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You, sir, need to calm down.

I don't like fanboys, but how are comments on a news story, regardless of how accurate, "DESTROYING THIS INDUSTRY?"

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I'm no Nintendo fan, but there seems to be a whole heap of context missing from that quote.

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This makes more sense to me. EA most likely got on board with MS's bad policies and wanted to force Sony into going the same route.

Glad that blew up in their face but I hope this doesn't adversely affect Respawn.

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That was a very poor decision regardless, then. Even if PS4 only sold 2 million units, that's 2 million potential sales they wouldn't be getting.

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Why though? Should single player games be only $40?

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Hi, thanks for reading. I am the author of this piece and a huge COD fan. Nothing about their single player campaigns is "tacked on." You may not like them, hell, I thought Ghosts was weak myself, but the amount of effort put into these campaigns hardly qualifies as "tacked on."

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First of all, the list is "soundtracks," not "scores," so the fact that there is little "original" music in the GTA games is completely irrelevant to the list.

Second of all, I don't really care about scores all that much, which is why my list has 3 GTA games on it. I prefer licensed music.

So how is my list, which adheres to the ONE criteria, and that is that it's a soundtrack in a game, a "cop-out?"

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I'm Sean from GH and my list doesn't have any.

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They're fun, though.

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Sony sold 80 million PS3s after spending at least half the generation with multiplat games that performed better on 360 (Skryim, The Orange Box, Oblivion, Bioshock to name but a few).

I have both PS3 and 360 and I played nearly all of my multiplatform games on the 360 (Skryim being one of the exceptions, oddly enough). I went with PS4 first this time for a lot of reasons (mostly because they killed it at E3).

I am saying this because I honestly don't thi...

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The fuss is from the people that don't.

Not all games are for all people.

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Thanks for reading. I'm Sean, one of the writers of this content.

I fully expected similar reactions to yours when writing my list.

For the record, last generation I only played a handful of mutliplat games on PS3 and used mostly for media and exclusives. I played about 75% of my games on 360 and got a 360 first. I was totally expecting this generation to be the same until MS announced their restrictive policies for Xbox One.

Sony did eve...

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Click bait. I clicked. I'm ashamed.

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They disguised me. Weird.

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Loved it. My site gave it Game of the Year as well.

But how many did GTA V win. It seemed like about the same.

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It doesn't have to and we have some games that aren't. That said, there are 5 of us and most of us prefer AAA titles. My personal list had too "smaller", non AAA games on it. Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons and Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon.

I personally don't really care for many indies and I don't game on PC so my tastes won't really reflect anything in either of those two realms.

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Wow. So either everyone agrees with our list or they hated it so much they're speechless. Lol

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Just because I offered a correction for your short-sighted comment doesn't mean you offended me. It just means I had time to kill and decided to provide you some insight and correct your obviously misinformed opinion on the matter.

You are entitled to dislike the game, by all means. But your comment implies that you didn't read the article and simply posted your knee-jerk reaction based on your thoughts on the game. Bro.

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Thanks! I really appreciate the time you took to read and comment!

I haven't owned a Nintendo console since the SNES and have had zero desire to. I have played exactly one Nintendo game in that time and that was Ocarina of Time. Other than that I feel like I am missing nothing.

Also, I'm not big on indie games - call me shallow, but I don't like the 8-16 bit aesthetic anymore and find it a turn off.

I wholly agree with you that a...

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Thanks! You should be pleased with our overall GotY which goes live on Wednesday. Also check out the other lists from our staff:


The links to all live lists are in the article. Ted's goes live tomorrow. Appreciate the support!

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