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The tweet says 100,000 day 1 players....sound very different to selling 100,000 copies in day 1, XBLA has a trial version for all arcade games....those players played the game, doesn't mean they all bought it.

If it's indeed 100k sold in day 1....then proud to be one of those, fun game.

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M! Magazine said : "Xbox 360 on fire: The four biggest exclusive franchises return"

3 outed and 1 to go, probably the Gears Kinect game. Although Fable: Heroes is for XBLA.

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Italian friends, please translate!!

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Well, better late than never.

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I can confirm this happens in Netflix, movies and series now look very washed out. At first I tried messing with the TV settings but then I realized that my TV was fine.

Something tells me MS will avoid this issue like the plague.

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The anti aliasing implemented creates a "smart" blur.

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This is what I don't get...

"Its campaign feels half hearted, neither fully remaking nor preserving the original game."

It ain't just a resolution bump but a full graphical overhaul, running on top of THE EXACT same original game.

The game runs on the original code, yet it doesn't preserve the original? .. I just don't... forget it.

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The texture pack could very well be installed, apparently the 360 version goes into low res mode when you visit the menu for it to load quicker but there's a bug that prevents it from loading the textures back again when you get out of the menu. Apparently there's a patch to fix this.

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Pointless as always, same prehistoric engine, different setting. It look exactly the same as the last 300 COD games. A blurry, outdated, low resolution mess.

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All that hype? What hype? Rockstar just posted a picture with a date for a trailer, you're responsible for all they hype you got into.

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This is the stuff they need to show at E3, but NOOO!! Let's show Kinect Disneyland! Now that's hardcore!

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sooo damn addictive

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more like a 1.5/10 for gamers

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Look ridiculously good for multiplayer, can't imagine how good the campaign looks.

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Those predictions scores are atrocious, unless devs fuk it up big time, those scores are really out of touch with that their predecessors received.

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grow some balls, then play the game. How old are you by the way?

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You want a good comparison? Check this one out using a Digital Foundry rig instead of tiny, out of focus, with unloaded textures pics from Lens of Truth.


You'll see that neither IGN, Gamereactor or any of the other sites were lying.

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Retail version comparison

Superior indeed ;)

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@Pixelated Army

Dude, why is so hard to educate your self, my god use google or something!

NPD has subscribers that receive all the data from NPD. The NPD group stopped giving all the data for free but subscribers are free to share it with everyone if they want.

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5k more than PS3 november numbers

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