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So many time travelers on N4G, and so little useful information brought back.

: /

OT - It's been a generally slow year all around so far, and the remakes are helping to fill the space. Within a couple of months things will start looking up at least a little, and next year looks bright indeed. #5.1
If XB1's player count goes up, it's a safe bet that PS4's will also. This tweet is from a MS guy so there's no reason for him to mention PS4. #1.3
Now you know why to disregard Team_Litt's comments… if you didn't already know.

OT - Activision. Why did they have to be involved with Destiny??? : / #1.2.4
@JBSleek - Chess.

I win.

; )

Like cloud said, slower paced adventure games, at least some strategy games. #1.1.7
Not really. Depends on the game. #1.1
Ha Yeah I was going to get 3 of them, realized I had nearly 6 bucks in my account, and ended up getting 5 of them. #21.1
Before complaining about disagrees and calling people sensitive fanboys, you should realize that what you said above was incorrect. They aren't all old PS1 and PS2 games. #3.3.5
I never played FF1-6, enjoyed FF7, started FF8, and realized I didn't want to play FF anymore so I traded it in without getting far into it. Never have looked at another one. #15
People seem to misunderstand both terms.

AAA and indie. #1.1.3
There hasn't been a perfect zombie game in my opinion, and until that happens I want more.

For people that are sick of zombie games, it's really very simple. Don't buy them. Don't play them. Don't read about them. #2
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The competition is offering different experiences. As always it will depend on what each gamer wants. From what I've seen The Crew appears to be the most comparable title to FH2, but it has it's differences also.

It's like looking at Arma, Battlefield, and Call of Duty. The most rabid shooter fans will play and love them all, but each will also attract it's own particular fans. #4
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@spicelicka - Sorry but I honestly don't see how you can think that looks better than this… #1.2.3
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I'm pretty sure making people cringe is his objective. Reality isn't a factor for sungin. His comment at the gamingbolt link for this article proves that well enough. #8.1.1
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@BitbyDeath - Was that directed at me or at Silent?

In case it was at me…

XB1 and PS4 both hit 3 million in December, then PS4 went on to hit 4 million in December.

If PS4 is at 9 mil now and XB1 is at 4.5 mil sold to customer, that would mean PS4 has sold around 5 million in 2014 while XB1 has sold around 1.5 million. #2.1.4
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If you really don't understand that realism refers to the environment here, I don't know what to tell ya man.

Breaking News… It's not a sim. #4.2
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The Crew is another one to look out for. Lots of racing goodness incoming. #1.2.1
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Of course it could. The entire show could be about Powers.

Anyway, "megaton" is just one more overused term in the gaming world and too much hype kills genuinely good things, so I'll be in wait and see mode. #13.1
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Driveclub and The Crew seem the most interesting to me, and maybe Project Cars though I'm not that into racing sims.

Lots of goodness for racing fans any way you look at it. #1
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I thought we already knew about the lack of a clutch. Either way, I've never used a clutch in a racing game, even in Grand Turismo.

I don't understand why people are still surprised that this isn't a sim. #1.1.9
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