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What a poor attempt at button pushing.

Peace and good gaming to you. #2.4
"it will probably be annoying and unplayable, just like Borderlands 2."

I wasn't aware people had problems playing Borderlands 2. I thought it was great fun. No problems with it at all for me. #2.3
@sonic -

"you just state that because one TV shows' spaceship makes a cameo in another TV series it should make an appearance in a totally diferent, brand new game franchise."

All I said was that it wasn't a big deal if it happened, not that it "should" happen.

"Destiny requires it's own fingerprint before it can even think about shaking hands with other franchises."

That's your... #4.3.4
Ha ha yeah but we don't even have beards so I'm guessing alternate foreheads won't be an option. #4.3.2
Maybe since the article never actually mentions XB1, was just trying to rile up emotional fanboys.

Mission accomplished! #1.2.4
Do you have enough pride left to lose when July's NPD goes to PS4?

OT - That seems pretty low for a combined number, but it makes sense when you consider how XB1 sales fell off a cliff after the 2013 holidays. #2.2.8
None of that makes as much sense as having a ship from another franchise, especially the soundtrack bit, but you go ahead and pretend you made a good point.

: ) #4.3
"Move over drive club"

No need. They are games with different styles.

If you mean visuals, Project Cars won't be 4K on PS4 which is the only way Driveclub would need to "move over". #1.1.2
Somebody takes their games a little too seriously.

Ships from other franchises show up in sci fi all the time. Serenity can be seen in the background in Battlestar Galactica, for example. it's just a small tribute.

OT - Oh well, thanks for getting me interested in paying extra for something that doesn't exist. #4.2
"This is neat."


; ) #4.1.1
Nice! I'm a big fan of the series and movie so I'll buy this if the price is right. #4
Why bother simulating the entire country if it's going to be that quick from coast to coast?

Better to just simulate a part of it that's a more realistic scale, imo. #14
"you can believe those sony 50% of ps4 owners didn't own a ps3 pr statements if you want. Only 7/83 million bought the ps4 version, by those same statistics very few of those "50%" will even buy it. It will be more of those 7 million who rebuy the game."

Thanks for that glimpse into the future, but I do wish you time travelers would bring back more important information for once.

Some people will re-buy the game, and some people who di... #1.3.2
DC Universe is definitely a fun game. I downloaded the PS3 version on a whim and loved it enough to buy several DLCs. I'll definitely download that stuff again on PS4. #2
"xbox wins in games"

Breaking News…

People don't necessarily have the same taste in games that you do, and consumers evidently prefer PS4. #8.1
Opinions presented as facts.

Standard work from JBSleek. #1.13
He's getting disagrees because more than a few things he said were opinions but he presented them as facts. #4.2
XB1 fanboys say TF is exclusive, then don't use that same standard for PS4, so it goes both ways.

But you know that because you're one of those people. #12.2
No kidding.

One YouTuber keeps implying that Planetside 2's PS4 beta will start in August. I haven't seen that rumor anywhere else, but SOE Live is in August so a surprise announcement isn't out of the question. #11.1
"Sony lost 2013 and will lose 2014 when it comes to games"

I think some people are forgetting that their taste in games isn't necessarily everyone else's. Consumers evidently prefer what PS4 has to offer so maybe, just maybe, that list of games isn't as impressive as you obviously think it is. For me personally, Project Spark is the only interesting game on your list.

Also, don't forget PS4 has an advantage that 360 had for much of... #2.6
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