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bloodmask: 7.1 sound NOT $1,000.00
as per one of your posts in this thread....14.7 "A good stereo receiver to take full advantage of this sound is well over $1000 dollars. "

obviously your not very good with this whole interweb shopping thing but here's a top of the line 7.1 PCM stereo reciever for not just under $1,000.00 but under $550.00.

there is a code for general hardware failure.
there is a... #1
must have a bad copy??
what does that mean? must have a bad copy...?

bad copies skip or don't play at all.. bugs like these result from bad code. code can't get rewritten during a disc burn. #5
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for the record.. for 10.00 a usb flash drive can transfer what ever games/ saves etc.. from one ps3 to another... ##?.1
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this reeks of corporate double speak and spin
"But just like some games will require you to have a Memory Unit to save games, SOME GAMES WILL REQUIRE YOU TO HAVE A HARD DRIVE TO EXPERIENCE THEM."

"...some games will require you to have a hard drive to experience them" !?

please read that last line carefully.

so according to Msoft- every game will work with every system- except of course those that will REQUIRE a hard drive for you to EXPERIENCE them.

umm..... #15
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SONY DOESN'T CONTROL 3rd part demos....
3rd parties are responsible for their own marketing through PSN. if you want more demos complain to the developers not to sony... I'm really not sure why im defending sony but I think they incorrectly take a lot of heat for this kind of thing... count up the demos on PSN and see how many are 1st party and how many are 3rd party.. it must be a 90/10 split... also the time it takes them to put the demos together essentially are weeks maybe a month or more that they could be spending making t... #15.3
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come on folks...
so the 'official xbox magazine' love it's own games... this info is about as worthless as jack tretton giving heavanly sword a 10/10. #6
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not newsworthy or rumor-worthy...
why is some random person's forum post allowed to get on here?

a 'well respected xbox 360 community developer' that's a bit much...

we're all well respected something or other's on the interweb.

EDIT: I recognize it's in the 'rumor' section, but I still think it's a bit loose... #2.2
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demos on PS3
i believe this has been commented on before, but Sony has no control over demos from third parties. either the third party turns one over as a means to help sell their product or they don't. In the short run it sounds like many third party games are created first for the 360 and then ported over which means it is much more likely that from the beginning they would be building demos for the native piece of hardware... Of course Sony controls it's own first party titles and demos from RFOM a... #1.5
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are blogs news?
I posted this as a tech 'article' rather than 'industry news' for exactly this reason. I don't believe this is news but rather an opinion article... It may be worth having an 'opinion' or 'speculation' tag for items such as this and other blog posts that clearly are just that. This way readers can filter out any posts labeled 'opinion or speculation' if they don't care to be bothered with them.

it would seem to me that rumor and opinion are one of the primary entertainment f... #11
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