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I'm not that into racing games, especially Sims, but I had planned to pick this up because it looks awesome (did the same for NFS) and to show some WiiU support. Now I'm really not sure if I want to, at least not immediately. This kind of stuff needs to stop. #7
Indie month is the best month! #8
The consequence system makes me think of The Banner Saga. #7
"It seems like the whole industry is playing it safe, creating the same old cinematic cover shooters and MOBA clones. Am I just getting old or was it always like that? Am I growing out of gaming, becoming like all the other grown ups who say that everything is going down the toilet?"
This is why indie devs are so important and why the AAA industry has lost a lot of support from me. I've seen many genre come and go, many of which I really liked, and replaced by nothing b... #9
Finally I can live out my wandering security guard dream :D #6
This game.... is beautiful! I love it so much, so glad it's getting the props and respect that it deserves. I hope it sells more copies than Watchdogs. #3
Very shaky cam, which is a cool thing. #52
Doing horror right. #49
I eventually need to check this out. #51
Never buying a season pass, if the content isn't in the game then it obviously isn't important enough to spend money on. #10
As long as the work is put into it to make it worth it I'm OK, I think we'll need to see more before making judgements though. #6
Throw the first Dark Souls in or, even better, all three and I'll pick it up. #15
"Oh my, it’s a mirage, I’m tellin’ y’all it’s sabotage"
I will now always associate this game with my teenage years. #38
I have to admit I like this games style. #40
I wonder if there are afro upgrades... #37
I've never been on the good side of the cops.... #29
Probably the smartest thing I'll read today, bubbles sir. #6.1
This is something most AAA releases couldn't touch in terms of creativity. #20
"*Adam was not seriously injured in the testing of this game and we remain happily married"
Killing your spouse online=happy marriage #22
What a great concept. #20
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