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Cell phones. #2
Day one as soon as it releases on Wii U. This and Mother 4 are hopefully going to make me very happy :D #7
It's OK, I believe in aliens and ghosts. No one's perfect :P
I'm glad you've found some people you can rely on for information, I'll look them up, see what kind of articles they've written and maybe even check out the podcast. #4.1.1
Kids love Bayonetta! #3.1
I think we all know this is just a vital marketing campaign for Call of Duty: Swat Ops #3
Game Journalists? C'mon now, nobody believes in those. It's like believing in Elves, Elvis Presley sightings and the Easter Bunny. #4
Oh, a Polygon article..... No click.
Anyway, if there's one trend I can support it's taking inspiration from the Dark Souls/Demon Souls games. Hopefully this will continue into other genres and we can see a trend in making games difficult but fair. #3
So, I wonder what kind of car it is... Maybe be a Choyota, a Chocedes, or a Chissan... And do you have to repair parts, like the Chocometer, or the Chocoberator...
Sorry, I'll show myself out... #7
Strange, I don't want to buy the game, but I just pre ordered every last copy of breasts on Amazon... #4
I kicked a hole in my wall after getting beat by the Celtics in NBA Jam. I was young, and ever since I've been fairly rage free, save for some swearing during Dark Souls ;) #6
In the other article about this exchange it stated that this is happening because a deputy shot and killed a13 year old with that was carrying an airsoft gun that was modeled after an AK. Check it out, it's at the bottom of the article - #10
First Hyrule Warriors, now DQ Heroes... What's next? I'm personally hoping for visual novel musuo where you attack hordes of pictures and words, with voice acting as the boss.
Any way, this looks pretty awesome, it's nice to see the DQ franchise, much like Zelda, being experimented with and taken in new directions for spinoffs. #7
"Marin County’s toy gun/video game program is in response to last year’s incident in which a sheriff’s deputy shot and killed a 13-year-old who was carrying an AK-47-inspired airsoft gun."

You hear that? Turn in your toy guns and video games so the cops won't shoot you and cause your parents so much grief that they regularly hit each other. #15
That's only kind of messed up but not wholly unexpected, of course these guys talk to each other. The worst part is them plotting with each other to control the narrative of games media, is it really to much to ask that a reporter rely on his own writing to convey his opinion or news without getting every one else in on it too? Is this just how game news operates now, decide what you want the truth to be and make sure everyone else that will push it does so? Whatever, I don't read the... #6
The *new* 3DS announcement is showing its effect, I expect 3DS sales will continue to go down. The real question now is whether the new model will be a big seller. #3.2
The only one here I really agree with is Mega Man. Bayo is Kamiyas' baby, that's not going anywhere, Sonic is still a major mascot for Sega, LBP is Sony and MicroCraft probably isn't going to any more platforms. #3
I would agree with your plan for their hardware but it's already been done, it's what they did with the GameCube. The GC was more powerful than its competition and had those third party exclusives, but sold less than the others. Maybe it would be different now but honestly, I'm not too sure it would be. I just can't see anyone from the Sony/MS camp deciding to get a Nintendo console instead of the competitors, no matter the circumstance. #2.2
Nah, no XV tracks. There are some Type-O ones though... #1.1.2
I got my CE copy of Theatrhythm yesterday and it's awesome, if you have any love for the FF games' music at all then it's worth buying. #1
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