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I'm more down about the player count than no campaign or space battles. I was hoping for a larger experience. #5
I'm feeling the same. Hoth alone makes me want the game, but they've also revealed things that make me think it won't be as amazing as it could be. #5
Yeah not having a campaign sucks and I'm not sure how I feel about not having classes. I wonder if you can have custom loadouts. I like multiplayer but most of it bores me so I hope this game delivers more than temporary fun. #2.1.1
There's never been a time that every single person on this site agreed on anything. #20.2
Why wouldn't they? #7.1
I want an update of the X-Wing/TIE Fighter games. #2
I got rid of BF4 shortly after I got in the Planetside 2 beta. After that BF4 just wasn't as exiting for me. #19
I don't really look at value per month. All I know is I've had PS+ since late October 2014 and it only took 3 or 4 months to pay for itself. #1.4.3
1 - Yes. XP earns you Certs, which let you buy weapons, attachments, tools, upgrades for your vehicles, upgrades for your class abilities, etc.

2 - A giant Battlefield Conquest match that goes on and on and on...

3 - The maps are huge with large, medium, and small outposts/bases scattered around, and three factions constantly struggling over control of them. There's usually at least one fairly large fight going on but there are normally also smaller skirm... #8.1
You mean Battlefield, but you may be right. We'll see. Playing the Planetside 2 beta makes me wonder how much I'll play this game, especially if it's indeed a BF reskin, though I'm sure I'll buy it. I can't resist old school Star Wars, and the thought of the Hoth battle alone makes me want the game. #9.1
Lots of people still play Destiny. It's clueless to suggest otherwise.

OT - I'm not done with Bloodborne but I'm downloading Dragon Age Inquisition right now. Still haven't finished Shadow of Mordor either, though I'm puzzled about what the big deal was with that game. #9.1.1
It's just competing products. The fans turn it into a "war", but the companies don't exactly discourage that. It's been going on in the console world since Intellivision vs Atari 2600. #7
There really is no proper tutorial. Best thing to do is look one up on YouTube. #2.1
Nice try to help, but so far there's no way to join a squad without being invited, except that when you change continents you're automatically put in a squad if you're not already in one. There's also no Deploy to Squad option yet.

Instead of making a proper tutorial they just made a smaller area to throw new players in. Best thing to do is what you said first... look up tutorials on YouTube. #5.1
Your opinion. I can't play typical shooters anymore after playing this game. #6.1
Worse is to roll off a cliff while trying to dodge. An invader did that while we were fighting. Wish I'd thought to hit the Share button. #10
I know Dust 514 isn't coming to PS4 but I wonder if EVE:Valkyrie is. #1
I know I don't associate the words "disaster" and "drive club". Informal poll among people I know who play the game was a unanimous "awesome". #13.1
Yes. Yes I would. #5
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