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That's amazing, wish I had the money to do this. #1
Hoping for more in the future! #26
A story of youth... and destiny! #29
Particle Boom sounds fun. #27
2 guys? That's rough. #27
Hurray for games! #26
Nice concise explanation of the process. #28
It's a pretty addictive game. #29
Afro Samurai Cop DLC :D #37.1.1
Join the rest of us and just don't buy EA games. There's a lot of other companies making games and they don't look through your information.
If it uses Origin just say no. #4.1.1
Welcome to the digital future. #12
"Well since you two are such experts then why did they delay Watchdogs on the Wii U?

I thought they said it was because they needed more time to optimize the game for the Wii Us hardware."

Actually the WatchDogs release was postponed because the team working on the WiiU version was pulled off of it to help with the game on the other platforms. There was apparently some issue that only they could take care of and because of it the WiiU gets another... #2.1.4
Completely buying this. #4
Yeah, definitely not buying this anymore and I had intended to pick it up before this whole mess. I will not be told that I "will buy it, even in one more year" #20
Or WiiU. #3.1
So... hot... must play.... Gandromeda... #1
I'm not that into racing games, especially Sims, but I had planned to pick this up because it looks awesome (did the same for NFS) and to show some WiiU support. Now I'm really not sure if I want to, at least not immediately. This kind of stuff needs to stop. #7
Indie month is the best month! #8
The consequence system makes me think of The Banner Saga. #7
"It seems like the whole industry is playing it safe, creating the same old cinematic cover shooters and MOBA clones. Am I just getting old or was it always like that? Am I growing out of gaming, becoming like all the other grown ups who say that everything is going down the toilet?"
This is why indie devs are so important and why the AAA industry has lost a lot of support from me. I've seen many genre come and go, many of which I really liked, and replaced by nothing b... #9
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