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yes sequels tend to reuse assets but how much they reuse depends. if they were to make a modern or futuristic setting they would not be able to use the guns from WW1 era or vehicles, maps, etc would they? WW1 and WW2 share many similarities but if they were to set the sequel in much different setting they would have to create new assets, even sound effects etc would have to be created from scratch.

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if they make the setting WW2 like many believe EA will end up reusing a lot of assets like characters models and weapons etc

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quality quests and best sandbox they have made and not even an 8!

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hopefully not empty .

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FIFA is one of the best selling franchises in the world, more than Zelda. it's huge in Europe.

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people who baked Star Citizens are the biggest suckers in the history of humans.

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Disgaea is very niche title

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well that's one quick way to probably get banned on 4-5 articles that are misleading and spammy. Not cool.

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someone report this site as spam and mis-information.

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cool video. although it reminds me how size of map isn't indication of how fun it actually is to explore it.

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this reminded me of that Kickstarter game "Unsung Story" wasn't directed by this same guy? he should have finished that game first before starting work on another one.

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can't wait to play this again. I am also glad that it seems few hate the game now! back in 2006 it seemed like everyone hated this game (except for the critics)

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I totally did not expect this. The G.U trilogy was pretty awesome.

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a remaster of the original Trilogy for current consoles would be nice.

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The witcher 3 is the best example of how to actually do DLC and (free) updates. The base game is massive with huge amount of (quality) quests, the main story felt complete/cohesive with great ending. The DLC they released were also amazing, far superior to FFXV's Gladio DLC. But that's just my opinion, no problem if you disagree.

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there is supporting your game and then there is releasing an incomplete game and trying to finish it after release with updates and DLC.

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great news. Now please bring the Xenosaga games to PS4!

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I agree, massive maps don't always mean interesting ones, I played Ghost Recon Wildlands, and while the game is fun exploring its massive world became boring quite fast because of how empty and bland it is.

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she posted on her Twitter "sorry guys i swear it's not DA related post I am very sorry"

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