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I still feel that just buying a cheap, used PS3 and whatever games I actually want to play would be a cheaper option. Most of the games that are available on the service are at least a year old and can be picked up for sub $10 prices used. This also seems rather pointless for anyone that already has a PS3 as, yet again, most of the game here can be bought cheap and you can simply get what you want instead of a whole bunch of stuff you'll probably never touch.
As a solution to back... #29
Now THAT is something I would love to see companies get behind. I've never quite understood why these companies don't just bring some of these fan game crews under their wing. Throw a little bit of money at these devs, maybe even a couple of staff, and sell this stuff. I love free and all but I would much rather talented people get paid for what they do... #15.1
The biggest difference between the digital marketplace and physical releases is the use/pre owned market. Sure, Tatsunoko vs Capcom is out of print and unavailable digitally but I can still buy the game. It doesn't have to be new for me to enjoy it.
With digital that's not an option. Once it's gone it's gone, better hope someone with a console that already has it downloaded wants to sell their entire console.
This problem extends even further i... #4.1.4
That's very true. I feel like the slow countdown to the digital marketplace on last gen consoles being shut down has begun. The question now is how long is the countdown. #4.1.1
Sony/MS make a lot of money off of selling online access, and that's not going away anytime soon. As long as online play is locked behind a pay wall multiplayer aspects of games are going to be pushed and pushed hard. I don't think single player is going to disappear or anything like that, but the emphasis has been made clear over the last couple of years. Multiplayer=More money for companies=more online multiplayer components for AAA games. #8
The digital marketplace is really starting to show it's flaws. It seems like these kinds of announcements are coming faster and faster, and without a physical release or a way for owners to sell these games it just means people that if you didn't jump in you're just screwed now if you want to play. I thought technology was supposed to make things better, not more disposable... #4
I'm all about a new (or remade) Mana installment on consoles. I don't even care which console, this series just needs to be brought back and done right. #5
Yea, until you have kids... #3.1.2
The entire trilogy of games deserve a remake, they are truly some of the gems of the SNES era. I've always been pretty smitten with Illusion of Gaia myself, but they're all amazing games, no doubt. #1.1
I'd love to see another NMH, I don't even care what console it's on because whatever it gets put on I'll eventually buy. The first 2 games are just so good, it would be a shame for them to be the only ones... #6
That HD version is kinda trash though, lots of screen tearing and general issues. The Wii version runs way better, and it's super cheap. Also, the HD version is PS3 exclusive, the 360 version got canned :( #1.1.1
The Wii U uses proprietary blu ray style discs already. Do you mean you want the next console to play blu ray movies? Or that you just want them to use regular blu ray discs? I don't understand! :P #8.2
I typically avoid buying games day one BECAUSE of Skyrim on PS3. I put over a 100 hours into the game, and 85 hours of it were just filled with the worst bugs I'd ever seen. the FPS drops, quests that wouldn't complete, stuttering, crashing, having to turn the game off and back on every 15 minutes to keep it running, and then the later patches just broke more stuff like the damage values for magic and magic defense. I got burned hard, and I haven't forgotten about it.
All... #1.1.3
My interest in this game just increased 10 fold. Whenever I get a PS4 I'll probably get it without PS+ and only purchase online play for a month or two at a time for the EXTREMELY few games I would play online, so this is great news for me.
That being said, I would play Evolve online, this game has looked like great multiplayer fun from the beginning and always seemed like something I could get into. #11
So, just a PSA, I found out about these through another site and asked the artist about the possibility of purchasing prints. For anyone wanting to buy some of these (cause hopefully I'm not the only one that wants to) they can be purchased through the website. #1
That Shadow Hearts HD Collection.... *Droooooolll* #3
I've yet to even play Xillia 2 or KH 1.5, and Suikoden 1 and 2 just came out. There's still a lot for me to do with the last gen, it kind of makes the new one pointless for me at the moment. #23.1
I actually bought a cheap 360 specifically to play Lost Odyssey and Vesperia, with a couple of other titles being nice extras. It's closeted at the moment but I'm just happy to know I can go to it when the itch hits me, and I know it eventually will :) #14.2
Yeah, I just beat Prime and I'm hopping back and forth between Prime 2 and Paper Mario, with the recently released LISA on the side. I'll probably start on the DMC collection and the original Metroid after those. Good games are still good games, no matter their age or system. #8.2
Yea, this is just another example of why I buy physical, if at all possible. #4.1
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