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MGS3 did that.

What MGS5 made me think about a lot was the relationship between Boss and Ocelot, and how that related to the portrayal of those characters as bad guys in the Solid Snake focused MGs. Also the importance of perspective and context since back then the Mujahideen were aided by the US in their fight against the Soviets, but then later one former Mujahideen fighter became the boogeyman of the US's "War on Terror". Trained and then later hunted by the ...

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I don't remember The Empire Strikes Back being a documentary, but how do you mention jetpacks and airstrikes yet fail to mention X-Wings battling TIE Fighters in the air overhead?

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"we gonna have the biggest multiplayer battles this christmas on Star Wars: Battlefront!!!!"

I'm looking forward to the game, but no these battles will be nowhere close to the "biggest".

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"Fun" is very subjective. When you consider what they've revealed about the game, does it sound fun to you? It does to me, but I like exploring worlds and this game involves exploring multiple world in multiple star systems.

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Just another person who claims to have interest but apparently doesn't have enough interest to actually know anything. DougLord used to play that role regarding this game.

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I think what you meant to say was "it will never have more eyeballs simultaneously on it that have never heard of it before…"

Big announcements are for gaming oriented trade shows and the like. That's where they have the biggest impact, which is why that's where they're normally made.

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Did you figure out how to advance through chapter 2? Last I heard you were stuck, though that didn't stop you from hating on the whole thing as if you were finished.

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You lost me at "the draw distance is very short". Up until then I was going to suggest changing your camera.

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"There's room for both games."

Very true, but I would prefer two very different games over two somewhat similar games, especially when one of them used to be very different and I loved it.

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"Uhmmmm I remember only having to hunt a deer once for food in that whole entire game."

That's once more than I ever did, unless there was a point where the game made you do it… can't remember. All I know for sure is that the TR reboot was a huge disappointment for me as a fan of the originals. I already have an Uncharted to play, so I don't need another.

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"The people who are 'on to my game' aren't exactly the most objective of people"

Irony, thy name is Septic.

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"Kind of disappointed"

Shocking. You're always so upbeat...

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PSN ID - MysticStrummer

When I woke up this morning I thought today was the day. Big letdown, but at least it's tomorrow.

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@BigBoss - I'm looking at his comment, which appears to be unedited, and I see nothing about "smashing the competition". Did you make that up on purpose or did your fanboyism make you hallucinate?

@voodoo - I'm looking at his comment, which appears to be unedited, and I see nothing about him "rooting for Sony to outsell the competition". Did you make that up on purpose or did your fanboyism make you hallucinate?

@thisgamer - I see ...

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It's good to see so many people are on to Septic's game.

OT - I read the opinion piece and I'm still not sure what this person's opinion is, but my reaction to the headline is "…and…?"

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Yeah I don't understand the point of racing through a city with few cars and no pedestrians. Might as well keep playing GTA5.

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"I'll happily make bets with anyone that the Vader bundle outsells the Fallout bundle comfortably. I don't even think it's a question that needs to asked."

Agreed, and also Fallout 4 will sell better on PS4 anyway.

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"one will be the ultimate one player experience the other will be the ultimate multiplayer experience"

I don't think either one of those things is true, but I'm more interested in Battlefront. I simply didn't love Fallout 3 as much as many did, so Fallout 4 will be something I get much later on sale if I get it at all.

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Right. GTA is satire and it should stay that way. No real products of any kind.

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Do a little research on your own, and you'll see that the Elite 800 isn't rated higher by consumers than several headsets that are much cheaper. Don't know about the Astro a50, though their headsets are generally well liked.

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