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"Destiny, by virtue of its sheer pervading presence has become the de facto ambassador for Gaming to the wider world of arts, media and entertainment"

lol Quite an exaggeration. Something like Call of Duty or FIFA or Madden is much more widely known than Destiny. #2
I stopped believing review scores during the PS1 years. I forget what game it was, but some magazine was all about it so I bought and ended up hating it. #9
I wonder how many people are thinking of buying it because their friends tell them it's a lot of fun. Everyone I know who is playing it loves it. #1.2
"in all fairness you can't say people really knew what they were getting into before hand."

Sorry but that's just wrong. Somehow I knew what Destiny was without ever playing the beta, maybe because of the countless previews that surfaced in the many months before release. People who were expecting something else just weren't paying attention. #1.2.1
"Cause it's not an AAA game."

If you go by the industry definition of AAA, yes it is.

If you go by the fanboy definition of AAA, the result is sometimes a comment like yours. #1.1.3
"Gaming site reviews = poor scores

User reviews = poor scores"

Except… that's not true.

"I have a feeling that if it wasnt asscociated with the PS4 since the very beggining and treated by some fanboys as PS4 exclusive, we wouldnt be seeing such hardcore defense from this "group" of people."

I have a feeling that if it wasn't associated with PS4 we wouldn't be seeing so many people tr... #2.2
Your opinion is noted.

Again. #4.2
It's not hypocrisy because it isn't the same thing.

At all. #3.1.3
"if it had been doing well then we'll get more games like it and I don't want that."

If you had bothered to read a preview you would have known what you were buying. #3.2
"Despite Destiny being hot garbage"

That's as far as I got. Everyone I know that's playing it is loving the game, and an average of the review scores does not reveal garbage. #3.1
If you haven't seen gameplay yet, you just don't want to see it. #10.2
Sounds like part of the story to me. You think present day animals are going to evolve back into dinosaurs…? #1.10.1
If "fanboys" do it then "nobody" cares…?

Think about what you wrote there. #1.3.2
"The only people caring that the PS4 sells more than the XB1 are Sony fans"

Right! That's probably why MS made the "integral" Kinect optional so soon.


MS cares that PS4 sells more than XB1. #1.1.4
"And another one."

Another score that's way too low, according to the people I know who are playing the game. #1.3
You go ahead and listen to, and I'll listen to the people I know who are loving it.

What's pretty much confirmed is that some people want the game to fail, and I'm not talking about the reviewers. #4.2
Another lol wut score, judging from the friend and relative reviews I've gotten. They all love it. #7.1
I haven't played it yet, but everyone I know who has loves it. I'm confused by all the hate. #3.1.1
"Destiny is a bad game."

Neither the scores nor the sales agree with you. #2.1
I hate YouTube apps. I'd rather use the browser. #8.3
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