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Way too much praise. Also, I'm guessing you mean Take-Two, not 2k. 2k is a subsidiary.

Sure, Bioshock and Borderlands are great series' but Take-Two is definitely not the best publisher. Actually, it's really hard to determine best publisher considering the wide range that some of them release. I would say Sony, considering the massive range of different types of games they release. I think it's pretty obvious you meant "best developer" (which... #2.2
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It seems some people are under the mistaken impression that this commercial has everything to do with E3 and that because some of these games are already released they are somehow obsolete.

This is just a ps4 commercial touting its recent and relatively near-future (except UC4) lineup of big name games (most) to sell the system. This isn't a preview commercial for E3 or anything. Granted, a lot of these games will be at E3 at various conferences, and obviously it's... #8.1.3
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Actually they have a long standing history of not just scoring games controversially for traffic, but basically everything they write is click-bait, ridiculous articles. #1.1.2
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Guerrilla's new game Horizon, will probably be at E3 (so no worries about Killzone being there, if you don't like it) and if the graphics are up to their usual standards, it will be one of, if not the, big game of the show.

TLG would obviously be the biggest reveal if it's at the show, but I'm not sure we will see it (although, hopefully we will). #9.1
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This is really only true about games that are thought to do better in Japan than the US/Europe (also, Colossus and ICO came out 10+ years ago).

The Last Guardian has a pretty strong fan expectation and longing. E3 gets far more viewers and attention than TGS, so for a game with the recognition and borderline mythos, at this point, as TLG, I see E3 as being the most likely place for a re-reveal.

That being said, I don't plan on getting my hopes up eithe... #1.2.2
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This is Activision. If the game sells well, what you fear WILL happen, sadly. #3.1
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While I'm not a big fan of Colin Cowherd, I don't think he has much to worry about.

For the record, I think he's by far the worst of the three morning/daytime ESPN radio guys, with Mike&Mike and SVP and Rusillo being FAR superior and actually enjoyable. He's a shock jock announcer who says stuff to get a rise out of people (which is what his threat to quit is really about), but he's just not a good announcer, he repeats himself constantly and his vo... #4
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It's unlikely they would do a Hindu version of God of War. There are WAY too many practicing the religion for them to risk the controversy for such a high profile game.

I always thought Norse mythology would make a good GoW game. As for Kratos, I don't necessarily think he has to be back. His story was pretty much done after GoW 3. It wouldn't really make sense to put him into a game about a different mythology, unless they wanted to completely rewrite him to... #9.2
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Not many games I would rather have than Dark Cloud 3.

However, even if Level5 was making it, there is almost no chance it would be first announced at a small event like this, but would wait for either a Sony conference or E3.

Also, there is a real chance that if Dark Cloud 3 did get made, someone else would make it (maybe a Sony first party). #1.1
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Kojima Productions is (was) a subsidiary of Konami, so anything they do is owned by the parent company, Konami. #6.1.1
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Someone claimed that trying to use the summon inside the cave in the demo didn't work (from NeoGAF). Maybe there are some summons that aren't so massive and work inside structures and don't require so much space.

Although he usually isn't, Ramuh might be one of the last summons you get, which means the earlier ones probably wouldn't be quite as flashy or as big.

I remember them saying something about having to fight all the summons before... #21.2.2
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Yeah, Dark Cloud 3 would be awesome. I think it's a tie between Dark Cloud 2 and Dragon Quest 8 as the best ps2 RPG, although, there were a lot of really good ones.

While I liked Dark Cloud 1, 2 was such a well done, unique experience that was fairly massive in terms of variety. Now, if they can make as big a leap from 2-3 as they did from 1-2, it will become my most wanted ps4 game. Ah, who am I kidding, if they announce it, it will pretty much jump to my top 3 before... #2.1.3
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This is a sensationalist story. I know they discuss the fact that it probably wasn't what killed him, but to even imply it is a bit ridiculous.

19 hours is a long time, sure, but it's not even CLOSE to long enough to cause a death, even if he sit in the same position and didn't eat or drink (or blink) or go to the restroom.

It's been a while since I've been real serious about an MMO, but in my college days, around when WoW first started,... #9
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You are being a little overly defensive. I didn't say there wasn't any information out there, I just said that most of the news is about the size of the game's world. For every news story about the gameplay there are 20+ about how endless the worlds are.

Your remarks imply that I'm bashing the game in some way. I'm not. Only the coverage of the game and the unrealistic hype I've seen some people portray. I in no way want the game to fail or be a d... #3.1.1
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While I sincerely hope it doesn't, the rhetoric and hyperbole this game has received for the last year or so is setting it up to be a failure (at least in terms of expectations).

99% of what we hear about this game is about how huge it is, and almost never about gameplay, gameplay direction, storyline, script, goals, etc. The game is very intriguing, but I refuse to be more than interested till we learn a lot more. I just hope it doesn't end up being Spore in space.... #3
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Fair point. I haven't played in a while, so I'm not sure if they've updated it or not (or are going to with that big upcoming PC only patch). #7.2.2
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Other than the Inquisitor, I think Cassandra is the best character in DA:I. Although Iron Bull, Varric and Sera are close seconds (yes, I know Sera can be annoying, but other times I find her funny and has great dialogue with several other characters). #3
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You could always not play as a Knight Enchanter, because it's been clearly established they are pretty much broken and boring. I just look at the KE as a bug, and avoid it. Even if the spec wasn't OP, it's the most boring Mage spec by a long shot.

As for the topic, and the complaints, I never understood the complaints about too many side quests. None of them are required. The most recurring ones are the shard quests and the requisition quests. Both of those... #7.2
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Basically what you are saying is that because it's a company you like, everyone working there has to be completely satisfied and fulfilled with their job, unwilling to move on to a possibly better offer, or else they are a "tool" and deserve their professional career to fail. So they should be a slave to the company or never work again.

Hate to say it, but that is not only an incredibly immature attitude, but also very naive and shortsighted. We don't know... #4.2
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Most sites don't consider 10/10 perfect, they consider it a masterpiece (take IGN, for example, not that they have great reviewers, but they are the biggest review site).

The best way to get accurate opinions for a game, if you feel you need it, is not to look at something like Metacritic, where a good 50%+ of the reviews are done by people no more "qualified" than the average gamer. The best way is to find a few good sites that you trust or have agreed with... #1.3.11
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