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Why Not Every Opinion Needs An Article #6
"The list is based on the personal opinion of the author" #1.1
I wouldn't put it that way, but I think it has been a slow year. No one from my personal group of gaming friends has been tempted to jump into the new generation yet, and past generations had us jumping in early. #7
@Septic - There are definitely more XB1 fans saying resolution doesn't matter than there are people saying XB1 won't sell any units in other countries, but you're right I was being hypocritical. #3.2.7
I never played that one. Not sure I've even heard of it. I just loved X-Wing, and TIE Fighter too even though my PC barely ran it. By the time X-Wing vs TIE Fighter came out my PC was so out of date I didn't even try it. #12.1.1
"But...i thought nobody outside USA would buy it!!!"

Why? Only a few extreme fanboys ever made that claim. Stop taking the extreme point of view and pretending it's the norm. #3.2
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X-Wing, TIE Fighter, and/or X-Wing vs TIE Fighter #12
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As of the time I'm commenting there is no one in this thread implying scandal. Please dial down your own drama. #1.4.4
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PS Home made a lot of money, so "DOA" is incredibly inaccurate.

I'm not sure how spending money on Home would make you more furious than money you spent on other things you never use anymore, but maybe you have anger management issues. Good luck with that. #2.4
"doesnt stop me from enjoying the game but okay buddy."

No one said it did, but a power gap is a power gap, especially when the weaker console isn't also cheaper. Imo, MS could make a lot of this resolutiongate business go away by significantly dropping the price.

"for one minute thought you was talking about the game library from each system"

The gap is widening in that way also, since PS4 has more games and a higher... #4.1.7
Why do you have to buy all consoles if some of them don't have games you want to play? #8.1.1
"So because I think the game is "subpar"…"

You didn't say "I think the gameplay is subpar", you said "The gameplay is subpar".

You've never played it, so hopefully you can see the problem with your statement. #2.16
"right now FH2, has set the bar."

If you're going by review scores, then FH2 isn't better than several of the older Forzas and Gran Turismos, with three of the GTs still holding the top three spots. #11.1.1
XB1 fans have said repeatedly that resolution doesnt matter, so the devs might as well not spend any time trying to upgrade the XB1 version beyond low level HD. #1.1.7
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"I'm saying the PS4 was designed with a last gen mentality."

So true next gen means lesser hardware…?

If you're looking for true power, look no further than that MS kool aid. Wow. O.o #11.2
"More N4G blatant hypocrisy. Won't run any articles about Sony's severe financial problems or lack of games, won't run anything about poor WiiU sales."

There have been many articles here on Sony's financials and poor WiiU sales. PS4 has more games and a higher reviewed lineup than XB1. That about covers your first paragraph. I might have read further if you hadn't opened with misinformation. #10.2
XB1 is not selling faster than 360. It was during the holidays last year but It's not anymore. 360 also had supply problems early on. XB1 hasn't had a supply problem. We're nearly in October of 2014 and XB1 still had more sales in 2013.

Lastly, though I agree that XB1 isn't in need of saving just yet, no one said MS needed saving so you can stop trying to deflect to a different topic. #1.7
I guess you probably really went off on those people last gen who thought the differences between 360 and PS3 were big, since these differences now are much bigger. #30.2
He seems a bit more immature than truefan. Maybe a younger relative…? #9.2.2
@Volkama - As the generation went on there were multi plats that looked better on PS3, and no 360 exclusive matched the visuals of the best looking PS3 exclusives. #1.5.4
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