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Was hoping for a new build of the game but I'm doubtful now.. Probably just the same build but with an extra mission or something #7.1
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I'd assume.. Works that way everywhere else.. Compressed data + uncompressed.. Then it can delete the compressed data but it will need all that room for at least a second or two #1.1.1
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The point was it was a spectical.. Not a sport.. At the time.. And pride was even worse! Lol.. Not less entertaining mind you

But I'm not going to argue what is and isn't a sport.. Some argue gaming is a sport so I just stay out of that..

That is simply the reason given #1.1.4
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At the time, it wasn't.. I can remember a ufc before weight class or watching a guy elbow someone in the temple 10 times

Dana has done an insane job bringing it to the mainstream. But some major areas still won't sanction it #1.1
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but it wasnt an issue.. fanboys spreading lies made it seem like an issue..

you could always trade your games and play used games.. you even had the ability to share games, trade digital games in etc.. there were a couple extra steps and admittedly a couple restrictions in some cases.. but they werent without obvious reasons and benefits

but the fact that so many people STILL think you couldnt play used games or trade them in illustrates my point.. #1.3.13
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yeah.. its a bit of a misleading term in gaming..

they are all VMs.. but compared to a server hosting the game instance plus having a player using it for their game, it still fits #1.3.2
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id highly doubt they will support two different infrastructures.. so its either azure for all, or its EAs for all.

going p2p/listen would be a huge mistake which i doubt theyd ever make.. #1.2.1
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use plex literally hours a day between my roommate and myself.. never noticed anything you describe #1.2
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except you could play used games and it wasnt always online, it needed a quick check-in every 24h to verify you didnt trade or sell any games..

2 years later and you guys still cant get it right. lol #1.7.1
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2 years later and people still think used games were an issue..

perfect point on "xboxs launch issues"... lies from fanboys #1.3.11
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I grabbed a 3tb Seagate backup plus..7200rpm. Works flawlessly and way cheaper then a branded external.. #2
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Me too.. Watched it with my dad all the time as a kid..

Heard they are making another one #1.1
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Ya its the fake android ad.. Tries to look like a system message about winning an iphone

I'm still browsing fine but ya.. Have to kill the tab in chrome #1.1.3
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Love that my phone instantly spams me with ads the second I opened their page.. #1
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Forza all day.. Turn most assists on and its a fun casual racer.. Tho I'd say horizon is a better comparison

Tho I agree with the first comment.. U2 was one of the best racing games of all time imo #4
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Agree.. She is getting better looking as she gets older

And ya.. First two episodes of xfiles reboot were really good #1.3.1
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Doesn't really matter tho does it?

Its been common knowledge that nobody makes much if anything on hardware, its all software and services..

A gold sub and a game sale is where its at for them.. PC or Xbox is kind of irrelevant at that point.. The console exists as a gateway to the service and only needs to break even (if this all plays out that way anyways) #1.3.2
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Ummm... What? Do you just make up a comment in your head then answer it?

Save your breath tho.. On a mission to ignore people that never have anything useful to add #1.3.1
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Dlc being developed along side the game is pretty standard practice now a days.. #1.1.2
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Double standard on a hypothetical scenario you created?

Damn.. Quite the feat.. Lol #5.9
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