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There is nothing evolved about FF15. it has some western-style rpgs elements like open-world and tons of (fetch) side quests but lacks the coherent plot and world-building that previous FFs had. it's not a bad game but not great either, it feels incomplete in many ways and lacks identity. Hopefully Square Enix learns from it and next installment is better.

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while I don't regret buying or playing this, it does not live up to the standard of Telltale's other works, like TWD and Borderlands.

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no reason to resort to insults now. AAA games usually get 9s and 10s, so 8 for FF game that has been in development for a decade, is low in my opinion. If you think 8 is not 'low' by any means, than you think 7 would have been good? 6? 5 is low then? please elaborate what you consider is low for this game.

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surprisingly low score

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RE4 has been re-released so many times I can't see how anyone can say it's under appreciated.

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My ass tells me it's a Nintendo system, therefore it's low end. Just logic.

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There is nothing groundbreaking about it technologically, it's a low end tablet.

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N4G get you s**** together

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witcher 3 had huge areas that also were barren.

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Horrible review.

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amazing battles system in Grandia III, one of the best IMO.

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was absolutely not expecting to be playing Dead Rising on PS4. This is awesome.

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PS4 is one of the most successful video game consoles ever, let's keep that in mind. Obviously the gamers are not that upset with the lack of BC.

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he seems to contradicts himself? how can they be fusing if he intends to make JRPGs have 'hentai' graphics? I don't see many western games with 'hentai' graphics.

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not as poor as your comment!

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I have no doubt Zelda is a system seller, it will sell millions but one game can't sustain the success of a console. NX needs strong third party supports, something Wii, Wii U and even GameCube lacked.

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Game of thrones, Minecraft , walking dead michonne

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what a horrendous review. Short and lacking in details. Did the reviewer actually play the game for more than 20 minutes?

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too many 'you know' -_-

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