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We may have already passed the point of no return, the best time for gamers to have done anything about it was last gen, but now the AAA industry and even the consoles themselves are geared and built with all this stuff in mind. That and people still buy it, at least enough it to make it worthwhile for Ubi and the like. #5.2
"MORE evidence suggest DLC is made solely to be sold and isn't content that was ever going to release if it wasn't made for DLC."

Really? I seem to recall almost every game worth it's salt having extra characters, costumes, cheat codes, hidden levels and more. Since last gen that kind of content has been on the sharp decline... unless you're buying all the DLC of course. Fluffing up your game with meaningless samey side quests and a bunch of trophies... #3.1.3
It's OK UbiSoft, they're saying Booooo-urns, Booooo-urns... #2.1
Well, Unity also looked better than Unity before it came out, so maybe I should just ignore any hype and wait to see what happens when it comes out. #7
Oh wow, look at that, a clown punching itself in the face!!!... Oh, never mind, it's just a polygon article... #9
If there's a PSN release it would need to be of the DC version and not the PS2 version, the PS2 version almost grinds to a halt in most of the cities and bigger environments, it's actually really sad.
I'm definitely looking forward to this release though, a hell of a game that certainly deserves the love and respect of RPG lovers. #12.1
And then they will commence with bombings on nations that still have PS4s with the game on them. And then, the true cleansing can finally be initiated, and we will all live in Gods (Konamis') great paradise....
Or maybe Konami goes out of business before they get that far, whichever comes first. #19.1
I'm less concerned about the sheep and more concerned for the shepards (games "journalism"). People would be far more informed and maybe even more forward thinking about these kinds of debates if the people reporting on games did more to thrust it into the spotlight and explain the real problems with how games, their distribution and and closed digital platforms work now.

Most everyone has been rather complacent about the direction the industry has taken since t... #13.1.1
The longer the medium evolves the more control game companies seem to have over what you can and can't do with your games and seeing this, no matter if it's a free demo for a game that will probably never come out, plus the delisting of the demo and the inability to redownload if you delete it from your system sets a dangerous and rather skeezy tone for the future of the medium, especially for digital distribution. Also......
Screw Konami. #13
I'm 31, I've been playing games liberally and fairly heavily since I was 4. The only online shooter I've ever really been able to get into is TF2, and now in a couple of weeks I'll be getting Splatoon since it reminds me a lot of TF2 in numerous ways. Most online shooters typically just don't interest me, be it either with the art style, the mechanics, the scummy practices of the companies that release them and so on.

I'm sure you can think of a popul... #6.2
Well then... *sigh* gaming has become so depressing in some ways... #10
"Let them see what kind of a person I am. I'm not even going to step to on that snail. I hope they are watching... they'll see. They'll see and they'll know, and they'll say, "Why, Hellsvacancy wouldn't even harm a snail..." :P #4.1
It has a single player campaign, one with objectives and mechanics that I'm pretty sure aren't even in the multiplayer. #1.3.1
I can't agree more, I got to play some of the demo and now it's all I want to play. The game is pure frantic, crazy fun with tons of different ways to play. The one hour I got to play showed me exactly what I needed to see, and now I'm buying Splatoon on Day 1 because of it. #11.1
So a PC community goes out and buys a game to play it with mods, Rockstar not only bans people that are modding but changes the EULA after the fact to disallow mods altogether. I think R* is the thief here, they never said anything about an anti mod policy before release and had to change the language of their own agreement after launch to solidify the policy.
Don't act like there isn't a reason for people wanting to pirate instead of pay, gross business tactics will always b... #6.1.3
After reveling in your comment for a while I've decided you're right, who cares how much it costs when it's supposed to do all kinds of crazy stuff! Poor people can just take out payday loans to buy one, middle class folks can take out a bank loan and the other rich trollops can just buy the company outright and play the with the design prototypes. I mean Sony did it with the PS3 launch and the move so why not?

Actually, just screw all of that, everyone should ju... #11.5
At the same time there nothing wrong with being cynical about a new piece of hardware, especially one that we know very little about outside of the "gimmick" and the price point. With the price being over the cost of a console and the track record for MS peripherals being rather poor I think there's every reason to, at least, be skeptical about this device until more is known. #9.1.2
Just makes it that much easier to wait for a cheap GOTY edition... Hopefully this time without all the BS plastered all over it... #28
Yea, they should just throw a Zelda out every year or two and just add all the new things and ideas as DLC... #14
To be fair though, this deal with the modders isn't for the people making mods but for Steam to make money for allowing you the privilege of buying these mods. Steam takes massive amounts of the profits from these purchases and leaves the creators with leftovers. I think there's some room for finding ways of getting modders paid, but this is definitely not it. #1.1
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