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I genuinely have those problems. Why the hell would I troll...I obviously like PS3 if I bought it, but their online is terrible. I actually owned COD 4 on both systems and couldn't stand it on PS3 so I got rid of it...TWICE. I played the beta and the actually MP for MGSO and had similar problems. So much so that I haven't played it in over month. I certainly hope this isn't the issue when I get Socom...Thankfully I have the beta key coming to see how it plays out. I'd hate to drop $60 on it a...

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I respectfully disagree. This girl is very pretty. Judging from the models on that site, it seems that looking exactly like her isn't what they have in mind. More than half those girls merely had a hair do and an outfit that looked like her and that's it. This isn't something I dwell on much, and honestly, boredom is what compelled me to care now. She's a cute girl modeling as video game character. I'm a Tomb Raider fan, having played every single one that was released on consoles so I'm gett...

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If I could get the same service and quality servers for LIVE for free that I get now, then I would love for it to be free...But if I get the lagtastic, no-voice, dropped game service/servers I get on PSN, then I'm happy to pay $4 a month. More power to MS because sure they charge, but they charge for quality.

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This is what happens when you try to play "catch up" with the competition. MS had Achievements from day one and that's why it's a non-issue...When you add features late in the game not everyone is going to get on board right away. Oh well, I'm getting it for the 360 anyway.

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I didn't agree with him about Mirror's Edge...In comparison to games like Flower (which I'm not entirely convinced about), it doesn't SEEM original, but neither did Portal when it was first discussed and considering it came after Prey, it really wasn't all that original...But to me, Mirror's Edge takes it's concept and runs with it and judging from everything I've seen, it looks like it will be a breath taking game.

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I don't think I've ever had a bigger disappointment in gaming than Kane and Lynch...I was more excited for this game than any other game last season only to get it home and return it after one day...It was downright broken with the worst camera/shooting controls I've ever seen. AND no online co-op.

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I'm not even remotely interested in buying this game but the game got a 6.75 and a 7...They say that that score means it's a decent game...They gave a worse score to Army of Two and I had a blast playing that game with friends...Several times trough...My point is, some people will get enjoyment from this game and I guarantee this game will sell well.

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I just realized that I left out something in my initial comment...

Here's what it should have read as:

"...and for 360, nothing, save for Call of Duty, is going to be much competition for GEARS OF WAR 2..."

Hope that clears it up.

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The Orange Box wasn't released days before Halo 3. And COD wasn't the massive hit it is now...The previous titles only sold about 2-3million...As compared to the 6 million it's sold now...Left 4 Dead is being dumped right at the same time as Gears...I don't expect it do nearly as well as the Orange Box. I'd LOVE to be wrong, though.

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What assumptions?

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For PS3 I see very few games matching Resistance 2 in terms of sales, and for 360, nothing, save for Call of Duty, is going to be much competition...Shame too, because I think games like Left 4 Dead look fantastic.

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I love how Sony's name appears on this list and Sony fanboys ignore it...

Who CARES? Or rather, why care? Is it a threat to you that MS has money to spend to get these games? So FF is coming on both consoles, you know which one you're getting it for. If anything, FF can now be played by more people. Or were you expecting people to buy a PS3 just to play the game and now those hopes were dashed? The only reason to worry would be if Sony was going to pull a Sega and abandon console...

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Personally, I couldn't care less how good it looks (though it does look good) because I'm more excited than quantic dream is making another game...Barring a lame 3rd act, Indigo Prophecy is one of my all-time favourite games.

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The right game won.

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So I'm guessing the ones that disagreed are the useless players that would get kicked?

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He's obviously taking the piss. It's just friendly ribbing.

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They want to improve LIVE? Make it mandatory to have to play team games to give the host lobby control to kick out useless players.

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I never had doubts and now I'm glad I was right. This looks great. Can't wait to play this with a few buddies. I'll probably play the campaign at least 5 times just through co-op.

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The real reason is this: They assume that the customer, having put money down on a game, will come in and either pick up the game or finishing paying it off. Guess what that does? Makes them money. It stands to reason that any normal, non-idiotic person, who has money invested somewhere, will claim their investment, or their money.

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That's a flat out lie. I sold my Halo a month after getting it and I got $33 store credit.

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