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Main thing I see on almost all pictures and videos of Project CARS is that it looks too... not sure the best worde, but "sterile." It just doesn't look natural, especially compared to Drive Club, and especially in terms of environments and the little we've seen of the weather.

I think one of the main reasons for this is lighting. Project CARS lighting looks very uninspired and almost unnatural. Conversely, Drive Club has a softness from the lighting tha... #8
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As amazing as the game is (it really is), I found that after about level 15, it's very easy to get 100%+ to all elemental resists, and if you look for it, poison as well. Once you get to that point, even on hard, every fight in the game becomes easy. The last fight is a joke since by that point Madora was 200% in all elemental and well over 100% in poison and tenebrium. The nerf won't affect that much at all. If you use your rubies on lower level gear, you can still easily get Mad... #1.1
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Sony bought Media Molecule in 2010. So MM itself didn't really own LBP, Sony did (sort of the same thing).

I believe LBP was handed over to another company because MM was gonna be working on something new. Which I think is a great thing. They are very talented, and while I think more can be squeezed from LBP, I am anxious to see what MM can come up with on another project. #3.1.2
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Rayman Origins and Legends were two of the best games of last generation.

Far Cry 3 isn't bad, so not sure what you are going for with that, especially if you consider Blood Dragon. Maybe not a masterpiece, but it was worth buying for certain. That's just an opinion though.

...Although pushing the 5 year thing, Assassin's Creed 2 came out in 2009 as well, which I don't see how you could say wasn't worth buyi... #1.2.8
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While the title is a tad misleading, it definitely doesn't say they are comparing ps4 and x1 versions to each other. Also, there is no 2033 and Last Light being released for the ps4/x1, it's called Redux.

Again, I'm not saying the title isn't misleading somewhat (really all it's missing is "ps3" after "Last Light"), but it's not saying one thing and doing another. #14.2
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If you are talking about the picture of her playing the guitar sitting on the rock. Well, that was just fanart by TLOU concept artist. He said it was just how he saw her and what he thought her story might be like in the future, but it was just fanart, not official and not a prototype.

While I don't doubt they could be making a sequel, you can't really base it off of the fanart. Although the story the guy came up with for what the picture meant actually seemed pr... #1.2.1
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I would say the best chances are that it will be something completely new. Which is what I, myself, hope for. As much as I love TLOU, Crash and JD, I would rather see them create a new series. If it does have to be one of those three though, I would hope for TLOU. Well, really, I just hope they make whichever game they feel most passionate about, because that is definitely the most likely way to make something great. #1.3
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Neither game is a masterpiece, but they are fun games. Having both games as a package seems like a good deal at full price, as long as they are well done transfers (no reason they shouldn't be).

They will need to do some optimization and bug fixes, or at least carry over the bug fixes from the PC version. The games require(d) a hefty PC to play at high settings and they looked awesome, but the required PC settings were still too high because the game wasn't entire... #21
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beerzombie is absolutely correct. No matter how powerful the ps4 was, most devs would always sacrifice 60fps for higher graphics. It's the reason the ps3/360 games didn't look like ps2/xbox games but with 60fps instead of 30fps, and it will be the same with ps4/xbone.

Regardless of what people here want to believe, the average gamer will be more impressed by flashier better graphics than they will be by a higher framerate (when it comes to aesthetics), which results... #3.3.3
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Obviously not remotely similar in terms of gameplay, but "colors and visual style" I take your meaning as cartoonish/stylized and vibrant colors, which describes Ratchet and Clank's visuals in a nutshell.

I think the the game looks like a lot of fun, and although I don't expect it, I hope it isn't one of those games that is TONS of fun early on, but becomes very repetitive. For some reason, when I saw the gameplay, I didn't think of Jet Set Radio... #1.3.1
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That would be a great acquisition for Nintendo if true, considering Kleenex is a multi-billion dollar company. Getting them for $100 mil would be a steal. #1.6.7
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Not that it's really important, but it's possible the 1080p is upscaled, not true 1080p (read the article). The big thing to take away is the 60fps, which for a twitch (somewhat) game like MK, is needed. #11.3
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This is an encouraging announcement. Hopefully Marvel can stick to it, because I would like to see a well made Avengers game, or none at all if they can't find someone to make them a good one. #2
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I actually like a lot of what Nintendo is doing this year, however, people claiming this way of doing it is better are a little naive. Sure, the fans that go to the event will be happy, but you are talking about a few thousand people that can do little more than give basic focus group feedback, which any game/company will do anyway.

The Nintendo direct thing is nice and it leaves a lot of time wasting statistical data out, but FAR more people are willing to watch the big E... #6
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Maybe they will have an option to romance Flemeth. MILF love shouldn't be denied either, along with everything else. She could transform for you if you get your trust and love meter up high enough. #15.2
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I can agree somewhat about Anders (I think if you are in a relationship with someone else, and tell him no a couple of times, he stops, and it's not that bad), he is definitely my least favorite character in DA2. I actually like most of the characters in DA2, even if the game was just average, especially compared to the first. I would not have had that big of a problem with Anders being so whiny and annoying if he wasn't probably the most useful character in the game besides Hawke.... #2.2.2
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I could see FFXV selling maybe a million or so copies on the xbone, but the game will sell next to nothing in Japan.

Japanese gamers bought a few copies of FFXIII because Microsoft spent a little bit of money early on in the 360's life to bring a few exclusive JRPGs to the system to try and win the country over. It didn't really work, but it did help them sell a few systems.

Obviously, they aren't gonna do that with the xbone (or we would have al... #9.1.3
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It won't really matter as long as one version isn't downgraded to be like the other, which is unlikely to happen (they sure didn't with FFXIII...the ps3 version was a minor downgrade from the demo, but it was WAY better than the 360 version).

There is really no reason for them NOT to make the game for both systems, since this generation it is very easy to just make the game on a PC and convert it to the PS4 and XONE, changing what settings (resolution, AA, etc.) n... #7.2
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Ignoring romances in ME and DA games have always been as easy as pretty much one answer of the wheel to derail the path. I see no problems with the way they were in ME/DA in terms of having a romance or not. #1.2.1
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Leliana was definitely one of the best characters in Origins, and it was a shame she wasn't back as a playable party member for DA2 (I think she had a small playable part in one of the DLC). Having her back, and in a prominent party role, would be nice.

Varric was the other "must-have" return character, and the best character in DA2, so it's good we already knew he was back. Hopefully Merril will at least make a cameo, as I really liked her as well.
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