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Titanfall is rated just right. Underrated even. ;)

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It's really, really good.

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That's about as much as I read.

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I'm playing Blood Omen: The Legacy of Kain on my Vita. If it's a mistake, then it's the best one ever made.

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Hicken, for shits a giggles, rest your left hand. Does your thumb fall closer to the index finger for further away like an "L?"

Science says that the Xbox controller is more comfortable since it allows the thumb to sit an more comfortable position.

But OK.

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I love the DS4 but I can't agree that the controller is more comfortable than the Xbox One controller.

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Thanks everyone for reading and commenting! Just to clarify, we do top 5 lists every week. Last week we made similar lists regarding why we got PS4s. This is about why WE got them. Nothing was every intended to be suggestions as to why anyone else should want one. We are not so presumptuous.

That being said, some people will agree with our lists, others will not. We totally encourage this discourse.

Thanks again!

- Sean

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I got both. Don't like racing games at all myself, but that's ok.

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We wrote one last week about why we got PS4's. It's here on N4G if you want to read it.

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That's because it's our reasons why WE bought or want one. Not why you or anyone else should want or get one.

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It's the prologue. How do you know how it moved the story forward or not. If it informs the character, then I don't see the issue.

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First of all, there are plenty of books, movies, music and such that depict rape that aren't well written or crafted. So that argument holds no water.

You are suggesting that only "cultured" or "mature" forms of art should address this topic. I disagree completely with that. You don't like his approach? Fine. That's one thing.

Either games are art or they aren't. You can't have it both ways.

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Totally understood, but it's going to hurt the Xbox One, which is why MS wanted it exclusively in the first place.

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I wouldn't be surprised if the advertising is part of the exclusivity deal. Meaning that MS is supposed to be handling it.

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Cross-gen development hinders the current gen version because it has to be made scaleable. Without this anchor, they can achieve more. Plus, Sony wants to sell PS4s.

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And without incentive to get a new one, this will remain the case. Which is my entire point.

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There will always be tons of people that can't afford to make the jump. That's what exclusives are supposed to entice them to do. If they can't afford it yet, they don't get it yet.

I get why EA wants it, and I get why MS conceded. Still think it was a mistake when you consider that they want it to be system seller.

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So why should this be called out? Why are video games exempt from pushing these boundaries and envelopes when other artforms have been doing this since the beginning of time? Why does games media think one is OK but not the other?

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They ask. Can't be helped if people don't answer.

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Wow, a LOT of ridiculous reactions in this thread.

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