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"You look like a man!"


20 characters and like ten different modes...and a store...and 4 player local co-op.


inb4 reported for personal attack #6.3
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I'm not siding with the author, but you two seem to have something in common... #8.1
Christopher Nolan SAID that Inception was based loosely off of Paprika...

I'm not saying that anything copied anything else. I'm telling you guys a fact. #5.1.1
Agreed. LBP Vita is a completely different game. :) It's fantastic! #12.3.1
I'm not sure they can speak to the masses. The masses spend $400 on an iPod Touch, but think $250 is too much for the Vita. -_-

The masses laid down millions of dollars on the Kinect.

The masses threw money at Nintendo to play Wii Sports...and ONLY Wii Sports.

Financially speaking, they need to appeal to the masses.

I'm just not sure they're willing to sell out to do so. #14.1.1
I spent $250 on a 3DS at launch. I have regretted it every day since.

I spent $250 on a Vita at launch. I have not and never will regret it. I just spent the past two hours playing Tales From Space: Mutant Blobs Attack. (A brilliant little puzzler...sort of like Loco Roco meets Katamari.)

The Vita has games. Uncharted, Unit 13, Touch My Katamari, Gravity Rush, MLB 12: The Show, Little Big Planet, Motorstorm RC (which was free, btw), Silent Hill: Book of Memor... #14
Thank ya, sir! Bubbles! #3.2.1
1) There's no telling how much longer this PS3 will last. It's been great, but it's out of warranty. It is financially safer to buy a new one.

2) I got $130 for my PS3. A really really really crappy, cheap 500 Gb HDD is $50. Assassin's Creed III is $65. The math is slightly in favor of just replacing the hard drive, but it is not enough for me to keep it.

3) I like supporting Sony. If anyone has given me a great gaming experience throughout m... #3.1.1
I don't know. One could argue that A.I. was fairly close to that, since the "ends of days" thing was not a main plot point. #4.2
Inception was based largely off of Paprika...a 2006 anime. #5
Good! I love Silent Hill 4!!! If you don't have a PS3, it was also on PC. I highly recommend trying it out.

When does Rule of Rose come back out? I'm not buying a PS2 just for that. #11
I've already sold my 120 Gb in preparation for the 500 Gb model. :) #3
To be fair, Battlefield 2 introduced the leveling system in multi-player. COD4 was just a much more popular game. #13.1
You didn't like COD, COD2, or COD4?!? WHY?!? Those are the best in the series. #6.2
It's Treyarch. West/Zampella innovated. Treyarch does not. #9
Yes, it is coming out for both. I'll probably get it on Vita. I hope they have a cross-buy promotion though. :) #1.1.1

Let me fix that Vita list...

Persona 4: Golden
PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale
Zone of the Enders HD Collection

Not to mention multi-plats like Lego: LotR and NFS: Most Wanted. (Criterion is making it. Thank God.)

I already have LBP Vita, but that's a must-buy for Vita owners. Seriously. Possibly my GotY, so far. That includes Borderlands 2, by the way. Gravity Rush is definitely up there, as w... #1
So, can we expect NO updates to Declassified? #6
Mothers ask for Monster High games ALL THE TIME at my store. #21
I signed onto my UK account earlier to try it out. It was fine for me. I loved it! #14
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