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These sub-HD sized screenshots failed to place my jaw in a dropped position as claimed in the article title.

But hey! At least they got a click. That's what REALLY matters /s

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Maybe that's because you haven't explored 3D enough. I'm guessing you're like all the other haters- you saw one or two movies, thought they were all 3D had to offer, then swore off the entire format.

Usually people who hate 3D are crying for attention. But you want something I enjoy to die? That's just idiotic.

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7 people agree you're a pussy.

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On an unrelated note, if you look at Sillegamer's facebook fans, you'll notice all the hot chicks have the same interests:

"Thought Mechanics, Wolf Breeder, Focus Consulting, Score Repair, MotoDirect, Money Site Launch Formula, !Page Hosting, Our Westside, SilleGamer, Hyperventilatie, Installation Design & Services Inc."

Silly noobs.

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PS3 has a technical advantage over the 360. It outputs frame-packed signals that the 3DTV automatically detects as 3D. The 360 does not, so the TV has no way of knowing when it's receiving 3D, and you have to go into the TV menu and enable and disable 3D mode every time you start and stop playing a 3D 360 game.

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This blogger got it wrong. It's the BUFFALO BILLS jersey that the commotion is all about.

Amateurs, Donny.

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This comparison was too brief. He criticizes the gun self-shadowing and ground textures in the BF3 shot, but this screenshot found on IGN shows otherwise:

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One gaming bolt staff member disagrees with this.

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Am I the ONLY person who doesn't understand why this bundle that's $30 more and doesn't include a PS Eye is selling better than the official bundle?

Just proof that Gamestop has their customers by the sack.

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"And a prerecorded video of Uncharted 3′s gameplay looked decidedly better without 3-D glasses—blur and all."

He has to be blind. The 3D gameplay trailer on PSN is some of the best-looking 3D I've seen in a PS3 game.

"Drake and his partner looked about as good as actors standing in front of a greenscreen, or action figures on ice, sliding across floors and down stairways."

I don't even know what he's talking ab...

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It can't be the best sim ever if it's not even a sim. Arcade-sims have much-less-demanding, mainstream-friendly physics, and do not deserve to be called sims straight out.

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Well, $2500 is steep...

I got my 3DTV on sale, it's a 65-inch 3D DLP and total spent with 2 pairs of glasses was about a grand.

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Yeah, like they're gonna drop a few hundred dollars just so a person will buy a couple themes...

Think about it :P

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What if simply means polygonal 3D, not 3D as in stereoscopic?

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lol some retard disagreed

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Which is precisely why it's better to not even try reading Google translations.

And besides, all this info (what little accurate info there is) has been common knowledge for months.


This article is up to 500 degrees already because everyone is getting sucked into the scam of new UC3 info. This is totally f'ing pathetic.

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"Stunning" used in the headline? Check.

"Google Translate" in the url? Check.

"esperanza" the submitter? Check.


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I'm saying it's impossible to disagree with fact. It's as simple as that.

You REALLY think this site did a fairer comparison than Lens of Truth??? For Pete's sake, look at the time stamp on every PHOTO- it's blown out.

Now look at the time stamp in a direct feed:

Who are you going to side with:
A) The site nobod...

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Yeah, you can always count on these Cynamite guys to throw together some random, "stunning" screenshots and call it newsworthy. And you can always count on someone on N4G to submit the "article."

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kaveti: There will be no such thing as an affordable, high-res, multi-user glasses-free 3DTV for several years.

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