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I'm not a journalist. I'm simply a guy who critiques and comments on games and their surrounding culture.

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With the exception the the bird dude, whose name I forget, the enemies you fight are all variations of the same ones you've encountered by halfway through the game. The only thing that changes is their elemental damage, if that.

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I appreciate the comments but I have to ask, did anyone read the article? Because I would curious as to what people think about my complaints?

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Not from where I'm sitting. That said, did you read the article? Is there anything I said that you disagree with?

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I ageee and in many aspects, as I addresssed in the article, Nioh does just that. However, these two areas - enemy variety and a larger, interconnected or even more interesting world would have done nothing but add to the experience.

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As I say in the review, it has flaws but it's something special.

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It's worth $60. :)

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This is exactly right. I don't give 10s often but I did give a 10 for this review because that's how I measure the amount of fun I've had with the game.

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I actually do like Romancing the Stone. Quite a bit, actually.

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Thank you! Very much appreciated.

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Thanks for reading and commenting. I don't disagree with your points but as I stated in the review, I care that Nate cared about Sam, but I never did, unfortunately.

Also, I should note that I never liked the Goonies and I saw it when it first hand out in theaters. ;)

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Thanks! I take it you read the article?

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Ugh. Another day, another "Shame on you for not being politically correct" article.

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It's not censorship but there is still a disturbing amount of pressure being place on devs to not make the game they want in fear of offending people. It's obnoxious.

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Hi, thanks for reading. Did you read the whole thing or just look at the list? I explained in the beginning how the list was comprised. No one had a Nintendo game high enough on their list. Also, a list of our favorite games isn't journalism. At all.

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There are 3,477,829,638 males in the world.

Define "most."

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No one is wrong for saying something is "good enough" if they genuinely feel it's good enough for them.

I was NEVER expecting great graphics. I am expecting them to be using that power in the scope of the game, the ambition in the mechanics, behind the scenes stuff we don't think about. I will take "sub-par" graphics over load screens. If they can make it a seamless world where I don't see a load screen for every new area I enter, that's WA...

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I'm a convert.

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Me too!

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