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If the PS3 started suffering from a RROD type situation, I'd say maybe you're right. This is not (real) news. Also, why should we, as gamers, care about sales statistics? Dumbest article/submission ever!

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I'm ready to go back for (MGS4) seconds!

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Should've been a single player demo. I think a lot of people pulled out from buying this game...I know I did.

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I would like to see Sony actually lead when it comes to console features. Yeah, they have blu-ray and the best games, but it just feels like they're reacting to everything MS does. And if we do get something MS has, it feels half-assed. I can't really complain, they have the best games and superb/free online service.

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needs a better layout and on the fly (temporary) playlists. Oh yeah, and it would be nice to have real in-game music, or at least making it mandatory.

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my B/C phat is getting traded for a slim. I only care about ICO/SOTC and GOW for the ps2.

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I mostly agree with your last comment, but I think there's a small difference. Sony fanboys normally get mad b/c MS pays for exclusivity. Sony may do the same, but we never hear about it.

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I assume through our PM inbox, am I wrong?

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I saw one guy did that, don't know if he got a code. It's worth a try.

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just give the damn codes away

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I want a better layout for the music. Also, there's no reason why we don't have on the fly playlists. Sometimes my tastes changes from time to time. Maybe I'm just too used to my xbmc, the best media center so far.

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That might be worth getting a twitter account. PM or respond if you feel like sharing. Thanks.

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This isn't gaming news. Let's step it up, people.

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Just play your console(s) and be happy. Also, quantity doesn't equal quality. When are you idiots going to learn. Making a list of games and bragging almost seems like you need validation for your purchase. If anything we should be thanking Sony and MS for pushing each other to make better games/tech.

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How about every 3-6 months you guys compile a video that has rumors/predictions of past episodes and whether they were a hit or miss. I think the problem most people have is the lack of real substance. Readers see these ridiculous headlines, some of which are well known and common sense among the N4G community, and that drives them away from your links. I don't know what to tell you. I think you bring a lot of needed excitement to "gaming journalism".

Also, I read...

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I thought Take 2 pushed this title back along with Red Dead Redemption.

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Let's cut the platform that has been doing well despite media bias, a decrease in 3rd party exclusives, and a horrible economy. Now, I could be wrong, but hasn't the ps3 performed just about neck and neck or better than the 360 when you look at each system's selling record? I know the there are more 360s, but let's not forget that one year head start. I agree with the CEO, but he shouldn't be making these kinds of threats. At least the we all know there's no pirating a ps3 game, something...

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If that were really the case, then splinter cell should have always stayed a MS (3rd party) exclusive. I have to agree with some of the previous comments. These execs are just using the stupid console wars to their advantage. Splinter cell will eventually come to the ps3. It might not be conviction, but splinter cell will return to the ps3. It doesn't matter to me I'm fortunate enough to have both consoles, but I might miss out on MP :(

To all the guys comparing MGS to spl...

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I kid, I kid :)

Sony was a powerhouse this year with all the exclusives, however they didn't get me excited for MAG. Microsoft finally showed their exclusives that we already knew about and MGS coming to the 360 isn't that much of a shocker. Remember, MGS 2 went to the xbox, so Kojima and Konami aren't exactly breaking new ground. If Kojima announced an exclusive 360 MGS title, then that probably would've put the two companies neck and neck. I guess you could also say we knew...

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I'd say, if you're not going to focus on a great story then the gameplay better be awesome. Some may find this title to be fun, but it's not worth the $60 in my opinion. This title is like watching a stupid summer popcorn movie like transformers. You really don't care about the story or the side characters...you just want to see sh*t blow up. They should have kept the co-op or any kind of MP, it would have seriously helped the game in my opinion.

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