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"Marin County’s toy gun/video game program is in response to last year’s incident in which a sheriff’s deputy shot and killed a 13-year-old who was carrying an AK-47-inspired airsoft gun."

You hear that? Turn in your toy guns and video games so the cops won't shoot you and cause your parents so much grief that they regularly hit each other. #15
That's only kind of messed up but not wholly unexpected, of course these guys talk to each other. The worst part is them plotting with each other to control the narrative of games media, is it really to much to ask that a reporter rely on his own writing to convey his opinion or news without getting every one else in on it too? Is this just how game news operates now, decide what you want the truth to be and make sure everyone else that will push it does so? Whatever, I don't read the... #6
The *new* 3DS announcement is showing its effect, I expect 3DS sales will continue to go down. The real question now is whether the new model will be a big seller. #3.2
The only one here I really agree with is Mega Man. Bayo is Kamiyas' baby, that's not going anywhere, Sonic is still a major mascot for Sega, LBP is Sony and MicroCraft probably isn't going to any more platforms. #3
I would agree with your plan for their hardware but it's already been done, it's what they did with the GameCube. The GC was more powerful than its competition and had those third party exclusives, but sold less than the others. Maybe it would be different now but honestly, I'm not too sure it would be. I just can't see anyone from the Sony/MS camp deciding to get a Nintendo console instead of the competitors, no matter the circumstance. #2.2
Nah, no XV tracks. There are some Type-O ones though... #1.1.2
I got my CE copy of Theatrhythm yesterday and it's awesome, if you have any love for the FF games' music at all then it's worth buying. #1
Love that avatar, TBF are amazing!
OT: I haven't played the original release so I'm really hyped about this remaster. I've heard good things about the original version and it's hard to screw up remaster (but not impossible.... Damn you Silent Hill....). #4.2
I did think about that and it's the reason everybody calls him Seph. I was worried about the guy that make his daughter Mileena because, well, if ANYTHING is wrong with her teeth it's going to be bad...
Anyway, kids that are a**holes will find a reason to be mean no matter what. If it's not a name it's your shoes, voice, height, haircut, etc. The same can be said about a lot of adults too, which is maybe the saddest part of all... #2.3.3
I just got my copy of Curtain Call, I think this song is going to see a lot of play... #13
I love that video game names are becoming so common. I named my son Sephiroth (would have been Celes if he'd been a girl) and I know a Mileena and a Kyrie, plus I know of at least a couple of other people that have given their kids game names. This is a good trend :D #2.3.1
I completely forgot about Pocky and Rocky! I think it's time to fire up the emulator.. #2
It's because they don't want any of us shopping there. #5
$6 is a steal for Deadly Premonition, even if it is a sub standard port of the 360 game. Pick it up, you'll be entertained one way or the other. #2
I've been wanting to see some more of D4 for awhile now, glad it's at the show. #7
I see this as more of a problem with the way games are developed and launched than an issue with review structures. Bungie and Activision saw how much content they had and decided that was enough to release the game at $60 with paid DLC and other free content pushed to the future.
No reviewer can be expected to go back to the same game over and over, especially with the amount of releases we see in the industry now, to give further impressions on already released games. If anything u... #7
From what I understand they should have been sent to your email if you qualified for it. I should have qualified but I didn't get any, looks like I have to wait for the public access demo. #6.2
No controller=no parity #11
Looks like my kind of disturbing... #4
Ness is in, life is good. #3
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