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I really hope this lives up to its potential. Indigo Prophecy is a strong game with a bad 3rd act, but I still loved it.

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Wow that looks amazing. It DOES slaughter Forge. The map is a blank slate where you can set up the ENTIRE map as opposed to item placement. This went from a "maybe" to a "definitely" on my list of purchases.

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The person playing the demo is an idiot.

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I'm ok with it not being released right away because of the wealth of games coming out this year, but I am very excited for it. GTA IV is an amazing game.

I really find it funny when people complain about this game when it does everything it should. The people who complain have no concept of the meaning of context. Rockstar obviously wanted a more realistic type of GTA experience so they took out the silliness that was prevalent in the last gen series. I'm not saying I wouldn't l...

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The true king is back on the throne...Even if temporary. People cry about spamming nades, and yes, random tosses to get annoying, merely because you can't believe the luck, but I haven't met ANYONE that doesn't do it...We do it because it works. Weird, huh?

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Things aren't painted red. It has to do with some sort of special vision you can turn on or off to assist the gamer. This has been reported several times.

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Wow...just wow. That story was amazing. Has it even dawned on you that the story isn't over? There's this new thing, you may not have heard of it, called "open-ended" and it's usually applied to leaving story threads open to explore in sequels. Weird, I know, but it's all the rage.

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I'm gonna go ahead and guess that the reason why they gave the game such great reviews is because they loved it. I'm not a professional critic and I would give the game about a 9/10. Have I been payed off? Do I fear ridicule from my peers? Nope. I'm a gamer that played the game and loved every glorious second of it.

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So let me get this straight...You're saying the game was overhyped, yet you don't even like the genre of game it is? Your opinion on this matter is as valid as Blind person on the beauty of a painting.

GTA IV was an amazing game in nearly every way imaginable. Please, for the love of all things holy, show me a game that is flawless (this is impossible because there will always be someone that can refute every aspect of every game).

And again, saying it's a step back ...

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I've never played a Fallout game because I've never been interested in the look or gameplay style. I'm actually interested in Fallout 3 so I'll be getting it. If this is a source of contention for people that played the first two, I really couldn't care less. And I doubt Bethesda cares much either.

Fanboys are incredibly annoying to me because they lack anything even remotely resembling a rationale. Nearly everything they say is knee-jerk, vitriolic, and incredibly irrational. Th...

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I think it looks great, but whomever said that the last TR game sucked, I'm sorry for you bad taste.

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They do this every time there is a Tomb Raider game. It's just to promote the game...

Personally, I think the girl is gorgeous. Made more so by the interviews.

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I really wish people would comment when they disagree. So everyone does have internet access? What. A. Moron.

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Then how come I don't have these problems on Live?

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I'd be interested in seeing how many of that 8 million that don't play on live don't actually have high speed internet...It's not like everyone has online access.

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$50 for 13 months, divide $50 by 13 and you get $3.85, so it's actually LESS than $4 a month.

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Obviously blinded by the words of MS...Forget the fact that I've experienced both and enjoy myself a million times more on Live. Yeah, that must be me being brainwashed.

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I genuinely have those problems. Why the hell would I troll...I obviously like PS3 if I bought it, but their online is terrible. I actually owned COD 4 on both systems and couldn't stand it on PS3 so I got rid of it...TWICE. I played the beta and the actually MP for MGSO and had similar problems. So much so that I haven't played it in over month. I certainly hope this isn't the issue when I get Socom...Thankfully I have the beta key coming to see how it plays out. I'd hate to drop $60 on it a...

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I respectfully disagree. This girl is very pretty. Judging from the models on that site, it seems that looking exactly like her isn't what they have in mind. More than half those girls merely had a hair do and an outfit that looked like her and that's it. This isn't something I dwell on much, and honestly, boredom is what compelled me to care now. She's a cute girl modeling as video game character. I'm a Tomb Raider fan, having played every single one that was released on consoles so I'm gett...

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If I could get the same service and quality servers for LIVE for free that I get now, then I would love for it to be free...But if I get the lagtastic, no-voice, dropped game service/servers I get on PSN, then I'm happy to pay $4 a month. More power to MS because sure they charge, but they charge for quality.

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