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Yeah. Killzone does look pretty ace. The last two were solid and I really enjoyed the MP but they didn't keep my attention. Hopefully Shadow Fall changes that.

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Me too, day one.

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Eh. COD has never had the best graphics outside of when COD 4 came out. I'm in for the gameplay. I don't compare how Battlefield and COD play because they're so vastly different. Yes, they're both military shooters but COD is all about twitch, fast paced run and gun gameplay and Battlefield is much more tactical. You either enjoy their respective styles or you don't. Me, I prefer COD. Battlefield 4 does look pretty awesome though.

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I think any ND announcement will happen at the VGAs.

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I tagged it because I made a point to mention how releasing it without the Kinect and lowering the price point would make it a better competition for PS4, which I am getting at launch. I wouldn't have done that if it wasn't relevant.

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Ha. I'm not even close to 14. Does my article read like it was written by one? Also, I mention that I owner ROB with my NES. That was 1985. Lets just say, I'm old.

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I totally get that some people want it. If you read my article, you will see tha in actually looking forward to using the voice and gesture controls for the UI and media capabilities. My point is, a big factors for some people is the price which is being driven up by the inclusion of the Kinect that until Monday, everyone was lead to believe was mandatory. Now that its not, I'm positing the Devil's Advocate stance which is now that the Xbox One will function wit...

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Thanks for reading? I assume you did because who would read the title and just comment, right?

Since you read the article, you understand that not everyone who wants the console wants the Kinect, right?

Anyway, thanks for your insightful and completely level-headed feedback.

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I don't think it's like selling Wii U without the tablet. All games use it some way and it's the controller for the console as well. The Kinect isn't being used in any meaningful way just yet and now with this news, I don't see them really ever doing it at the expense of the game. For example, Halo 5 won't use it any integral way whereas the next proper Mario or Zelda game will.

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Aliens doesn't need to die. It needs to be handled by someone who actually cares about it and wants to make something quality.

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Once they knew that they had to buy an online pass they could have returned the game for a full refund within 7 days. This is on every receipt.

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I agree wholeheartedly. I think it's absolutely absurd that devs feel they deserve a cut of a used same after the initial purchase. Even more absurd is that there are consumers that support this idea.

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My buddy and I went through the whole thing so I was lucky.

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I loved playing Army of Two co-op!

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It almost made my list for sure. I just haven't had that memorable moment for it to make my Top 5. Thanks for reading!

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And they're double those of the original Black Ops. And again, it's still the most played game on XBL. These are facts. You can do with them what you will. I will be sure to write a follow up when I'm right, though. Hope to see you there!

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Well said.

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It's dead? The number one game on Xbox Live as recently as Marjor Nelson's last report 2 weeks ago is dead? You heard it hear folks. The game game that made half a billion dollars in 24 hours less than 10 months ago is dead

Thanks for reading. Seriously. You were my inspiration for the article! Appreciate it.

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Reskinned maps? What like Nuketown and Firing Range? Which are DLC maps?

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15 disagrees with the truth. OK.


Yes, those things are true for PS4, but I'm replying directly to "I have never understood this point. The big difference between the two (from what I experienced on the PS3 and 360) was the 360 just had cross game chat and Sony managed to mess up their store with an update. Honestly (ignoring those differences) the end experience is the same."

Which is not true at all for the rea...

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