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Or maybe Halo Wars

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Such pretty screenshots, I bet it looks awesome in motion

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But I can I adjust the jiggle physics?!?

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Sounds like someone is tired of reporting the same thing over and over...

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Sadly it is very under appreciated in the west, but hopefully with the small resurgence of JRPGs it seems like it's happening it can get the much needed interest it deserves.

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They've got some great songs. I'm a big fan of A Squid to Suffer In

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Awesome, this game is inkcredibly fun and deserves to sell another million units.

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Definitely VI. I need a giant, talking purple octopus at the opera along with themes of suicide and contemplations of birth in the apocalypse, all in glorious HD! Also train suplexing...

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If all those ancient cultures, plays, films and the like are lost to the world then yes, they're not art. Art has to be there to be appreciated, if something is lost in time to a point that no record is available and no one is left to remember it then it's nothing. Art requires presence in some form to be appreciated, and you can't appreciate something when there's nothing there to appreciate anymore.

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I did read your article and have to say that I agree, for the most part. We may treat games as an art form when we play and experience them, but in the eyes of the law they're nothing more than products.
Like the prints on a paper towel, they're made to be there and look good and then be tossed away when it's used. Very few companies or gamers even care about the preservation of these games for future generations, or even for themselves when they're older, and simply t...

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Kinect saved... *snicker*

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I agree completely, they didn't show much that would convince anyone who doesn't own a console to pick one up. I wish they'd shown Devils Third and FF V during the Direct instead of more Wooly World, and had an actual indie showcase. The muppets and such were great but everything in-between needed a lot of tweaking.

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The reaction to Federation Force has been ridiculous and has shown the worst side of the gaming community. Where was this backlash for Metroid Pinball? Where are the 20K dislikes for Conker being in Project Spark instead of a full fledged game, or for FZero and Metroid games in Nintendoland? When kids don't get what they want they piss and moan and scream about it and that's exactly what's happening here.

I'm a big of fan of Metroid and I'm sorely disappoi...

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You would think the real hero of SS would get a little more recognition. Such a shame...

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The Legend of Zelda: Electric Boogaloo confirmed

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What they have going for them now are a whole host of amazing games that have released for the system, with more to come at E3. But if you're not the most powerful system with all the realistic graphics then most don't really care anymore...

I'm hoping for a Metroid announcement and a unified account system myself, both would be good news.

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That PS3 version of Skyrim is why I stopped buying most games day one. Awful doesn't even begin to describe the labyrinth of eldritch horrors that is the launch version of that game...

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"I have no problems, therefore no one has any problems."

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Uhhh, how about almost everything Nintendo has revealed?

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