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When you guve us a copy/pasted version of Pandemics Battlefront with your HD Graphics and Sound THENNNNN you will have given us what we are owed. Free Radical Studios has more creativity in their future BF plans ALONE than EA has in its BF 1 and 2.

I feel terrible for anyone who wasted money on these games. We are in the year 2018 and they cant figure out that shit like that is an obvious cash grab. No passion. No profit. No good. EA = Failure

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Crash only. List is bad.

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Never going to happen. We would be lucky enough to just get Crash Bandicoot. Lot of nobodies on this list

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Sakurai has said multiple times that Ridely is something he does not want to try. He does not want to shrink Ridley. A character who is surprisingly not on this list, but actually got recognition in the form of a Mii outfit is King K. Rool. Replace Ridley with him and list is gold.

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"Is EA's listing As One Of America's Most Hated Companies Too Harsh?" In the world of gaming. No. It is not too harsh. F that company. Without all the damn re-skinned and re-hashed sports games people are stupid enough to buy over and over again each year, maybe they'd end up like THQ or even Pandemic. *shots fired* Battlefront 2 made me take an even closer look at this company and I as well as everyone "should" realize that they just don't care. Hope they ...

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Gee! I wonder the f why?! DumbA company should have just given us what we deserved, which is a copy/paste of the Pandemic Star Wars BF 1&2 that looks and sounds as impressive as the new one does. That is all it does right... Never thought I'd see the day when a AAA franchise as big as Star Wars Battlefront get raped as hard as it did this year.

Makes me wish someone like myself could go in there and tell there CEO exactly what I think and what needs to be done for ...

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This game was a given "DO NOT BUY" out the gate. Anyone who bought this shit with hopes of it being good, just wasted money. The true problem is the customer that purchases shit like this, while knowing exactly how shitty the shit is. People have to start showing companies how they feel with their wallets and not their complaints after already falling into the trap of buying.. For those who bought it for a review is understandable, but those who are die hard fans, I feel even worse ...

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They should release it when its ready... Impatient people can wait.. NUFF SAID!!!

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Game is beautiful. Exactly like the original, but better looking. People really should lower their expectations. If you like it great and if you dont you dont. Remasters will always be a thing and I'm glad these games got the treatment. If its too hard for you then....not sure what to say.. Practice makes perfect. Good luck!

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how stupid.....omg...this is getting out of hand....they better not remove this skin because some piss ant wants it out...nobody is making you play the gtfo...jesus

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People are expecting a lot more now-a-days and with a release similar to Killer Instinct when it came back, I can't say that I'm surprised. Games need to be made with $60 worth of content already in them and any developer who says that these "cut to pieces" games are worth it are simply saying it, because they have to.

The bottom line is that after game companies see games that are quite successful, but don't provide as much as other games due to having...

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Been waiting for this day...GT was once a beautiful thing...not these days....boring, bland, and flaccid says I.

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I would love this game to get boycotted, but its just not going to happen. There are WAY TOO MANY people that have already pre-ordered everything this game has to offer in the coming days, months, and years. This game may look good, but that is where it stops. If only we lived in a world where everyone doesn't settle. Sadly that isn't the case.

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This article is unnecessary...NO NO and ..before I forget..NO!!! Video game violence needs to be left alone so we can have more of it.

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NO KING K ROOL? I am VERY dissapointed. A lot of wasted votes Game Informer...smh...

1. Bayonetta- too explicit for Smash..

2. Waluigi- Already an Assist Trophy..

3. Toad- Part of Peaches move set..

4. Shovel Knight- Ehh..might happen..

5. Kamek- Ya because the Mario universe needs MORE representation...

6. Young Link- Maybe..

7. Knuckles- Most original pick on your whole lis...

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Go play League of Legends then. Its usually 10 dollars per fighter up in ther :P

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Finally GT says something good about KH. I agree with the number 1 and 2 picks but the Deep Jungle level was really boring compared to Wonderland.

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