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There has only been one since MW3, just saying.

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Copy and pasted like your comment from so many other copy and pasted comments about how Call of Duty is copy and pasted?

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It's a bit more than cross chat. You can't join or start parties from the XMB, and the online connection is much better. Though Sony has improved in the latter area. The party system is still bad.

Then there is the fact that downloading a game from XBL is MUCH better than PSN. You simply download it, which can be done while powered down, and the next time you turn on your Xbox it's ready to play. On PSN you have to download it, then install it. A game can literall...

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Eh, with the exception of number 5, I still enjoy doing all of those things.

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Bandwidth caps. Look 'em up.

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Can you do me a favour? Can you ask the millions of people you talked to to get this information from and find out what game they are looking forward to? You seem to know lots about people's future buying intentions so I would like to be ahead of the curve.

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Ah, OK. Fair enough. I've definitely bought more than my fair share of controllers for the same reason!

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Uhm. Ok. Why? Lol

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Mile High Club is hard! Lol. Thanks for reading!

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You don't say?

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Per the article:
1) Installing a game is only required on Xbox One.
2) The PC you cite as $50 cheaper than the PS4 and 7 years of gaming? What are its specs? Merely having the PC isn't enough.
3) The consoles play games I want to play as well as serves as a media hub. Yes you can hook up a Roku box, but can I play inFAMOUS Second Son on it? Or can I play it on PC for that matter?
4) To be honest, Sony's free online is not the greatest experience. If pay...

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I don't disagree with you, but I honestly think it's less about the platform holders than it is about the pubs and devs. ESPECIALLY the devs. They are the one's that cry the loudest.

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This is a great idea in theory but the problem is those stores create overhead and cost to fix such a small problem. It's using a finger in a dike.

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To be fair, car manufacturers purchase used cars to see on their lots and they also manufacture parts and perform repairs to offset costs. Devs have online passes and DLC.

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Thanks for reading! It's not a broken system. It's capitalism. Like I said in my article, you don't have to use Gamestop. I used eBay. Still the same concept that you've put forth. They should stop my used sale? They should get some of the money? That's ridiculous.

@lashes2ashes -

Did you read the article. I know for a fact that GameStop pays 10% less that MSRP for every new game you can buy in their store. There make almost nothing on ne...

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It's only alive for another 6 months. Sony is shutting down the servers.

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The Player by Robert Altman is a satire.

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the use of irony, sarcasm, ridicule, or the like, in exposing, denouncing, or deriding vice, folly, etc.
a literary composition, in verse or prose, in which human folly ...

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Wow. Either people didn't read the article or they have not even the basic understanding of satire.

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I'm an avid CoD 360 player meaning that every single COD this gen has been played on 360. This time out I'm going PS4.

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Lol at the disagree.

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