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Just because I offered a correction for your short-sighted comment doesn't mean you offended me. It just means I had time to kill and decided to provide you some insight and correct your obviously misinformed opinion on the matter.

You are entitled to dislike the game, by all means. But your comment implies that you didn't read the article and simply posted your knee-jerk reaction based on your thoughts on the game. Bro.

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Thanks! I really appreciate the time you took to read and comment!

I haven't owned a Nintendo console since the SNES and have had zero desire to. I have played exactly one Nintendo game in that time and that was Ocarina of Time. Other than that I feel like I am missing nothing.

Also, I'm not big on indie games - call me shallow, but I don't like the 8-16 bit aesthetic anymore and find it a turn off.

I wholly agree with you that a...

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Thanks! You should be pleased with our overall GotY which goes live on Wednesday. Also check out the other lists from our staff:

The links to all live lists are in the article. Ted's goes live tomorrow. Appreciate the support!

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Lol. For a second I was like "uh, OK" then I saw you have the same name. Good name, by the way. Correct spelling too!

Thanks for reading the list.

As I stated, there was no game I enjoyed as much as Tomb Raider.

What about the rest of your top 10? What made the cut?

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Thanks for approving, folks!

I would love to hear everyone's thoughts on my list as well as their own lists.

Let's discuss!

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Oddly enough many people enjoyed Absolution and also, IO, the makers of Absolution and all other Hitman games, are still making their Next Gen Hitman game.

The thing is, you don't have to buy the next one. I will though.

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IO is still making their next Hitman game. This was a separate title.

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I'm sure there are plenty of people that liked it. They just don't talk about it on forums.

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I love reading the comments here. So either Absolution was terrible or it was really good, depending on whose comment you're reading.

I especially love when people make it a point to note that they love the series prior and that's why Absolution sucked.

Well, guess what? I've loved the series since Hitman 2 and I thought Absolution was fantastic.


That said, this doesn't mean that the next Hitman is ...

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Chris is a former writer at Gamer Horizon, the website that published this. We each have our individual top 10 of the year that will culminate in our group top 10 of the year.

We are posting one a day until all 5 are up and then our collective top 10 based on a scoring system derived from the individual lists.

Thanks everyone for reading and commenting! It's always appreciated!

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So I guess we shouldn't call ourselves "human beings" any more for the same reasons?

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Tell me about it! Way too many games. That's what January and February are for.

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The way we did the ordering is detailed in the second paragraph of the article. Unfortunately no one scored any Nintendo games high enough on their individual lists for them to be included in the overall list.

And for me, personally, I haven't owned a Nintendo platform since the SNES. Sorry.

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I completely agree with you. The way we scored it means that because one of us listed it as number one it had more weight than Mass Effect 2 which was lower on my list.

Believe me, it drives me insane to see Mass Effect 3 that high on our list. I like the game and all, but not top 10.

Such are lists.

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On your list!

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Hi, thanks for reading! The list is a compilation of our individual top 10 lists. I detailed the scoring in the 2nd paragraph.

That said, I have to ask, so because games you think should be there aren't, all of a sudden I (we) am (are) not gamers? That makes zero sense.

Not everyone liked The Last of Us, as hard as that is to fathom. I liked it quite a bit but only two of us included on our individual lists. Them's the breaks.


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I think each game is it's own thing and they do form a collective whole more than any other game series did this generation. Though I personally enjoyed Mass Effect 3 quite a bit, I don't think it's anywhere near one of the 25 best games of the generation. But, such is the nature of how we scored this.

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@ kythlyn,

Not sure if you're the only one, but I absolutely hated it. The entire time I was thinking "why I am doing any of this?" That's not good game design, at all.

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It's cool. That's why I lone lists. Everyone has different opinions. Thanks for reading!

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But I liked the story in GTA IV infinitely more than the story in GTA V. That's why it didn't make my list.

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