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"By "appear", you mean, not giving the loud internet a spec they can use in every argument?"

That's quite a leap.

OT - It's interesting that MS called 900p unacceptable. Many of their fans here would disagree. #4.3
I respect your opinion, but since it's very different from mine I'll make a note to ignore it in the future.

Peace and good gaming.


OT - I want Bloodborne to be like the Souls games and not much at all like Darksiders. #3.3.1
Nah there's nothing wrong with an 85, and anyway number scores don't mean much. Last gen I played too many 9s that I thought were 7s or 8s, and too many 7s or 8s that I thought were 9s, to pay much attention to review scores. #1.1
Never mind that. Announce Bad Company 3, and then don't screw it up.

I think this game will be completely overshadowed by Rainbow Six: Siege, which looks like a much cooler cops & criminals shooter. I guess it depends on when they both release though. #3
"Halo:MCC will outsell Destiny."

Not a chance. #5.3
Bungie says the beta feedback was overwhelmingly positive, but no game is for everyone. Looking online is bound to give a skewed perspective. From the online reaction one would think the TR announcement was the worst thing that's happened to gaming in decades, but in reality it was a vocal minority making noise. #4.1
Not a great comparison. Blurry on both sides and they didn't compare similar areas. #7

It's you, commenting on a PS article. #5.2
It's sort of like big budget movies vs indies. People are more likely to go see the big budget flicks, at least partially because of advertising. Indies, both movies and games, are more word of mouth. For my money indies are more interesting these days. #1.1
They aren't that much alike imo.

I love UC, and it does what it does better than most similar games, but I'd rather it was more like classic TR. Modern TR does a bad UC impression as well as a bad TR impression. #3.3.4
@n4rc - Sony had them last gen. #10.1.5
I'll agree that controls and graphics have evolved since then, but that's about it. When UC came out I was hoping for an updated TR but that's not what it was. Then when the last TR came out I was hoping for an updated TR but that's not what it was either. Too much action. Not enough puzzles, and the puzzles in both games are stupidly simple.

TR 1-4 > the most recent TR by a mile

My mistake was that UC was never trying to be like old TR, bu... #3.3.2
@reko - He's deranged.

"Stop with this article's already…" #17.2
Yeah I saw no one complain, except when people said the game should stay first person. #1.2.5
"if you can't buy them, buy the dlc for an exclusive amount of time to try and say you're getting the 'better version'…"

Yes! That, along with paying to play online…

MS has brought so much to gaming! #10.1.3
Breaking News…

"Phil spencer is a man" #5.5
Today's TR is no UC, and neither one is as good as classic TR imo. #3.3
Hellblade is a brand new IP, and Sony didn't announce SH as a timed exclusive. When MS announced TR exclusivity a vocal minority panicked, and it wasn't just PS fans but PC fans also. #6.3
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I doubt it will be that obvious to let you know when a decision will kill particular characters... #8.3
They're all fun in their own way. I'll go with Crusader. #3.2
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