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Alright, get your head out of Xbots shiny metal ass.

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Xenosaga I-III. I never finished II, it wasn't enjoyable as I. III was amazing, loved it but also never finished it for unknown reasons that escape my mind. I will buy that collection in a heartbeat.

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If they indeed attempt to make a sequel, it really has to be Uncharted 2 type of sequel, where they drastically improve everything from 1886.

I also think order 1886 could benefit a multiplayer experience. The Last of Us surprised me with its multiplayer, its addictive, tense, and fun.

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This may be fun.


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Pay that troll toll gamereactor

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Just pay that troll toll already.

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Figured it will do that. Hopefully they do it for Persona Arena 2 and include all DLC contents!

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Just bought it. Had bought Suikoden 1 on PSN in 2009. I'm excited! :D

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Looks interesting, may pledge. Love tactic games

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4.5/5 edited. Almost trolled that 4.5/10

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This could be badass. Utilizing different elements, and from the creators of Metal Gear R, Bayonetta, Vanquish, I have faith this game could be great.

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I bolieve in Sony. Uncharted 4 gameplay if shown, will satisfy me.

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Sony is on fire!

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I want Xenosaga I-III. Please! :P

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Polygon, You dun goofed! Don't backtrack.

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Pay that troll toll Polygon.

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Maybe i'll get it, since SNES JRPG brought incredible games like chrono trigger, FF, Super mario rpg

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Persona 4 Arena sequel please :D

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Shocking review! I'm enjoying storm 3, bit disappointed with the roster. Oh well.

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