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You just wrote a weeks worth of P4RGaming articles! Awesome! I wish more real stories were funny like this instead of faking journalistic qualities like they do now. #2
Hhhmmmmm..... I'd give money if I could take a dump in the woods using QTE clench mechanics but as it stands I think I'd rather just put on my bear suit and do all that stuff.... #5
VR is inevitable, it's the only real viable option for changing the way we visually interact with media. Whether the Morpheus is the way that happens is what's yet to be seen but so far the prospects are promising. #7
Okami 2!!!!!!! Also the SoulBlazer/Illusion of Gaia games from SNES and Actraiser. Oh please give me sweet Actraiser goodness on something that's not a phone or tablet. #5
I have huge problem with this guys opinion, of course price should equate into the review of a game, just as many other tech oriented reviews often do, and already does. Is Dungeon Keeper rated with its price in mind? How about other micro transaction based games? If taken soley for their gameplay I'm sure reviews would be far more favorable for many of these 'games' but the price of playing negates these things because it's not worth it
Or using an example from the... #7
And mobile is where formerly fun franchises go to die. It's OK, just look at the flowers while I aim this gun... #7
One of the articles did say it was made to accommodate glasses (I'm in that demographic so I made sure to look) and I believe the ps4 camera is necessary for the head tracking. #12.1
YEAH! That is a great example of an upcoming horror game that could really benefit from the Morpheus. I'm looking forward to scary jaws trying to eat my face. @÷÷€ #3.2.2
So true, Outlast especially since it has a good amount of in-your-face kinds of scares :D
Fatal Frame would be amazing as well, maybe using the DS4 to hold the Camera Obscure up to your face and taking pictures with the trigger in VR would make me squeal like a little girl in frightened excitement! #3.1.2
I want to see a (good) Silent Hill on this, or at least some kind of horror game. I'll be interested to see what Deep will be like. #3
I've bought games from watching lets plays before, it is very nice to check out the first half or quarter of a game to set if it's worth it and although I haven't done the streaming stuff I can completely see that being another great way to gauge a game. Hopefully text reviewers don't go away but rather the worst of the bunch are weeded out and we get left with quality reviewers and day one streamers. #1
Tomorrow will hopefully bring even more info and some respectable, independent opinions on ease of use, functionality and just general impressions. #11
That was a long time ago it's been almost 20 years since bathroom sized set ups at state fairs. A lot has changed with customer tech in that time and the push for VR by numerous companies is telling of that change. I do admit there will be problems though, especially in the beginnings. People with motion sickness will probably vomit on sight, I'm certain some people will get feelings of distortion or vertigo with certain situations or prolonged use but for the main mass of gamers and... #4.3.2
I wish game would be released like a month after they were announced, waiting is what kills the hype for me more than anything else. This would also help with the downgraded visuals since a month from release I would hope visuals would be set. #3
Have you seen the amount of make up, photo shop, surgical work and clothing with fake 'accessories' people use for photo shoots and TV/movies so they can look as sexy as possible in everything they do? The problem here is human culture, not game culture. That being said I'm looking very forward to Bayo 2 with increased 'ass'ets.... Sorry, I'll leave now.... #5
I'm way excited for the movie, but not this game. I would have preferred a fighting game, maybe something along the lines of Killer Instinct. GGGGGGGGODZILLA COMBO!!!!!!! #3
I can't take my games into a Wal Mart, they deserve better than that. #6
A masterpiece of a game, if you care about RPGs this should be on your to purchase (or emulate :D) list. #7
The AAA industry has been shedding talent over the last couple of years, it's amazing how many people have just said 'screw you guys, I'm going home'. I wish him the best and look eagerly to the future for his next release. #20
Well, I guess it's time for me to do some research..... ;) #15
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