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I'm not reading the article but I highly doubt it says "Because EA is jealous of COD's money so they made us rush to release a game that wasn't ready" or something to similar effect.

Anything other than that is a bold-faced lie.

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(pssst) Final Fantasy VIII is my third favourite. Liked it way more than VII. Underrated gem, if you ask me.

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That was me, and I wasn't really bragging, I was simply stating how impressed I was with the system itself. I didn't feel the battle system made it feel non-existent, but rather encouraged proper planning. I don't think I'm in an exclusive club. My apologies if I made it sound like that.

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This is exactly what happened to me. No interest in trying again.

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Unfortunately, not a lot of people on ANY site think this way.

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Only one person liked it enough to put it on their list. Why is that funny?

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That's because you love Nintendo!

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Firstly, I never owned an N64. Secondly, I'm not interested in reverence. It's a list about games we enjoyed the most, not which ones are the most important to the genre.

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Here's the thing though. When you pay $60 for a product, no matter how ambitious, there are expectations. The biggest one being that the game works. Battlefield doesn't.

It really shouldn't matter at all, that they will fix it later. 3 weeks is a long enough time for a game to be out and an informed opinion to be formed.

I'm not a fan of Battlefield for a lot of reasons, but I respect that it has a fanbase and I wil...

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Lots of games were released on 5 platforms that didn't have issues at launch.

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It is to our reviewer. Did you read the review? He backs up his reasons pretty well.

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Loved him. Hated the format.

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No longer? It never was.

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This. 100% this. MS has said several times that it wasn't.

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Killzone 2 has the better campaign but 3 probably has more people playing it in MP.

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I used to love Nintendo. That is until they decided to stubbornly release consoles that are constantly behind the curve. Cartridge instead of CD, proprietary mini discs instead of DVD, SD console instead of HD, finally an HD console only slightly more powerful than PS3 and 360 with a harddrive smaller than most phones.

If they decide to catch up to modern tech in facets other than the controller I would more than happily get back on board.

That said, I don&#...

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Thanks everyone for taking the time to read and comment.

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And yet then only game I have enjoyed from MS studies is Mass Effect and the first Fable.

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I have a PS4 now and will be getting an Xbox One when Titanfall comes out, but I gotta say, people that think Sony should just "play nice" must be new to this.

This standard "Sega do what Nintendon't" is a real advertising slogan from back in the day. All companies doe these kinds of things.

MS doesn't really have a leg to stand on right now to even take pot shots at Sony. They do have the weaker system and they have been strugglin...

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The funny thing about the word "better" when it comes to entertainment. It means nothing but your own opinion. Especially when you are comparing two vastly different games that focus on entirely different types of gameplay and still. Just because you point and shoot doesn't make it the same.

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