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@247 - "if i can just ask anyone to get them for me, how will we know who earned them on their own?"

That's always been the case with Trophies and Achievements. A friend or family member could play on your account and earn trophies for you. #1.1.11
Comparing HHG to DS is pretty ridiculous, but if you've read/watched both and know why HHG got cut here, you know that. #2.1
XB1 is still outsold handily by PS4 even if you only compare countries where they both are available, so please stop with the "more countries" thing. It's beyond ridiculous at this point. #26.2.1
Looks like you're in the minority with that opinion. That's not going to change so just relax and enjoy your games. #20.1
There was a "Driveclub… is a video game" a few days ago, but the video of Dan playing that game revealed that he's not much of a gamer. He blamed the game for his own bad driving. That was the first I've seen of Dan's fine work on here but it was enough to make me skip anything else he does. #2.1
lol Well since you put it that way I guess I have to.

Nah I just feel like I've played the hell out of GTA5 and gotten tired of it so the only reason I'd buy this new version is for the graphics upgrade. If they were releasing new content like the GTA4 stuff with new characters along with the new visuals, I'd buy it in a second. #8.1.2
I keep telling myself I won't buy it again, but I may eventually break down. #8
Nope. I have no interest in AC:U anyway. I would have bought FC4 immediately, but their announcement that co-op is only open world and not story related made me reconsider so I'll buy it used or on sale. I'm still very interested in The Division. #11
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@jackanderson - Yeah short attention spans seem to be pretty widespread these days so people believe the last thing they saw and forget the rest, but from what I've been reading DC's connection issues have been improving and I'm sure they will continue to do so. It would be best if Evolution got their act together and launched the PS+ version before the holidays, but I don't see this having much of a negative impact on Sony or PS4. Bethesda has been delivering broken games to... #6.1.3
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Even if the headline is true, it's not much of a liability. #6
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I would say "Just put the beta out there!" but we all know what would happen if even the beta didn't run well for awhile. #1
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He didn't make a console war flame bait statement, so calm down Doug. #29.1.2
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The Bethesda fan's mantra. #5.1.1
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@Harold - "I love the way the obvious PS4 fanboy comment gets overlooked"

Well you started your comment above with a ridiculous statement so people will tend to focus on that. I don't care what console you own, saying that graphics only matter if you're 7 years old is just stupid. #1.1.7
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Yeah so many talking points from last generation suddenly don't matter… graphics… market share… hell I remember when indies were a talking point.

The bottom line for me is the games, and Sony historically brings more of the games I want to play, but I also have a nice TV and would rather have a console that makes use of what that TV can do. I can certainly tell a difference. #1.1.1
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They didn't stop mattering. Some people just want to pretend they did. #7
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But you can play games, and between XB1 and PS4 the most games can be found on PS4. #1.8.1
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Ahhh the willful ignorance of the fanboy. It's like they have no memory. #1.3.9
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"there isn't anything niche about DLNA. It is by far the most used feature on my PS3, 360 and XB1."

That's sort of like saying

"There's nothing niche about penguin juggling. I do it all the time!" #4.1.3
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