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Also incorrect.

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Gamestop sells open games as new because they are new. And they tell you it's been opened for display purposes. You have every right to say "no thanks". And no, they won't let you buy a game unless you've reserved it because they sold out of their stock of games for open sale. This is THE reason for reserving. So you can get the copy of the game you came into the store to get.

It's really simple, because of some misguided sense of principle, you're not getting the game...

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The game sucked but you've never played it.

ig·no·rant –adjective
1. lacking in knowledge or training; unlearned: an ignorant man.
2. lacking knowledge or information as to a particular subject or fact:
3. uninformed; unaware.
4. due to or showing lack of knowledge or training: an ignorant statement.

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1. What does system failure have anything to do with what game appears on the syetem.
2. Last gen? Wow, that's dumb. So far, everything we've seen on PS3 is absolutely possible on 360.
3. Yeah, DVD9...I guess you never played the first MGS or Final Fantasy VII, VIII, or IX, Fear Effect, Parasite Eve, Resident Evil 2 or any of the other countless games for 2 generations ago that required swapping discs...Storage space will never be an issue. Plus there is this little thing called &...

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I have a question...So Gamedaily sucks because they don't like the games you like? I've never really been there until this article. Which is only an opinion. I'd really hate to see how you people react to differing opinions in person.

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Sooooo...Those of you who disagreed: do you disagree that there will be a ton of crap levels? Really? You guys are dumber than I've ever discredited you for.

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Someone has to play it first to rate it.

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Let's be realistic, I'm looking forward to LBP but they do have a point. There's going to be a ton of crap user-made levels.

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PS3 fans should care about this game. It has all the makings of a great co-op game. It's a new property. We don't know the story, we don't know much of anything. Smart developers play their best cards close to the chest. When Resistance was coming out, they didn't show footage of Hale fighting anything other than the standard Chimera and maybe a Widowmaker.

I doubt highly, that they shown all their cards. Plus, I've not read one preview that says something negative about this gam...

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I love when a game isn't coming to the console, how many people who own said console say "big deal".

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Man, they need to make these things available for consoles. That was amazing.

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Yes, the game developer should be responsible for the mental stability, rationale and morals of everyone who plays their games. This has to be the stupidest statement anyone has ever made.

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If you were smart you wouldn't be traveling in packs of three...One well placed nade or a quick blast from an M60 and you've just given the other team a UAV. And it's not to get kills in HQ, it's to prevent the other team from securing it. Which is the object. What are they supposed to use? Harsh language? Me? I'm a fan of readying a stun grenade and running into the enemy. Once I die I drop the stun and then my martyrdom. Comedy ensues.

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Usually I don't feel like ratings make the movie but turning an hard M rated game into a PG-13 movie is a terrible idea.

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Gamestop is a business and it's easy to hate a business who makes money.

There is NO WAY the industry will force Gamestop to sell games at a lower price. Why? Because Gamestop is the number one video game retailer in the world. They make tons of money for these companies. It becomes a matter of the lesser of two evils.

Great games sell well. Sometimes great games don't, but that's because something about the game didn't or doesn't appeal to everyone it should. Like s...

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Ok, so, again, why the disagrees? Are you disagreeing that I'm going to buy it for the 360 and that I only by exclusives for the PS3? Because that's pretty much impossible to disagree with.

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No, we should be rewarded with kills for exploiting stupidity.

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My question is how many "real people" have you seen die? How much combat have you seen? Then again, how much combat have you seen where you die and respawn, or when when you rack up kills get the ability to call in air strikes and helicopters? Or hear from avoiding getting shot it, or shoot a rocket at a bus and it doesn't blow up? Or can get shot but if you run up you can slice the guy's arm and instantly kill him, and then you just hang back and heal.

Seriously, again...

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Why do people continuously cry about Martyrdom? I don't play hardcore because every time I have it's a camper's heaven, so I don't really care about team kills...But this "it takes no skill" nonsense is beyond retarded. The ONLY time I die from it is when I run into someone else's kill or am trapped in a corner with it. Which is rare since I rarely find myself in a corner. If you die from martyrdom you have to be either stupid enough to not wait a few seconds before rushing in or ar...

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Why does anyone even care what lead platform it's being designed on? I'm getting it for the 360 like I do every cross platform game. I only get PS3 exclusives for the PS3.

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