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When will these fan projects learn to keep quiet until the game is made and available? Once it's out it can't be shut down so announce the game after and not before.
Never forget Chrono Resurrection... #5
My grandfather, who might as well have been my dad, committed suicide as well. He wasn't selfish, he worked all his life providing for my grandmother, his children and then eventually me at a crap machinist job. He also had a truly f'ed up life growing up, was an alcoholic and had severe untreated bi polar disorder which only got worse after losing his job and insurance.

No one is praising Robin Williams for his manner of death, they're praising him for the joy h... #17.1
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It's not about the option itself but what the option is used for. Offering paid benefits that break game mechanics or change the gameplay and offer advantages to paying players is ridiculous. People aren't complaining about costumes, they're upset over paid advantages or grind heavy games with the ability to purchase the content instead of unlocking it.
The problem is that a lot of these micro transactions have an adverse effect on the game design itself. If EA or whatever... #8.3
It's true, I haven't forgotten about it since it was announced. Looking so forward to this :D #5
Although I've never had the customer service problem I've had a couple of things disappear off my PS3 that were digital, most notably a copy of Grandia that no longer shows up in my purchases anymore.

I don't trust these companies to keep track of my purchases, let alone keep my access to then open for a long period of time OR allow me transfer my purchases to be consoles. Digital is turning into just another way of milking customers for even more money and it'... #12.2
Whenever I see an ad for just about anything I make it a point to avoid buying what's being advertised. I refuse to give these advertisers any power over my purchases. #2
What do you mean you can't have ads in DS? I have a SL lvl 215 Pepsi build with a John Deere helm, Mechanic gloves, Nike leggings and a Remington Ultra Great sword. #1.1.1
You should just go mobile. #8.2
In honestly looking forward to some of these remasters, many of them are games I didn't play last gen and getting to play them with better resolutions and frame rates is nice. At the same time I agree with the article in the sense that not having BC leads to cash grab releases trying to bank on people rebuying their fav games.
I think my biggest problem with the lack of BC comes from Sony and all the digital PS1 & 2 not being backwards compatible. I'm getting really tired... #5
I miss the days when America could have scantily clad ladies promoting games. Just another example of America getting one upped by the global community. #11
Well, that's..... Peachy!!!
Yea, I went there. Hard hitting comments like this are what I'm known for... #8
Wouldn't it be nice if people read articles and posted thoughtful comments instead of blatant fanboy rage and baseless accusations? Seems now all sides of an argument lead to just doing circles over the same fluff while ignoring actual conversation of the point at hand. #5.3.1
I'm tired, uncaring and fairly high and it makes perfect sense :P
Anyway, it's not just the gaming industry that suffers from a lack of professionalism, most large industries seem to operate by their own standards instead of the customers. Just look at GM or most banks for further examples. #4.2.1
Wow, that's actually really awesome, you don't run across people that have actually played a canceled game. I've always wondered if it was just too much for the systems at the time, you know, lots of ambition and none of the power needed to make it possible. Since you played it do you think it could be worth trying to make again for the current gen or was it just so much of a mess that even the idea was flawed? #17.1
And today Twitch was left in a hot car by adopted parent Goggle, leading to a slow, painful and silent death as all of its screams for help were muted by a copyright infringement muzzle.
Remember, NEVER leave your children in a hot car, even for 5 minutes. #9
I could make a contract stating that if you use my services you can't sue me but it wouldn't be held up in a court of law. It's up to the lawyers making their cases and, ultimately, the judge to decide whether such an agreement will hold up in court or whether it has bearing on this case. Just because a company says it doesn't make it legal, it just gives them something to point at and say "See, we said it, right there!" #4.1.2
Aww man, why'd you have to throw Chrono Resurrection into this. Now I have to spend the rest of my day crying and watching the trailer......Again..... #16.1
This is a class action lawsuit, the money would be dispersed to anyone affected by the lawsuit i.e. anyone who bought the game. As of March the game had sold 2.1 million copies and was the best selling PS4 game.
Let's say the sales now stand at 3 million and the lawyers get a 20% cut. That leaves 4 million dollars left for the participants in the lawsuit. That's like a $1.25 that the people who bought the game would receive in compensation for being falsely advertised to. The... #4.1
You can get it through an emulator but it was only released on the GC and later the Wii. #22.1
Around or after Christmas to push subscriptions. #13
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