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"Killzone 2 <3" means Killzone 3 is better than 2 (and not sure why you are bringing up KZ3).

"Infamous 1 and 2 <3" means Infamous 3 is better than 1 and 2.

"<" means less than. #1.3.8
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When people say stuff like this, all I usually think is to look at the other games that receive <7 scores, and they are almost always poor games.

IGN, like 99% of review sites that use a 10 point scale, use it as you would a letter grade from school. So a 6.8 is either a D or an F (depending if the school system is using a 7 or 10 point scale). Unless you are have really low standards, I don't consider a D (or F) a good score. In other words, a "5" does... #1.2.6
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Not disagreeing with the other stuff, but The Matrix came out in March of 1999, and the PS2 was released in March of 2000 (in Japan, anyway). #1.2.9
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Bringing up the Killzone 2 2005 trailer as a way to say Sony gets away with bullshots/videos is a very poor example. Maybe you conveniently want to forget to get your point across, but Guerrilla and Sony took more flak for that video than probably any bullshot video in the history of video games. (As for your comment about KZ:SF not reaching that level, you are blind. There are techniques used in the prerendered video that can't be duplicated, but overall SF... #1.1.15
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I agree with the Halo part of your statement, it is a great deal.

However, your comment about TLOU and GTA5 is silly. The majority of people (based on fan votes, people I know, GOTY awards, etc.) find TLOU a better game than GTA5. The size of a game doesn't equate to better quality or value (if it did, RPGs would clearly be the #1 genre). TLOU was exclusive to ps3 near then end of it's life cycle, GTA5 was multi-platform. TLOU ps4, not only a significant upgrad... #1.9.1
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A complete remake of Xenogears wouldn't be a bad thing, considering the original was obviously rushed for the last third of the game (only a minor flaw, it's my favorite game as well...notice the avatar). While I would prefer a full next-gen ps4 remake (obviously would have to be made by either Squenix or Sony themselves), Wii U would work as well.

I was a fan of Xenosaga, but it really didn't feel connected all that much to Xenogears, in my opinion, except for t... #3.2.2
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If ND had all the time to make whatever games they possibly could, I would agree. However, to make a new J&D game would mean they wouldn't be making something else. Insomniac is a good developer, but they aren't even close to ND.

While I really enjoyed the J&D series, Uncharted and TLOU were better games (IMO), so I would rather ND make what they want and feel passionate about, rather than get nostalgic or make something that someone else wants them to make.... #14.2.1
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My only real problem with the game is the lack of consistency in progression. I actually enjoyed the first few hours a LOT more than the later due to how easy the game became. Enemies barely got more difficult, at least in comparison to how powerful you, as the player, become.

Overall, the game is fun, but it's definitely not gonna take the place from RS's Batman games. Mordor and Arkham City are very similar, but AC has far more variety, the areas lend themselves... #2.3
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Not the order I would have all of them, but I do definitely agree with #1, so a good list just for that. #1
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I would guess not completely. Will probably be like FF12, as in large open zones with barriers for towns and such. #7.1
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Yep, that's exactly what it is.

It's stupid to compare a fight against goblins which would be at the beginning of the game (the behemoth was basically one-shotted with a way-above-level Flare spell to end the demo), with a fight against Leviathan, a major boss, while he's destroying a town which is probably at mid-game or later. #4.2.2
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I have a feeling we were never gonna get the dynamic fighting fast paced stuff we saw in last year's video for every little fight. The video was of the Leviathan fight destroying a city and from hopping between airships, two scenes that lend themselves to heavy momentum, thus intensity. They showed the sword grapple thing, so I have a feeling there will still be those intense combat/movement scenes we saw in the e3 trailer. #1.6.1
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It was a demo to show off basic gameplay, not difficulty. Should have been ridiculously obvious.

He was fighting goblins, which if going by past FF games, are the easiest enemy in the game, and a behemoth right next to them, which is usually ones of the biggest endgame non-boss enemy types. You should be able to easily dodge the easiest mobs in the game. He was getting hit, though, but the characters had on a large health regen, which I'm sure is just a demo feature.... #1.3.2
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Actually, the only thing with any real aliasing was the car, which leads me to believe it just wasn't quite finished and will be ironed out before release. It did really stand out because of this, though.

Overall, I would say quite a bit is upgraded from last years trailer, but it's a different setting and didn't show a major boss battle (Leviathan), which would obviously give more of a "wow" factor. I think the main point of this trailer was to show t... #5.1.2
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I understand what you are saying, but overrated doesn't mean a game is bad or that the person saying it doesn't like it.

For example, I think GTAIV is probably one of the top 3 most hyped games in history (as in, before it was released). The reviews are some of the best for any game ever, etc., etc. However, while I like the game, I think it's the least impressive console GTA game since GTA2, and definitely not one of the best games ever made (as reviews would s... #3.1.3
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Regardless of whether one thinks the game is good or not, I find this line ridiculous.

"Towering over its competitors to become the Xbox One’s most popular game, it’s established itself as a legitimate challenger to genre heavyweight Call of Duty."

So, a game that has sold a little over 2 million copies over three platforms is somehow now at the level of success of CoD? A series that sells between 15 and 20+ million? I know they didn't mean c... #9
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I don't doubt my experience is different from most, because, like I said, I played too much at once.

I was wrong about leveling a second fighting class, but I think that's just because it definitely FELT a lot longer, since it's pretty much a repetitive grind if you want to level quickly, not having direction with quests and such to help ease things along. You mention the FATE grinding, that's what I did at the time. Not sure if there is something different... #4.2.1
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The game is a lot of fun till you hit max level. Leveling a second class is fairly boring and very repetitive, and unlike most MMOs, since you do it on the same character, you can't level near as fast as your first fighting class. Also, comparing to other major MMOs, the amount of content is low and the world is quite small.

The negatives I feel may be only something I experience, since I was level 50 on WHM, Pugilist, Marauder, Botanist, Mining, Alchemy and Culinarian,... #4
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When I saw the trailer at E3 I was very excited for the game, mainly because the way they presented it seemed fantastical and vibrant.

Sadly, the more I hear about the big numbers and nothing about the gameplay, the less interested, or at least, more skeptical I become.

Fact of the matter is, if the vast majority of the game is just about exploration of different planets it will get boring after a few hours if there is nothing to actually do on said plane... #10
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Sounds like a list of someone with a short attention span, considering over half the games are RPGs, which is well known as the longest genre.

At least he admits on most of them it's just him not liking or unable to finish the game. I don't mind opinion pieces where the writer words the opinion as such, and not as a fact that he just expects everyone reading to immediately take up.

As for the list, I've finished and enjoyed all of the games. H... #1
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