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Besides the moments of poor facial animation, writing and glitches this could of been the best mass effect in my opinion. Its a shame really

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Good to hear, hopefully this year on year growth leads to more discount prices

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Actually i've always liked ROTR from what i saw of it and i thoroughly enjoyed the first one back in 2013. I just couldn't play it back in 2015 as i don't have an Xbox one but i always held it in high regard. It doesn't matter to me what platform a game is on if its a good game its a good game to me. I'm just glad this title eventually turned multiplate so all gamers can experience it.

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I'm glad this game is getting the recognition it deserves. Kind of felt it was underrated

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Yes, its an optional service if you don't like it you don't have to pay for it

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I really hope this is a fall 2017 game

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I think it would be awesome if Sony announces a bloodborne 2 at E3 2017

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I want this game

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@The_infected I agree with you but i feel this price hike has been a response to MS having their prices set higher then sonys for years. Even when Sony was offering games, discounts and extra features with plus back when it started MS where only offering online play with discounts for a higher price for much longer and not many called them out on it. Even with the PS4 launch sony where offering just as much as MS ( you could argue more given how plus runs across many PS products) at a slight...

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GTS sound will be better at launch

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I think its perfectly fine if gamers choose to buy an Xbox scorpio whilst having a decent gaming pc. But the only question I'd put to a fellow gamer in this position is do you also want to pay annual online fees? I do like the Scorpio and want to buy one but I'm mindful of the fact that I'd need to pay online. With free online on PC and every game on Microsoft's check list play anywhere It makes its purchase for me really difficult. But I'm really interested in seeing wher...

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@MK24ever I see no reason why we still cant have a friendly amicable relationship with our European neighbours and continue to trade as before, we just don't want to be part of an elitist group of bureaucrats that hold zero accountability. The EU is no longer only a single market but a political institution that seems to want majority control of nation states even to the point of overriding laws in their own government. UK citizens recognise this and thats why i think we had such a high t...

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Does anyone know what high dynamic range means?

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Sounds like Phantom dust, i could be wrong though

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Plenty of new & pre existing triple A IPs, Xbox one Scorpio with occulus rift support and the rumoured free Xbox live gold would probably do it for me

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It will be interesting to see if they make it compatible with Xbox 360 and original xbox games also

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I know this is off topic but i wish CD Projekt Red made a Lord of the rings game their games are just awesome. DLC looks good though

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Would be interested in seeing undead labs new zombie game code named class 4.

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I for one think there should be two difficulty modes of play. One for new players to the franchise who want to enjoy the game and experience a complete runthrough but on a easier mode (with less enemies) and another for regular player of the franchise.

The only complication i see here would be for From software to create separate acheivements listing for each game mode. Regular players would be able to gain higher achievement points for completing the game gaining gold/50G an...

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