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Best comment of the day.. lol

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What's your definition of an upgrade?

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The speed of the game makes waiting for that lock on suicide. Sure you catch unsuspecting players but die to anyone that sees you lol

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When they said no gamer left behind, to me that meant scorpios arrival. Not forever

It's obvious and natural for these current machines to eventually not cut it anymore. It just won't be next holiday. We will likely still have effective generations of 5-6 years but will have incremental steps along the way vs selling everything and starting over..

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I don't think we will ever see a fundamental difference like that.. it will be resolution and higher quality versions of the same assets etc.
tho target fps can be maintained a whole lot better (be it 30 or 60) so I guess that's an advantage.

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There is nothing wrong with season passes, if done right.. I've always felt the map packs were worth the money and the extras are decent enough..

And thanks for the tip.. wasn't aware companies put out products for people that buy them. Lol

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No chance.. of course they'll do a premium like they always do..

As far as season passes go, I never minded bf premium and bought it twice (bf3 and 4)

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Common knowledge and public fact.

Edit since the reply button is gone.. thanks slacker.. "Sony did lose their marketshare of the generation"

Was afraid you missed that in your attempt to intentionally misinterpt what I wrote..

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Uhh.. yeah.. 150m to 80m.. I said last gen

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Not really.. both companies are basically offering a suped up current gen console + vr.

If every ps4 and xb1 game carries forward, can it really be considered a new generation as we've come to expect?

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They make the surface tho.. (I agree with everything else)

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Who the hell has ever made that argument? Lol

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Lol.. was a joke but is probably accurate nonetheless

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Amazing how everyone screams exclusives yet sales totals say it doesn't matter.. Sony had all those same exclusives last gen and lost 50% of their market share.

You guys are just full of it.. it's hilarious

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Cool.. probably be in August when the s launches

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They are platform exclusive.. and if you want to build a comparable win10 pc, go for it..

But a win10 Os doesn't mean your pc is playing these games.

But I don't know why I bother, you guys are just in full out damage control mode.

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Lol.. context dude..

Pc = politically correct

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Always love the people that seem to think clicking that dislike button somehow makes it any less true. You don't have to like it, but that's how it is.

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Did you bother to read that article?

Used as propaganda to shame weary, battered enemies and shame Russian men into enlisting. Disbanded after a few months as men didn't want them in battle.

Not to take away from those ladies that were hard af. But it is what it is

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All I have to say to this article is.. stfu. You whiney pc idiots need jobs or real hobbies..

The perpetually offended strikes again! What a bunch of morons.

Edit.. after reading more comments, I feel I should add.. I am in no way against women being in the game.. wouldn't have even thought twice about it.. but those that feel the need to complain about such things? Lower life forms if you ask me, a stain on society

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