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I'd like the next PlayStation to take the name Orbis!
PlayStation "Orbis": "world" or "cycle" in Latin
PlayStation "Vita": "life" in Latin

But if it goes with PlayStation 4 (sigh), so be it. #1.3
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Write the site and ask where they received the information. These aggregate sites are a nice way to get information, but the best way is to talk to the people that write the articles. If they received the email, they would probably direct you to the information. I know some of my friends receive betas and other announcements that I don't receive, so it's probably just going out to a certain amount of people. #23.1
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While I agree with you that it's not an uncommon marketing strategy, it doesn't look too good on Sony's part to tell people to "convince" others to buy the system. The Vita is a fine system, but that's just a bad choice of wording. #7.2
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I don't think the article is slamming Sony for doing it, or singling them out as the only company for using this tactic.
But then if Sony spent some cash on expanded marketing, as is the case with most of the products from Sony, this probably wouldn't be an issue. #6
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These are good games that are also multiplayer. Consoles nowadays do have a variety of kids' games, but who fondly remembers sitting and watching someone else play a game?
One of my favorite games as a kid was Rampage. I played that game from coast to coast with a friend, and had a blister on my thumb as a result. #7
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Twenty characters is not enough for some people? There is such a thing as quality over quantity. Sure, there are some that would have been great as characters in the game. Maybe they weren't obtainable, who knows. But I have yet to even get beyond the training for some characters, because I've had fun learning how to play some too much.
Also, the fact that the game is getting knocked by some for menus is just ridiculous. To think an update for the game even improved the menus... #4.3
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Not only does the reviewer not understand that characters have strengths and weaknesses beyond what is capable of their level 1, he even insults those that like the game: "if you have no idea how a brawler or fighter actually works, and you have no critical thinking ability that allows you to differentiate between ‘fair’ and ‘unfair,’ then you could really enjoy this game."
Listen, reviewer: just because one person's level 1 super is better than another, doesn't mean... #9
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I wrote this article, and this wasn't the title I chose. I'm looking into how the title was changed, but if you actually read the article, you'll see how it's meant to be. #1.1
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Tank! Tank! Tank! looks awesome awesome awesome. #1.1
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Shut up, doomsday articles, just shut up. Get out of your basements and enjoy the day. Quit writing all this BS about Sony and PlayStation. It's pollution and diminishing the value of the written word in the gaming community. #91
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But it mentions both GTA 5 and Skyrim! Also, there's plenty of time to alter GTA 5 to include these suggestions. Have they even started on the game yet? #2.1
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Sounds like a fun game. I want to know a release date! #2
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With the amount of service members that play portable gaming systems while deployed, you'd think more devices would come in cool camo patterns instead of just white and purple variations. #2
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It would be nice if these and Paint Park were given the same trophy treatment that Welcome Park was given. Bring trophies, leaderboards, and other ways to flesh out these apps. #4
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"The Cross-Platform features that exist between the PlayStation 3 and PlayStation Vita are excellent - and abundant." It's talking about the features, not the games that use them.
But yes, I agree - games that are available on both (Pure Chess, for example) should use as many features as are logical. #1.2
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Did these kind of articles exist in years past, that is from when we had internet sites to frequent? I just don't recall so much speculation about something unavailable before. Used to be, the game is released, you play it, then you voice your opinion. Nowadays, there's so much floating around when at most some have just played a beta. #2.2
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Unfortunately, this response is expected with every shooting, and likely thought up by the journalist to get attention. #53
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It appears this was not meant to be taken seriously guys, as in, a joke. I mean, look at the suggestions. #3
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Here are some other considerations from Game-Modo. I didn't say they were plausible. #48
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By the way, I contacted the reviewer on Game-Modo to ask him about the game. While he does enjoy the game a lot, he said he is unsure how the review score of 90/100 appeared on this page. The site only reviews games with either a Buy/Consider/Avoid. #1.4
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