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nice to see some real RPG goodness and not some lame asian crap.

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proof that Nintendo are sellout [email protected] now.

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At least he's better than that bald-headed freak at Atari.

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...and yet, PS3rd games don't look or run as well as their 360 counterpart. One of the world's many mysteries, indeed.

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Looks amazing. 360 has every genre NAILED. PS3 doesn't even have ONE RTS yet lol.

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The one game worthy of wasting 600 bucks on a PS3rd.

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That was f*cking gay as hell. Maybe they were talking about all the thousands of last-gen PS1 and PS2 games which required all those disc swaps. Sony's really one to talk.

Plus, it just doesn't make any sense at all. I don't have ONE 360 game with multiple discs. In fact, every game I have fits UNDER the DVD-9 limit.

Finally, Crysis is the greatest-looking game of all time, and it is barely 6 gigs fully installed on PC. This retarded MGS spoof does nothing more than ...

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too early

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"We are just waiting for the marketing campaign to get started now.""

--which means tons of new screens.

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Really? Ever use it? Ever make your own art assets and import them into the engine? Ever build your own levels with it? No? Well, I have, and it rules. It utterly destroys just about every game editor before it.

Eat sh1t, n00b.

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everyone knows halo 1 revolutionized the genre, that's why every crap FPS after it is the "halo killer" right before it falls flat on its face.

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Actually, Rare made PD and 007. HAHAHAHAHAHAHHAAHA OWNAGE!!!!

And TimeSh1tters sucked BALLZ. I played the demo on BS2 ages ago. So, obviously, I know. That's what u get when u get a few stragglers forming their own studio. HAHahAHHAHahaHAHAHhaha

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Excuse me while I piss on my PoS DMC 1-3 Collection and copy of DMC 4.

Ahhhh, that felt good.

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LMFAO @ u "GOTY!!!!" n00bs.

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He must be busy with AAA Haze.

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LMFAO. So true. I had this happen to me a few times. Instead of having them PUNCH u in the face to get out of your side since their door is blocked, why not just have them say "niko, my door is blocked, could u move for a sec?" It's not rocket science, Rockstar.

Actually, my favorite glitch (not), is when you go into a food place, beat the sh1t out of the fat negroid customers as they proceed to disappear and reappear. Fun not being able to see people who are fighting y...

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I beat off the original SOCUM on my BS2. That game had major problems. Some good parts, for its time, but just bad today. The pics released so far look horrible. Like your typical BS3rd game! AHAHAHA.

And thanks for noticing, CANADIANGAYCRACKSMOKER. maybe u should share the HERBAGE before you smoke yourself retarded. OR IS THAT ALREADY TOO LATE? Well, before I go. Let me contribute to your trip to ONE bubble. HAHAHahAHHAHAHhahahaHAHHAHA

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