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Thanks for reading! Appreciate the time to read and comment!

I was rather pleased with everyone's choices. The funny thing is I never realized how many open world games there are! #1.2
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Like I said, Saints Row 2 is much better! #3.1
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Unfortunately I haven't played it yet. I just bought it though.

I also never played enough Just Cause 2 to have an opinion. What I did play was fun.

A lot of other games didn't make my list that would have if we did a top 10 every week! Though if I did that I think some of the guys would want me dead. #1.1.3
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They definitely did away with the whacky. Like is fair I appreciated to different approach. I totally think your complaints are valid, I just didn't feel that way.

I'm only 10% into V but I can already tell its a return to form. Excited to dig deeper on the weekend when I'll have more time. #3.1.2
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Thanks for reading guys! Unfortunately GTA V is too fresh and we're barely through it so that's why it's not on any of our lists.

That's said, great lists everyone! #4
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Thanks for reading and commenting!

I disagree (obviously since GTA IV is number 2 on my list). I found the game to be pretty much the opposite of everything you said. I found it to be incredibly memorable and fun. It was depressing though but I appreciated it for doing something I found to be quite bold.

Not sure if that's enough explanation for you but I'm always open to discussion. #3.1
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Thanks for reading and leaving comments! We would love for people to leave their thoughts on the site as well. We're trying to gather a community.

That said, there were tons of games that didn't make my list. Jade Empire, KotOR 2, Indiana Jones and the Emperor's Tomb, Splinter Cell: Chaos Theory...So many great games on that console. #4
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Or the uproar people were in for months ahead of the reveal surrounding the rumor that the new console was going to restrict used games. It blows my mind that they were either deaf to it, or straight up ignored it and then were "Surprised." #1.1.16
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This week's The Top 5: was super hard for all of us. Glad you all enjoyed reading it. Next week might not be much easier. #6
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Thanks for reading! Our The Top 5 is a weekly feature on our site. As you can see we all list our individual top 5 lists on the chosen category. #3.1
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Maybe someone who is older than you can explain why I still play it. Brace yourself...

Because it's fun. I love the controls, the pacing, the game modes, the map sizes, the movement more than any other competitive game on the market.

I play it every single year and enjoy the hell out of it.

Hope that helps. #2.1.2
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Dragon Ages is a sequel but it doesn't count? On what planet? #10
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Eh. As a fan I don't need innovation every title. I like more maps and guns and the changes being made. I just don't like the way everything can and will be exploited. Then again, not every game is for everyone. Not sure why it matters so much what other people enjoy. #1.1.2
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Yeah. Killzone does look pretty ace. The last two were solid and I really enjoyed the MP but they didn't keep my attention. Hopefully Shadow Fall changes that. #12.1.1
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Me too, day one. #1.2.1
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Eh. COD has never had the best graphics outside of when COD 4 came out. I'm in for the gameplay. I don't compare how Battlefield and COD play because they're so vastly different. Yes, they're both military shooters but COD is all about twitch, fast paced run and gun gameplay and Battlefield is much more tactical. You either enjoy their respective styles or you don't. Me, I prefer COD. Battlefield 4 does look pretty awesome though. #12
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I think any ND announcement will happen at the VGAs. #19
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I tagged it because I made a point to mention how releasing it without the Kinect and lowering the price point would make it a better competition for PS4, which I am getting at launch. I wouldn't have done that if it wasn't relevant. #17.1
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Ha. I'm not even close to 14. Does my article read like it was written by one? Also, I mention that I owner ROB with my NES. That was 1985. Lets just say, I'm old. #6.1
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I totally get that some people want it. If you read my article, you will see tha in actually looking forward to using the voice and gesture controls for the UI and media capabilities. My point is, a big factors for some people is the price which is being driven up by the inclusion of the Kinect that until Monday, everyone was lead to believe was mandatory. Now that its not, I'm positing the Devil's Advocate stance which is now that the Xbox One will function wit... #3.1.3
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