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Ya.. but it's about the two consoles releasing this year..

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ps4 isnt releasing in 2017 that im aware of :P

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Everyone making the same statement as this article?

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are ios games multiplat because both iphone and ipad play them?

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its blatantly obvious they have an agenda, thats why its so funny.. lol

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i find it funny MS gets hated on for "the same old franchises" yet everyone gets so pumped for 30 year old franchises from nintendo.. lol

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xb1 doesnt support VR at all that im aware of... tho there is a feature to stream xb1 to a PC with a rift attached for a movie theater type experience.. not VR tho

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which part? i mean, besides VR... thats just a no-brainer tho..

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it is.. but whats the cap for aa? is $1m AAA? $10m?

its a stupid term to put much weight into.. lol... imo

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its no different then PC (or even mobile i guess, dont game on my phone lol) where you and i are playing the same game yet could have massively different results based on our hardware

and one would assume 1st party would ramp up for a big new release.. also signing 2nd and 3rd party deals id assume

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scorpio/xb1 share exclusives.. not really difficult, what one gets, the other does too..

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since when is a tweet an interview?

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"AAA" is ambiguous... there is no set definition besides being "high budget".. whats high?

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Software has always been the lifeblood of these companies.. thats why most consoles are sold at a loss or a tiny profit.. the hardware is just a gateway to their real revenue stream..

Consoles will exist as long as people prefer them to PC..

More disagrees to an obvious fact.. lol.. how fkn stupid are people around here?

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Look here little (fan)boy.. I don't need to justify anything.. I'm a happy customer, are you?

And if you want to make stupid comments, maybe actually say something relevant to what I wrote

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It's you..

But I'll assume once I scroll down I'll find others.. but I can also find tons of people that think evolution is a hoax soooo... Lol

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so.. lets play this game..

ill ask you what SP games sony has released, youll give me a list.. ill make the same points you made but somehow they wont be true when i say it.. ill also ignore anything i cant argue since thats what we do here.

stop me when i get to something wrong.. lol

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you think Sony isnt thinking about their bottom line? after the hole they dug themselves out of, you better believe tightening those purse strings were part of it.. nobody is doing this for the betterment of the industry or the love of it, its money.. all 3 are publicly traded companies

throwing money at under-performing studios is stupid business... and i never said i welcome the cancellation of games, i said i welcome the decision to scrap shitty games vs releasing them t...

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