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so true....

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it does provide a bit more exploration which can make it longer

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amen! I am so tired of the constant teasing about this game since early 2015 and it won't come out until 2017? this is not how you hype a game...

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I hate PC elitists.

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He criticizes the game because he can't grind and it's too hard, yet that is the whole point of this version...this is 'classic' Fire Emblem, tough, and no grinding! this is a bit unfair to the game.

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The quality over quantity does not apply anymore?

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Please people buy this if you want to get Azure Revolution!

also great we get physical and dual audio. Sega doing a great job with this.

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I love this series so much. I have so many memories, one of the first RPGs I played.

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This is great news

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I was surprised how popular this franchise is in Japan

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yes they do!

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Egypt and Japan are two settings I really really wanted, so I'm happy one of them is up next

Still an awesome setting alone is not guaranteed to make the game great, they need to do better job with the game mechanics , glitches and story/characters, last two installments were average IMO.

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I love YGO, but it has been a cash cow for Konami, thus the regular releases

Konami killed the likes of Silent Hill and Suikoden forever. I will never respect Konami again.

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England love their football! no surprise. I am actually more surprised how FIFA keeps charting in NPD every month, didn't know football/soccer was this popular in USA.

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Man there are SO many great games I am looking forward ! it's overwhelming. I never imagined this gen would be so great, especially for JRPGs fans.

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let KH3 team finish KH3 please..

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Bioware used to be great. They have some amazing games under their belt. Sadly it's when EA took over that things went downhill fast.

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You're right it's not a good's a GREAT game!

Pillars of Eternity was amazing.

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1st world problems...pathetic.

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