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I lost my digital copy of Grandia off of PSN for no reason, and I'm still holding a big digital grudge. #5.2
Thanks, that's a higher resolution than the one had :D #12.1
You can check out Pier Solar, it's JRPG styled game with a 16bit art style. I believe it either came out today or will be coming very soon. But yea, I miss the golden RPG era too, no genre should get pushed aside like it has been. #10.1
Same here, it's an epic piece of artwork. #8.1
That's unfortunate, but as long as the delay leads to more polish and a better product I can't reply complain. Earthbound inspired RPGing can't be rushed. #2
Yeah, it's my tablet wallpaper. Looks so good, my hype is at frothing levels :D #2.2
I've heard differing opinions, and it seems Lunar-esque enough for me to get into. Even if it's not great, I need some 16bit RPG in my life enough to at least try it :D #1.1.1
If D4 gets to release all of its episodes and Scale bound impresses (which I'm sure it will, all hail P*) I'd consider picking up an XOne. That's still way out in the future though, so I'll just have to wait and see. #9.1.1
I bought a WiiU at launch and that, along with my backlog of PS3 and 3DS games (and Lost Odyssey on my closeted 360) have been more than enough for me this gen so far.
I plan on getting a PS4 in the future but so far there has been a real lack of anything that's pushing me to do so. Bloodbourne and Witcher 3 are going to be the first games that look like something I want to get into, and I'm still more than happy to wait for a good deal or a price drop before I get a consoles... #9
Well... I'll buy this immediately, and I don't even have a PS4 or XOne yet. This deserves all the money. #25
Getting Pier Solar immediately. #1
So hype for this game!!!
It's a shame I didn't get my other wish though... #13
I have to admit I think it like pretty stellar myself, and I'm in no way aCOD fan at all. I'm glad they've gotten away from modern warfare and gone more sci go with this one, it opens up the series top new mechanics and possibilities. It's also probably why it's not getting the same amount of traction as the others though... #12.1
Honestly it sounds to me like the game was doing its job fairly well. Horror games from the PS2 era and back relied on the controls to scare you in conjunction with the game. Part of what makes survival horror a thing is your inability to get away quickly by giving your character slow movements in conjunction with the still, and usually awkward, camera angle. These concepts were used in tons of horror games, from Resident Evil to Silent Hill and Fatal Frame, because it's supposed to add t... #2
Damn, now I want it even more! :P #8.1.1
If it at least releases within a month or so of the others then sure, I'll gladly pick it up. Otherwise... Probably not. If I don't buy it though, I'll go play Pocky N Rocky instead, that games awesome. #12.1.1
I stopped caring after the delay and all the UbiSoft trash talk, same thing with Project Cars. At full retail with less content and months too late... I think I can find better ways to spend my money, like on anything else at all. #12
Hopefully the Direct tomorrow will shed some more light on some of these titles and maybe even show us something unexpected... (Fatal Frame V, Fatal Frame V, Fatal Frame V!!!) #8
The Bayonetta 2 announcement was just a teaser #11.1.2
My personal most unlikely wants are...

With a nice helpin... #4
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