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The way we did the ordering is detailed in the second paragraph of the article. Unfortunately no one scored any Nintendo games high enough on their individual lists for them to be included in the overall list.

And for me, personally, I haven't owned a Nintendo platform since the SNES. Sorry. #14.1
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I completely agree with you. The way we scored it means that because one of us listed it as number one it had more weight than Mass Effect 2 which was lower on my list.

Believe me, it drives me insane to see Mass Effect 3 that high on our list. I like the game and all, but not top 10.

Such are lists. #2.1.1
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On your list! #8.1
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Hi, thanks for reading! The list is a compilation of our individual top 10 lists. I detailed the scoring in the 2nd paragraph.

That said, I have to ask, so because games you think should be there aren't, all of a sudden I (we) am (are) not gamers? That makes zero sense.

Not everyone liked The Last of Us, as hard as that is to fathom. I liked it quite a bit but only two of us included on our individual lists. Them's the breaks.

Yes... #9.1
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I think each game is it's own thing and they do form a collective whole more than any other game series did this generation. Though I personally enjoyed Mass Effect 3 quite a bit, I don't think it's anywhere near one of the 25 best games of the generation. But, such is the nature of how we scored this. #1.2
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@ kythlyn,

Not sure if you're the only one, but I absolutely hated it. The entire time I was thinking "why I am doing any of this?" That's not good game design, at all. #7.1.3
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It's cool. That's why I lone lists. Everyone has different opinions. Thanks for reading! #14.1
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But I liked the story in GTA IV infinitely more than the story in GTA V. That's why it didn't make my list. #16
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Red Dead didn't make the list for one simple reason.

Mexico. It was complete filler and had no effect on the story in any meaningful way. #7.1
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Thanks for reading and commenting. I felt I did an OK job of explaining why The Last of Us is in a lower spot. Mostly the world kept butting up agains the mechanics of a full inventory if bullets and items. If the world was truly as sure and resources were scarce, then I (Joel) would have never had "full" bullets or materials. Since I played the game on normal, which is the default setting, this was a recurring issue throughout the game. If I would have been able to play Survibor di... #2.1
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GTA V shouldn't be on his list? Even though it's his list based on his opinion and tastes? Ok.

:/ #1.2.2
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I'm not reading the article but I highly doubt it says "Because EA is jealous of COD's money so they made us rush to release a game that wasn't ready" or something to similar effect.

Anything other than that is a bold-faced lie. #33
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(pssst) Final Fantasy VIII is my third favourite. Liked it way more than VII. Underrated gem, if you ask me. #6.1
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That was me, and I wasn't really bragging, I was simply stating how impressed I was with the system itself. I didn't feel the battle system made it feel non-existent, but rather encouraged proper planning. I don't think I'm in an exclusive club. My apologies if I made it sound like that. #1.2
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This is exactly what happened to me. No interest in trying again. #9.1.4
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Unfortunately, not a lot of people on ANY site think this way. #28.1.1
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Only one person liked it enough to put it on their list. Why is that funny? #10.1
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That's because you love Nintendo! #4.2.2
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Firstly, I never owned an N64. Secondly, I'm not interested in reverence. It's a list about games we enjoyed the most, not which ones are the most important to the genre. #4.2
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Here's the thing though. When you pay $60 for a product, no matter how ambitious, there are expectations. The biggest one being that the game works. Battlefield doesn't.

It really shouldn't matter at all, that they will fix it later. 3 weeks is a long enough time for a game to be out and an informed opinion to be formed.

I'm not a fan of Battlefield for a lot of reasons, but I respect that it has a fanbase and I wil... #1.1.5
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