

It honestly sounds like you're all just making excuses.. Sorry if that bothers you #10.3.1
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Seems to be the usual Xbox haters for the most part.. #8.1
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I feel the excuse is a cop out..

Allowing customers to choose isn't screwing them.. Its protecting their interests with psnow.

I can still go out and buy any ea game I want.. Or I can subscribe.. How is offering a choice a bad thing?

Its fine to say no.. But some excuses people are making for them is a little silly #10
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Ya fair enough.. Destiny got PS3 and 4 but titanfall got PC.. #3.1.3
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They can do what they want as far as I'm concerned..

Doom and doom2 were my first introduction to multiplayer fps.. Back in the day in this ghetto lan center in our neighborhood before lan centers were a thing lol

Doom3 was creepy and fun (as I remember it anyways)

So they have never let me down.. I look forward to doom4 #2
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Damn.. This is like the first confirmed sign crytek is really in trouble.. That I've seen anyways #6
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And many rumors tend to agree the ps4 was to have 4gb.. Is ms planned around that then Its a whole different story #11.3
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Lol.. Good call, but the destiny beta was on way more platforms no? #3.1.1
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Lol... Such a silly PR thing to say

"Console" beta for a "new" IP... Soooo... Its competition is what? Lol

Still cool of them to do.. I think its ballsy to give people access before they pay a cent.. Shows confidence in their work #3
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Not really..

Those fees are paid by everyone.. Its one of those things that never comes to light to the general public..

Bringing a product to mass market involves way more then most people know.

Its nice to see that these guys have covered costs and made a profit already #6.2
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Nope.. ESPN is for sports

Playing video games isn't a sport.. #1
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