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Hey you, yeah you the one with the Kingdom Hearts and Final Fantasies....
Deal with it
All honesty I wish this had been put on consoles, this game deserves far more than a simple mobile port

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This game is crazy addictive and tons of fun, I've had nothing but good times so far. This game is only going to get better with time as the update start coming in. Buy it, play it, you're a kid now, you're a squid now...

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Don't pay attention to the hate, that's hilarious.
Funny bubbles

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Itagaki says Itagaki game will be amazing.
In all seriousness, I can't wait to see more of this game. E3 will be good this year.

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Yea, the Sega Channel was a cool concept and was great... until you lost the Shining Force save that was at the end of the game because loading a save using Sega Channel was literally ALWAYS a crap shoot.
Ah, great memories :/

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"I ranted about my problems on Twitter, which caught the attention of CD Projekt Red staffers. They sent me an email with the following instructions to temporaily remedy the save bug..."

While I think these problems are unfortunate and need to fixed immediately, good on CDP for going out there and helping people with their problems.
These are some real stand up devs, I'm sure they'll get everything smoothed out asap, which is a lot more than I can s...

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As someone who has encountered multiple save deleting bugs (& a ME2 bug that corrupted my HDD), I have to disagree. Just because it hasn't happened to you doesn't fix that there's a problem, and a saving problem is one of the worst things to come across.

This isn't just random internet complaining, this is an $60 game that has progress breaking issues that should be fixed and warned about, not scoffed at.

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Please disregard this space, I'm dumb :/

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Guess I'll wait until Bloodborne: Librarian of the Last Transgression Edition before I buy....

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Did you ever play Scott Pilgrim vs the World?
Well, if you didn't buy it you can't, at least not on console. BUT!!!... If someone were able to all their digital copy to you there would be no problem, and that goes for any other delisted games as well.
Eventually, in some way or another, almost all of the decisions on business practices in gaming will affect the majority of gamers. Only question is, how do you want it to affect you when it finally does?

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Oh, that picture...
Elizabeth, you're a woman after my di..err, uh, heart... Yea, heart.
All joking aside, popular culture always follows where the porn goes. If the content is there, they will come :D

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Normally, I would preach patience and understanding in a situation like this. Konami needs to make money, and having multiple ventures through which to do so is a large part of many companies in many nations...

But under the circumstances as they sit, I think we should watch as the flames from the burning business buildings light the night sky, and others should be wary as the burning light casts ominous shadows on Capcom and Sega's offices...

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Oh look, it's a midget on stilts and he just keeps falling over, again and again and again.... Oh, never mind, it's another Polygon article, my mistake.

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Actually bugs were fixed in older games, but they were fixed for the next batch of games going to retail shelves and with greatest hits editions and such. They weren't always just completely ignored, and for the most part games were tested well enough that most bugs never made it to the game. Now, you have to buy a game 3 months after release to get a product that functions as well as older games did, and even them there are still usually bugs left over , sometimes never to be fixed at al...

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Knows how to party
In the citaaay of L.A.
In the citaaay of good ol' Watts
In the citaaay, the city of Compton
We keep it rockin! We keep it rockin!

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Yea, they should have shown stuff like Move (Failure), Kinect (Failure), PSTV (Failure), 3D gaming TVs (Failure), Wonderbook (Failure) and so many others. It's a funny video, sorry all the companies you like don't have sense of humor...

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I'm waiting patiently for Konami to publicly stated that it's all Kojimas fault.

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"No matter what happens in a video game, anime or movie nothing injured or damaged a real life person."
Your words, not mine. I'm not saying any of these games are propaganda, just that the ability to use these mediums to push an agenda that hurts real life people is there. Would you say the same thing if these games featured babies instead of the girl characters, or if the only NPCs you could kill in GTA were Jewish? How many people have died just for dra...

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I'm very aware of the cultural differences of Japan and I have nothing against it, it is what it is and it works for them, and many other people as well. Don't get me wrong, I'm all for the existence and lack of censorship in these games, but I still find it a little creepy regardless. To each their own though, I'm not judging but it's just my opinion.

Propaganda, no matter it's form, has killed millions of people since t...

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As liberal as I am about sexual content in media, I have to agree. Sometimes, just sometimes, in the heat of the moment... it's a little creepy.
And this is from someone that seriously considered buying a hot anime girl body pillow on more than one occasion :/

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