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this guy keeps deleting all my msg

Pfcourse they can co-exist
both are awesome games

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after playing KZ2

poor IW ---MW2 is killzowned just like all games out there

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another mega flop RPG on x360

there were loading of around 1 hour in some scenes

pathetic DVD drive

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NG2 --flop on x360 at 585p

well everyone cares and this is why after KZ2's release X360 died in europe

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x360 is a dead console now

all its games are garbage and flops

like the europeans and Japanese we will make fun of x360

unlike you we dont like any x360 game cuz it has no games

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wow 40% defect rate as always

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Killzone 2 runs at 1080i on PS3 and after its release X360 simply died in europe

with a constant stream of games on PS3 it is just over for X360--a console with 0 games worth buying

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now with ce3 ps3 superior version, ngs2 at 1080p and now this

it is fully declared dead


x360 is in its last year at 150$ price tag. it is third as always.

this gen belongs to PS3 as well. just wait for another price cut and u will see

apparently globally x360 is dead except US and UK

PS3 will do 150 m this gen.

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that x360 is officially fully finished

after NGS2 at 1080p and CRy engine 3 is over for x360

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""The CE3 runs currently at more or less the same quality bar. I say more or less because the engine still optimizes itself to power of the platforms' intrinsics. So the PS3 will run slightly better here "

well PS3 destroys X360 and KZ2 cemented the proof

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this thing wont take off in 20 years

just like DD --a fanboy dream and wont be viable even in 20 years

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It will be sheer agony for x360 guys

I mean X360 will be humiliated by Uncharted 2 and Heavy rain and Ratchet 2 this year

plus a price cut of PS3 will be the final nail in x360's coffin

SONY doesnt need a price cut since PS3 is selling just as good as X360 WW with x360 sales dropping every week in europe and Japan

But i have a feeling X360 will be fully finished by PS3 this year atleast in europe and japan

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and they both are awesome

ofcourse KZ2 is way better than any fps in history

but R2's MP is just incredible

the co-op mode alone in R2 is worth 100$

KZ2 is a million dollar game. yes it is that good and this is why it ruled charts in eu

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every game on UE looks like crap

on the other hand CE3 is more taxing and is possible only on PS3

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just a very bad news for him

isnt it

KZ2 makes Gears2 look total outdated

more agony incoming not just with Uncharted 2 but even with multiplat titles



PS3 is like 10x more powerful than X360

when u just look at KZ2

like i said this is no KZ2 but good multiplat engine

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ce3 is just a good engine for PS3

but war is over after KZ2's release

that is not a game but a GOD GAME

BOW DOWN TO GUERILLA and KZ2--the best fps ever

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KZ2 runs at 1080i

so any game could be made to run at 2160p on PS3

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dude you are a god

canadian guy

x360 is finished after KZ2's release. It will only be humiliated in the future by Uncharted 2/Heavy rain and other mega pS3 games

This is what happens when someone challenges the power of the PS3

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KZ2 proved that PS3 is way superior

but this CE3 cemented that proof

For x360 console war is over with KZ2's release

On a side note CE3 looks nowhere as good as KZ2 engine

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post more here so tyhat the story hits 50 degrees and go to FRONT PAGE

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