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Sounds good to me, good thing he didn't put out any spoilers. I'm just really happy to see this game is still in Sony's mind for a release.

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the price wasn't the problem, it was the fact that it was 250 for a product you arguably already had. More than Likely PSP2 be in the $200 range.

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Well depends on what a hardcore gamer is or your definition of one. Interesting thing is some people feel that the casual might be able to get into like a hardcore gamer would.

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Poor Galactus, Oh God you people (I'm talking about if you're ignorant all around PS360Wii fanboys) You're all stupid. Big Bot ... no words, you're just flaming to get attention from the Fanboys (yet you treat them like their stupid fanboys), how obvious (sad).

Edit: Also how are you a fanboy if you state a fact or say something in replication to an ignorant fanboy's (specifically Big Bot) statement? that's the pot calling the kettle, if you're a 3...

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Sony went all out for the remastered versions.

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@ wicko: I played enough with RE5 (I hated it, just to make that clear) but hold on my point isn't completely irrelevant. I'm black and I know a bit about African tribes, RE5 was not completely too far off but you can tell there was a significant lack of knowledge. With that in mind, there was no racism in the game, just lack of knowledge. People play the race card too much, they're too sensitive but that's all it was a lack of knowledge. As a matter of fact Japanese people (n...

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There will be stripper every Friday, I mean if Duke Nukem is the flag, it would be an injustice to not put them in there

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For Cole a rumor was going around saying that his lighting powers de-aged him and Sucker Punch was going to go off of that.

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James Bond had years to do that and if I'm not mistaken, MGM stated that that would be a thing that they do for the bond films, years ago. And I'm not too sure but the name James Bond isn't really their name (think Jason Bourne, that wasn't his real name)just a code name, so it makes sense. DmC. No, to me it's Capcom cutting ties with Hideki Kamiya and "trying" to appeal to the west and Europe

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Like I said they better have kick a$$ gameplay, making a drastic change for a character 7-8 years established is... not a good idea to me as a fan. Now, if I was an exec at Capcom, this is exactly the publicity (more or less) Capcom wanted, they shook up the gaming world, with a title less known than Street Fighter and MvC.

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He-Man Woman haters club.

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I'm not defending the article because well I disagree almost completely with it. But they were talking about the cliche portrayal of AFRICANS (how hard was that to say in the article)most of them were in hut and other stuff and were tribal men and crap like that.

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I think this was blown out of proportion, most of their female characters wore dresses and this made to appeal to the entire family, more than likely this would be played by a young boy (girls too), most likely he'll try to look up her dress and maybe their engine just fit better with a boy. Who knows, other than what they said. Maybe they are a little bit sexist or maybe they just didn't know how to word their statement.

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Capcom/Ninja Theory making Dante this way just seems so disrespectful, to the character, the franchise and the original creator. But I'm still gonna wait out for some gameplay.

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Nah not really to me, although in a way but X-23 and Super Skrull have been used in major comic arcs, so they're a lot bigger now. Dormammu however, is fairly looked over.

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Buying this and it will remain in my collection for all time.

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I think, no, I know people are going to be loving this for a long time. The Feathers are just, wow.

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Hey Capcom! Take notes, no offense.

This is a video game and I still can't believe the amount of stuff they have in there.

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God Dammit Sony, I'm gonna super broke, thank you though.

Can I say that Sony is melting the sun at this conference? I mean I can give credit where credit is due right?

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