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2007 was a good year all around.

The Elder Scrolls: Oblivion (PS3 version)
The Darkness
Rainbow Six: Vegas
Heavenly Sword
Jericho (sue me)
The Orange Box
Unreal Tournament 3

I'd also include Gran Turismo 5 Prologue, though I can see an argument against it counting as a "real" game. #3.4.1
Opinions. #5.3.1
The water drops on his windshield are his own tears. #27.1.1
IGN called it "next level stuff", and I can't argue with that. It's stunning. I got a challenge from someone earlier. Late night point to point time trial through heavy snow… in a Ferrari. They made the sky stormy too so it would be almost impossible to see through the snow but every once in awhile lightning would fork across the sky and you could briefly see. It looked awesome but was very tough. I eventually beat their time by nearly 10 seconds. lol #8.1.1
All the online stuff is consistently working for me. #2.1.7
"it looked like the game had to be highlighted b4 saying start."

No. You can say "Playstation" and then the name of any game or app on your system. It doesn't have to be highlighted first. #3.2.2
More people still play Destiny every day than bought some other hyped up titles. #9.2
"Story was sooo boring press this button and defend it."

That has nothing to do with the story.

I bought Far Cry 4 first, along with GTA5, and was tired of both in a week or so. Then I bought Destiny and now I'm annoyed that the holidays are going to keep me from playing it as much as I'd like. #7.1
@TheBurger - "its overhyped by bungie"

How would they know if they haven't played it? I read these same complaints before I bought the game. If I hadn't I might have bought it sooner. Then I played the free trial. I'm glad I did. Great game.

"mostly just a grind"

You've never played an MMO I take it. At least this game with MMO elements has fun gameplay. You know, gameplay? If you wanted to see what a grind... #3.3.2
People are actually agreeing with him. This site man… #3.2.1
I like games. AAA and indie. All are welcome! Step into the light!

OT - Absolutely. I watched a lot of nice footage, and The "Night Under No Man's Sky" thing was awesome. I'd like to see something like that again, even if it's an orchestra instead of a band. #12.2
Including PlayRoom, along with the Live From Playstation streams, are an incentive to buy a camera if you want to get in on that kind of thing. The light on the controller is being used by games whether you have a camera or not so that's irrelevant.

You might say PS4 had a price drop before release, if you wanted to be wrong. XB1 released with Kinect. Kinect was said to be "integral". Now Kinect is optional to lower the price of entry. You really don't see t... #1.2.1
@BattleAxe - PS4's lead continued to grow at a fast rate even after the XB1 price cut. The only reason XB1 is doing so well this holiday is the extra price cut and the insane bundles on offer.

On another site that has nothing to do with gaming, I saw a thread yesterday from someone asking whether to get PS4 or XB1. The answers were overwhelmingly in PS4's favor, but the guy chose XB1 because it's cheaper with so much included in those bundles. #1.1.12
Sony still has more games, AAA and indie both, so... #3.1
Never mind that PS4 isn't the current gen console with the least AAA games, right?

Correcting a falsehood isn't being defensive, though I'm sure you prefer to think of it that way. #1.3
Nothing wrong with the Hive. I haven't been able to try the raid yet but the strike against Omnigul is great fun.

I don't grind. I play. #7.3
New Year's Eve has been reported as the release date. #1
@Cerna - You may have something there. All this time I thought "PS4 has no games" was simple trolling, but horrible math skills may be the culprit after all. #5.3.2
@Godz Kastro - 360 released a year before PS3 and the gap between them wasn't much larger than PS4's lead over the simultaneously released XB1. #2.1.3
@gangsta - You must have missed the string of articles we got here about the tide turning in XB1's favor. #1.5.2
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