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I don't think the game provides this 90/100 review, they just provide their page to this site.

Also, it reads like it's just one person's opinion, just like anyone else's. I think I'd like to read the thoughts of someone that just bought the game time to time. Would the "pro outlets" be reviewing a game that was given to them, paid to do so by advertisers?

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The bigger the cache you allocate in Home, the less often you'll have to download rooms. There's obviously a lot for the system to recognize, so the loading is inevitable. But as far as the downloading is concerned, try increasing your the max allowed storage in settings.

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Seems the most negative comments come from those that haven't actively used the service. Even in the past six month, Home has improved in many ways. That's not to say it was bad before, but it's become a lot more gaming-oriented. Which, is something people would appreciate if they dove in and tried it out for a while. There's some fun games in Home as of late, not to mention some crazy-looking people.

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