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@MK24ever I see no reason why we still cant have a friendly amicable relationship with our European neighbours and continue to trade as before, we just don't want to be part of an elitist group of bureaucrats that hold zero accountability. The EU is no longer only a single market but a political institution that seems to want majority control of nation states even to the point of overriding laws in their own government. UK citizens recognise this and thats why i think we had such a high t...

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Does anyone know what high dynamic range means?

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Sounds like Phantom dust, i could be wrong though

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Plenty of new & pre existing triple A IPs, Xbox one Scorpio with occulus rift support and the rumoured free Xbox live gold would probably do it for me

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It will be interesting to see if they make it compatible with Xbox 360 and original xbox games also

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I know this is off topic but i wish CD Projekt Red made a Lord of the rings game their games are just awesome. DLC looks good though

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Would be interested in seeing undead labs new zombie game code named class 4.

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I for one think there should be two difficulty modes of play. One for new players to the franchise who want to enjoy the game and experience a complete runthrough but on a easier mode (with less enemies) and another for regular player of the franchise.

The only complication i see here would be for From software to create separate acheivements listing for each game mode. Regular players would be able to gain higher achievement points for completing the game gaining gold/50G an...

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I feel for Bioware, i mean i get the complaints for the game the last 10 minutes seemed unfinished. But i think fans should look at it this way if bioware made the ending fans really wanted it might of caused more upset. I mean what if you came into the franchise from the 3rd game and got a bad ending which was irreversible? or the second game and got an ending you couldn't change because you didn't play the game from the first one?

I think Bioware must of felt that i...

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I never said that. I certainly wouldn't mind paying around £400 for such a bundle

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Would certainly consider purchasing a slimmed down xbox one if it comes with a 1TB Solid State removable Hybrid Drive and a game.

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@Hazardman79 There is no 10 year agreement between Activision and Bungie to work on Destiny

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The next GT seems like it will be very interesting. Hopefully this one puts them back on track. Pun intended

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My hunch is that it could be a new Rise of nations game for the Xbox one after MS acquired the IP back in Dec of 2013, i could be wrong though.


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I do agree that Bioware sort of ruined the ME1-3 saga with the way ME3 ended but i wouldn't go as far to say that id never buy a ME game again especially with 4.

I personally don't think the blame lies solely at Biowares feet, EA played a part in it to. I think EA's development cycle of releasing games every 2 years within a franchise greatly effected the quality of the game.Especially with an RPG with the depth and story of the likes of ME should of taken a least...

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This would be great, but i hope they re-tweak some of the combat controls in ME1 and use the new engine being used in ME4.

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I hope we get the choice to use that wonderful watchdogs background.

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If this service ends up being successful I don't think EA will keep it exclusive to one platform especially when they can increase profitability.

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