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You realize all the 10 year olds play Minecraft, COD and Assassins Creed, right? The WiiU demographic is mostly adults. #1.1.2
I like having silent protagonists, it let's me be the character instead of me playing as a character. It's a shame people always want voice acting in everything, I find it jarring if it's not done well or if the personality that gets assigned to the character winds up coming off as douchey or lacking in authenticity.
The silent character isn't good for everything, but I think it's still useful for lots of different kinds of games, and Zelda is one of them. #8
There's just not enough support happening for the Kinect. MS went from "We are defiantly going to support the Kinect!" to "Well, UbiSoft is making a work out game..."
Maybe if they had really put all their weight into it and laid of the weird, sketchy stuff like scanning your room for specialized product ads and data collection it could have been different, but they didn't. The device is all but dead at this point and it's a shame, it could have been s... #12
Congrats to all you lucky winners! #1
Seriously? "Piracy" is amazing when it comes to old games, especially hard to find or exceptionally rare. He's playing the N64 version, is not like going and buying a N64 cartridge is going to put money in the devs pockets. #2.1.6
I'm thankful that the busy holidays are now half over ;) #49
You mean like the GameCube :/
Honestly, I would like to see something like that as well, Nintendo did drop the ball on specs this gen. Even something just at least closer to the competitors boxes would have helped them a lot. #4.2
That's still way too soon for another console to come out, R&D wouldn't be done and current owners would be upset about the console being replaced so soon. I think 2018 is the earliest we'll see another console, that will give the U a 5 year or so life and span and allow Nintendo to release a more powerful or just as powerful console as PS4 and XOne in the middle or so of those consoles life cycles. This would also have the benefit of maybe even letting Nintendo catch up to th... #2.1
A greedy, conniving a**hole is still a greedy, conniving a**hole, whether they give you a Christmas present or not. #16
From Nintendo, one bug in one game is worth an entire article because it's so rare. Can't say that about many other companies... #4.1.2
No interest in Pokken Fighters? Or maybe just later on when more is known about it? #3.3
Get hype, this must mean an new AAA Bloodrayne game, right? RIGHT?!? #4
Ubisoft confirms their game is crap. #9
I wouldn't call ZombiU "terrible", but I agree that Killer Freaks from Outer Space looked delightfully fun and could have stood out from the crowd with its art style and enemy designs. It's unfortunate it got turned into another zombie game instead of being something more unique. #10.1
I don't think I want another 10 year console generation, I would be happy with 6 or 7 though. #6
You cannot grasp the true form of Smash Bros. attack... #4.1
I want to play this version of Smash!!
Also, this is going to haunt my nightmares... #3
Yea, but I think she's giving instead of receiving... #6.1
I worry for retro gaming in the future. With so many games needing patches and updates just to get them working properly and get all the content to you how will anyone play a PS3 or a 360 game 10 years from now? If those patches aren't available you'll be at the mercy of the original code and unpatched game, which with a lot of games simply means it won't work properly.
I like to go back and play the old stuff, but with the systems these consoles have set up over the last... #4.3
New Vampire:The Masquerade title confirmed #6
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