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To be fair to the younger players, I vaguely (at best) remember hearing about Way of the Warrior 20 years ago. Only because, at the time, I was slightly interested in the 3DO. Even if the game was great, a lot of people wouldn't have heard of it, since the 3DO was not a successful console.

Reading about it, it seems one of the main problems with the game was the controls, which is understandable considering how terrible the 3DO controller wa... #2.1.5
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I agree with the sentiment, but just to play devil's advocate, video games are a business. If they don't compete with each other, we will end up with shovelware and minor incremental upgrades (most Madden games, as an example with no competition).

So, if it does smash Halo (let's be honest, whether the game is as good as Titanfall or not, it WILL smash it in terms of sales by a huge margin), that will give MSFT something to try and reach for by improving their ga... #6.2
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Eh, there are thousands of games that your reasoning applies to, including all games with multiplayer servers. Do you really think people care a great deal about CoD's single player, or Halo, or Battlefield (when looking back on them, not when you first buy). CoD and BF might be able to have private servers on the PC, but they can't on consoles, so Destiny is really no different (not to mention every single MMO ever realeased, which this game is (MMOFPS), also can't have private... #3.2.2
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I kind of agree. While there are obviously some things that could be used from the show to make a game, I don't see it being all that exciting. Probably could have great cutscenes, but the gameplay wouldn't work.

One show I've always thought could make an excellent game is Dexter. While not as good as Breaking Bad (except maybe season 4 of Dex, last few seasons nowhere close to BB), it lends itself far more to a video game. He can fight, he's often stealth... #2.2
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Someone mentioned it a above, but if you go to the article and click on the link referring to the voice-overs, it explains. The Voice-Over production hasn't begun yet, but that, of course, doesn't mean they won't have them.

Voice recording is one of the last things done in development, and doesn't really take that long (especially for a game that's taken 8 years to make).

There's no need to worry there won't be voice acting. I... #12.2
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While I enjoy the PC as much as consoles, the emulator argument is pointless. Even if you own the game, which makes it legal.

I doubt a fully working ps3 and x360 emulator will be around anytime in the next 5 years (if ever, in the case of the ps3, due to it's architecture). The ps4 and xbone will probably one day get an emulator, but if you think waiting 10++ years to play a game is a major advantage, then I guess it's hard to argue. #5.2.6
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This one I don't have a problem with. Obviously if it's a game purely about stealth, maybe you shouldn't have so many weapons, but I don't see a problem with having an either/or system where you can either fight your way through or stealth your way.

That's the way MGS games have always been. The stealth only runs were always really fun, and the game always catered to them being the ultimate way to play through the game. #1.2.1
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Would like to second that opinion on Nier. The storyline was a real highlight of the generation. Also, would like to point out that the soundtrack to the game was one of the best of the generation as well.

The gameplay really was "meh," as were the graphics, and the lower review scores the game received were understandable. However, ten years from now, 95% of the games that received overall higher scoring this generation will be forgotten by me. I will remembe... #1.1
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I like the look a lot, but the music is terrible. The sound effects are good, but I think they used 8bit music instead of 16 because the music sounds like an NES game, not SNES.

This nostalgia effect would wear off after playing for a couple hours. FFXIII's biggest problem wasn't the graphics (I actually think the graphics were quite good), it was the story, atmosphere and design decisions.

Anyway, still a fun idea, and it DOES bring a feeling of no... #9
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While I would love another Shenmue as well, what does it have to do with Kojima or MGS?

Speaking of Kojima, I would love to see him make another game like Snatcher or Policenauts. A new ZoE would be great, as well. #1.2.4
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The article is about making a new Final Fantasy Tactics Advance game. The list they give is just a list of JRPGs that we haven't seen in a while, they never said they were all part of Squenix. (can't believe I'm helping defend a Kotaku article)

As for the article. FFTA, the first one sucked. The second one did have a much better battle system, but it still doesn't compare as an overall package to the original. Sadly, it's very unlikely they will ever m... #6.1
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I really enjoyed FFVIII's soundtrack. It was very unique for the FF series. However, I still believe nothing will ever top FFVI (especially the orchestra version) in terms of soundtracks.

I expect great things from FFXV's music. So far, everything we've heard is very good. Definitely a step up from XIII (even though XIII wasn't that bad, just less than it's predecessors). #6
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I don't know about mass murderer since 99% of the kills are self-defense (so just SOME murders, he's basically a saint). I do wonder when the bad guys are gonna take the hint that Drake is virtually a god in shootouts. If they want to stop him, they should drop a missile to finish him off so they can resume their evil ways in relative peace (in comparison). #5.1.4
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Well, WarDevil was officially cancelled about three years ago, so I don't think it would fall into the same category.

Honestly though, the only impressive thing about the game back then was that it was supposedly gonna run at 1080p and 60fps on the ps3. The art direction and gameplay described were never all that impressive, and that resolution and framerate wouldn't be anything special on the ps4. #18.1.1
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With the way the SE engine for FFXV and KH3 works, it's not really much more effort to release the game multi-platform than it is to make it exclusive. The games are made on the PC and transferred to the respective console.

I don't expect FFXV (or KH3) to be as good on the xbone simply because I don't see SE spending the effort to optimize (what little they can) specifically for a system they know is not gonna sell a ton of copies. Think FFXIII. Again, though,... #15.1.3
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It doesn't follow FFXI in that sense. None of the crafts are good for anything but profit. The best crafted gear is far more difficult to obtain than the best pve gear (and requires pve to even make), and it's not as good (the way it works, is it let's you place stats where you want through materia, but it's incredibly limited and doesn't allow you to make really useful pieces). The only reason to buy crafted stuff is the base weapons needed for the relic weapon quest c... #1.1.1
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Fact of the matter is, while the game looks good for an MMO (maybe the best, on high/max settings), it doesn't look close to as good as some of the best looking PS4 games we've seen.

There is no reason to think the ps4 version won't look about as good as the PC version does now at around max settings. There is obvious reasons to think the game will be optimized for the ps4.

Besides, graphics aren't much of a priority when it comes to MMOs any... #1.2.2
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I agree that the game won't sell much on the Xbone (especially KH3), but it's not really a waste of money, since with the way their engine works, the ps4 and xbone versions are both ported from the PC with little effort.

You mention the WiiU. If you say that, you must mean that they should have abandoned the ps4 as well, because it would cost a lot more money to port the game to the WiiU than the Xbone, and it would look incredibly poor in c... #4.2.2
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It would be a shame, but if there is only one franchise SEGA decides to localize from Atlus, it would be Persona.

I may be alone in this, but the only thing I hope for is that Persona stays as a console-first series. I haven't really dealt with handhelds in a long time, and I love the Persona series. A crossover release of Vita/PS4 would be great. I don't think anyone will care if the game doesn't look like a PS4 game in terms of graphics. #1.3.1
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I believe Atlus Co. is well over twice the size of Nippon Ichi Software, so I don't that's gonna work.

I do agree they should stay 3rd party.

However, about the SMTxFE project. They could require, on being bought, that all current projects are completed if bought by, say, Sony. That would not be an uncommon occurance, as similar situations have happened in the past. Also, it is very unlikely they could be sued for aban... #1.5.5
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