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What?!? Clearly, you are delusional... It obviously means The Last Guardian on Virtual Boy. #12.2
Is... This anything new? I mean were the games originally rated like this and given these descriptions, on the original releases or the recent remaster? #4
Although having to spend $80, $90, $100 or more equivalent just because of the region you live in is part of it, another is that there are quite a few games that aren't even sold in those regions.
Devs are still getting paid, but they're getting paid by people that otherwise would have to pirate the game to even have access to it. All this does is alienate a source of profit for Devs and Steam, one that is gladly paying money for these games. #10.2
The industry showing once again that it's willing to take 2 steps forward if it means going 3 steps back. #9
I'd at least check it out, someone could do some great things with these games as as a tv show, especially Altered Beat. #9
I went and saw the original movie in theaters with my grandmother. We were the only people in the theater...
Anyway, I'll have to wait for a real announcement, Mario made by Sony Pictures just sounds too much like something that would be faked. #13
After playing Bayonetta it's been hard for me to go to God of War. While in no way a bad game, I just feel like Bayo's mechanics and setting are better. I've only played the first GoW though, I have the others but never really get in the mood to play them, so maybe I'm just missing something in the sequels that make it click. I don't know, I guess I feel that once you take out the boobs and the blood there just not much there that stands out from most other action games. #20
For all my grievances, which are mostly aimed at off stage awards, to much advertising (but I understand, Geoff has to get some money to recoup costs), some of the award category choices (making mobile and handheld one category for example) and the guy playing the lasers it was the best video game awards show I've ever seen. Geoff serves props for putting it together and throwing in his own money to make it happen, it definitely shows that he cares about this and wants to do it right.
Not necessarily, depending on Snookies location it may be perfectly legal. And besides...

My analogy sucks because it's in the vein of your original statement. Just Buy It isn't really an answer, especially if someone doesn't support the practices associated with the game. There's more than enough information... #3.2.6
Cocaine is one of the best drugs I've ever done. Experience it for yourself.

A. You're missing out on one of the best biggest drugs
B. You don't like it you can sell it

You can't strike out unless you step up to bat. *snort* #3.2.1
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I wouldn't be so sure about that...
*Smells Silent Hill HD Collection* #5.1.1
An FFVII remake would have better luck passing through Congress than getting made by Squeenix... #5.1
Guess I can scratch Milk of the grocery list... #5
Downgrade confirmed from the original teaser, but the actual gameplay looks solid and seems to improve on the trilogy in almost every way. Personally, I would be fine with taking a hit to the graphics for it to be 60fps but I have a feeling 30 is what we're going to get. Still, it looks fun, although a bit gray for my liking, but the more open environments and the work put into the stealth mechanic make me pretty hopeful. #7
This is super fake... But I don't mind hoping anyway, it would be amazing to see these games remade with the clay art style of the Earthbound strategy guide (or any art style TBH). Still... This looks really fake... #7
Uncharted 5:Down the happy trail #3.1.3
Thanks Mr. Baer, may the afterlife be 4K @ 120fps. RIP #7
At the same time this kind thing happens because lots of devs/publishers show footage or builds of a game that look way better than they do at release. The bullshots, the CG quality gameplay that gets heavily downgraded, the AI and small touches that get dropped during development after an E3 showing, all this stuff is what had led people to begin really questioning and looking at footage to see if they're being lied to and misinformed.

That being said, it seems this is j... #6.1
Really? I would be surprised consider the Villager Amiibo is being discontinued... #4
Saga Frontier port to PS4 #2
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