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"I don't remember GOW having QTE's and interrupting he gun play every 5 minutes with a 15 min cutscene."

Obvious fanboy exaggeration #1.

"Cut out the QTEs, the Cutscenes and the parts where you just follow around another NPC and you get maybe 2 hours of action"

Obvious fanboy exaggeration #2.

No hat trick? You're slipping. #1.13.2
Have you ever considered finding positive XB1 articles and posting them, or do you just enjoy complaining about PS4 articles? #5.3
I wonder sometimes why these guys don't find positive XB1 articles and post them on N4G instead of complaining about PS4 articles in the PS4 section of the site. #4.1.5
They can and have done better with maps and player counts of that size?

Links please. #3.1
"indeed, it still looks definitely great, especially considering the enormous amount of player characters and vehicles the engine has to display on the relatively limited console hardware."

^^^ #2.1
PC Master Race is upset with this game coming to a console. They said it would never happen, after all. Reading the official PS2 forums it's no wonder the devs want the game on another platform. Talk about a cesspool of whiners…

Anyway… *sacrifices two headed virgin goat in hopes of getting a beta code* #1.4
Sure, but not until I'm done with Bloodborne and that will most likely be a good chunk of time. #8
I never played those for some reason, but you're right. #9.1.1
I'd go with RE2 simply for the multi-character aspect. Two characters, and depending on which you play with first the play through for the other character is a little different, so that's 4 at least slightly different play throughs. RE3 was great though. #12.1
The game looks cool to me. That's where I get my hype. I stopped basing my purchases on reviews and previews several generations ago. #1.1.1
"I'm shocked people want the game watered down"

As an old school gamer I agree, but "accessible" is the trend now. Games are generally easier than they used to be, with some exceptions of course. #1.3.5
The last true RE game imo. I'd love a RE1-3 remake trilogy on one disc. #9
Curious to see how this will sell. Most people I know aren't interested. #3
"Believe the hype"

Words that have been used for overhyped games many times.

I want the game, but not because a website assures me it's good. #1
"gunplay that feels good, variety of weapons, cutscenes and the flow between them and gameplay was fantastic."

Yet the headline mentions only negatives.

Hmmm… smh #1.1.6
"gunplay that feels good, variety of weapons, cutscenes and the flow between them and gameplay was fantastic"

Did you miss that part? #7.2.1
"All in all, it seems to be a really polished well made Dead Island with park our"

That's pretty much my impression, which makes me hesitate to buy it. Dead Island was hands down the buggiest game I've ever played in my life. #1.1.2
I'd guess that's just false concern on his part.

OT - Does this have a release date? #1.1.1
Watching streams makes me feel like all the climbing makes the game easier than it should be. It looks too easy to escape the zombies, especially the grappling hook thing that lets you zip up to a roof in two seconds. #1.1
"Paying $60 full price for a single player game upon release like Thief is ridiculous. Or a Online-Only game at $60 is ridiculous too."

That's completely subjective.

OT - No more than any other type of game. If enough people don't like something it won't be on the market for long, so if online games are getting more common it means people buy them. Those who don't like them have other options. #2.1
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