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"A few bugs" is a bit of an understatement, to this day I can't cure my Skyrim character of lycanthropy because a bug won't let me proceed in the quest, but I agree with what you said about the scope of the world and what they're trying to achieve. I'll take a buggy Elder Scrolls game over the most polished Call of Duty any time. #1.1.1
And here we have a microcosm of american politics, illustrating very well why the system is badly broken. Both cheetorb's and RadicalAura's comments have major problems with their stereotyping. In reality the two parties are far more alike than different, but the age old strategy of "Divide and Conquer" seem to be working very well. #6.6
I don't agree with how Peace expressed what he said, but the US is no longer the best in many different categories (education, health care, life expectancy, average income, etc) and won't be again until americans admit it's not "the best country in the world" anymore. What you said about the US educational system being undermined by poor and uneducated immigrants is simply ignorant. While I'm at it, what you said about Obama and healthcare is ignorant as well. You... #5.2.3
"You never take a break"

Unless you work in the Quality Control department. I've been playing games made by these guys since Elder Scrolls: Arena (the very first ES game) and they're always very buggy at launch. #1
Pretty much what I was going to say. I don't know the exact number of hours but I was playing earlier and thought about the fact that this game has gotten more of my time than any other in the last few years. I played through the original version on PS3, got Reaper of Souls on PS3, and then got RoS again on PS4. Still great fun. #2.1
Rocket League.

Jk. Sort of.

I played this sport for a long long time and enjoy watching World Cup action, but for some reason I've never given one of these games an honest try. Maybe I'll do that soon. #2
I'm hoping for Planetside 2 to be Morpheus compatible. Still loving that game despite it's rough edges. #6
"Yeah, backwards compatibility is a must"

History has proven it isn't.

OT - I used to keep my old consoles and games, thinking I'd eventually play them again, but it never happened so I stopped that practice for the most part. I still have my PS3, but it's mostly because I'm too lazy to unhook it for a trade in. I also don't have a need to free up that entertainment center shelf for something else. #1.1.4
I don't know if you're aware, but Bethesda didn't actually make Elder Scrolls Online. That was done by Zenimax Online Studios. I'd be very surprised if Bethesda didn't make the next Elder Scrolls game a single player experience. At the most I think they'd allow co-op with another player or 2 or 3, but I'd be pretty surprised if even that happened. #3.2
They will. They've been making Elder Scrolls games for more than twenty years at this point, and still haven't covered every province in Tamriel. Fallout is a relatively new franchise for them in comparison. #3.1
I guess you have so many bubbles you can afford to lose a few with unlabeled sarcasm. It was obvious to me but apparently not to others.

BC's importance is being way over exaggerated. #3.6
"I dont feel like the majority of people agree with you."

The majority of an install base pretty much never buys any given game. The majority didn't buy GTA5 despite the fact that it's the best selling single title ever, and Tomb Raider won't get anywhere near those numbers. #1.1.27
That's too bad. Game still looks cool though. #8
"...still have no clue"

There was no need to restate the obvious.

PS4 has had more games since the generation started and that gap keeps growing just like the other gap does, so they obviously have more to show than sales charts. #4.4
"copy and paste"

There's lots of info available if you're interested in how the game actually works. It would be better to look into it before commenting. #13.1.4
"A game that asks you to travel to a beacon and is one room big, provides the same amount of content to a game that asks you to travel to a beacon and is one massive universe big."

What a weird point. You don't actually believe that's all the game asks you to do, right? #10.3
After all the previews I've seen I thought it was Twisted Metal in space.

/s #1.2.1
Yeah I have no idea what he's talking about with the delayed handling thing. The only part of his comment I can agree with is the lack of customization. The rest is exaggeration. #4.1.1
" a dead franchise."

Based on what? Every time I play there are people online racing and creating new challenges. Hardly seems dead to me, not to mention the new content that keeps showing up. #1.1.10
I can name multiple games bud, but it would take so long to type out...

Downplay this all you want, but the differences last generation were substantially smaller when looking at multiplats. #15.2
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