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Because too many people just want everything on their own little box. They want Nintendo to go third party so they can play their games on whatever system they bought, they want all the third parties to make all the games on every system so they don't have to shell out more money on another system. As much as I hate the word, this is what actual gaming entitlement looks like.

It's funny how many people say "competition is good" and then get upset when compe... #10.1.1
"EA confirms suspicions that EA is the best and make only the best games ever"-EA #14
Cranky Konga confirmed #5
Not like this
Not like this... #5
You can buy it physical for less than $10. Seems kinda pointless really. #7
If you didn't see people angry about Bayo 2 being exclusive you must be blind and have severe hearing problems. LOTS of people got irate about that, some still complain about it being exclusive. #10.1
Imagine the ridiculous fury that would be brought about if Nintendo did this... *insert Bayo 2 rage comments here* #1.1.12
"Improvements to system stability and usability"
System is so stable it has a wife, mortgage, 3 children, retirement fund and enough time to enjoy itself on its days off. #1
I'm hoping for Papers, Please Mario myself. Can Mario hold down a job as a border guard with boss Bowser breathing down his neck about new Mushroom Kingdom border laws while wife Peach is at home trying to pay bills and cheating on him with his laid back, carefree brother Luigi? Only Wii U can tell the story... #9
Normally I would agree that it's silly, but considering how many people have known someone that has committed suicide I guess I can understand, especially for kids. I can completely see that being uncomfortable a kid who's dad/mom or close family member or friend killed themselves. #4
"Before glitches were accepted as part of gaming and often sought after but now it's viewed as a criminal act by today's consumers. This is gaming guys, it's supposed to be fun and lighthearted."
Formost stuff I agree, things like wonky physics, RDR horse lady or Unity with faceless models is funny. Loading/saving errors that corrupt saves and HDDs, bugs that ruin gameplay mechanics or that get you stuck at a level/area, online components that just don't work... #8.1
How does Nintendo inflate Amazon's numbers? #3.3
The industry should not only continue to release broken products, but EMBRACE them! A game full of glitches that is made for the expressed purpose of being glitchy would be amazing. Stuff like the faceless in Unity is the best part of the game, why take that away when you could push it to the max and make it a regular feature.
This is a joke, by the way. Well, kinda... #4
Sure, sure. And when the next Smash comes it will be developed by a guy named Iarukas that will look just like Sakurai except for an old timey mustache... #9
I stopped buying most games, sans Nintendo titles, at release a long time ago, specifically when I got Skyrim on PS3 and experienced some of the worst problems in a game I've ever seen. I know, Bethesda and their buggy legacy and all, but it hasn't been much better with most other publishers and devs. I wait, at least a month or two and end up getting the game mostly fixed and for half the price. Until more people start refusing to buy at launch/pre order the quality of these games is... #5
In the mid 20th century, the Templar JFK desperately searches for a shard of Eden in the last place worth looking... Space. Little does he know that the Assassin Buzz has infiltrated the top rankings of his search team, and in space, no one can hear your blade... #7.1
I think Other M had killed VA in Nintendo's more cherished franchises, at least for now, and honestly I think Other M is also a good example of why the shouldn't pursue VA.
That being said, I like a silent protagonist for some games, it let's me put my personality on to a character and be part of the game instead of having the character be whoever they are and me just watching them be that person. I do think VA for the rest or most of the supporting cast would be a good th... #9
I played it too. My therapy continues to this day... #2.1
@ breakpad
You literally have no idea what you're talking about. The specs may not be what the PS4/XOne are but the price isn't in the specs so much as it is the tech in the gamepad. They didn't make cheap for them & expensive for us hardware, they just spread the money across multiple facets of the console. If you want to talk about cost then look at how much you'll spend on Live/+ over the course of those 2 consoles lives.
Also, you just complained about... #1.1.4
I would hate to clean up that room after everyone has had their turn... #6
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