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Sounds cool. I'm a musician myself so I'll keep an eye and an ear on this. #1
@Maniac - Except that they pretty consistently over track one console while under tracking the other. If both are off by 4%, the discrepancy is actually 8%, which is large when you're talking about numbers in the millions and tens of millions. #3.1.3
"youre all feeding the troll…"

It's hard to resist sometimes, like feeding a sad mangy dog. #1.1.25
Very true about it being late. I told my brothers about this game for co-op purposes but they were hesitant because they heard it was getting not so great reviews. They went ahead and got it. Now they see what I mean when I scoff at reviews in general. #13.1.1
lol @ "fooled"

That's very silly. #7.2
I've played lots of twin stick shooters, and you're right that many of them are basically the same game, but Secret Ponchos is much more typical than Helldivers. #4.1.2

I feel like gamertk421 has to be joking, but it's hard to tell on here. #12.4
I use mine for at least five hours every day. #2.1
Hmmm not many here to defend this low review like they were for a certain other recent game. Interesting. #13
"PS fanboys have been saying this game isn't worth playing on PC"

Links please. #11.2.1
@Milkman - Why answer when you clearly haven't played the game? #1.1.4
I came here to laugh at that score, not find out anything about Dying Light. #3
"Ubisoft assertions about visual quality not representative of final product" - Gamers #10
Great little game. Love the procedurally generated levels and the overall war effort data. #4
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Yet there are more than a few games without one or more of the things listed in the title, and very few without the things you listed. Some games don't have levels, but none don't have game play of some kind. None I can think of but text adventures have no graphics. I understand having a problem with many headlines on n4g, and even some from dualshockers, but this really isn't one of them. #4.3
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That's the risk you chose to take. A friend of mine bought Counterspy a week or two ago. I seriously doubt either of you would get a refund.

Awesome month imo, and I didn't even notice that OlliOlli2 was part of the deal so I'll have to grab that one too. I also bought Helldivers with my $15 credit from last month's psn sale (spend $100 get $15 credit) so let the good times roll. #6.1.1
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@Jalva - I only buy one console per generation and the choice always comes down to which has the exclusives I want to play the most. PS1 stole me from Nintendo that way, and PS has remained my preferred platform ever since. I bought PS4 on the strength of the previous generations and am not disappointed in the least with the exclusives so far, so scoff all you want but I seriously doubt I'm the only gamer who feels that way. Nice made up statistic by the way. smh #1.1.6
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I'm intrigued by the sound of this game but the launch trailer basically told me nothing.

:/ #1
"I’m pretty straightforward when it comes to games, I either hate or love them with all my heart."

Reviews don't mean much to me anyway, but that statement is especially cringeworthy coming from a reviewer. Just like with pretty much anything else, there's usually a middle ground. #1
Holy crap people love to complain. #14
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