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"Iwata-san wanted to make sure the audience understood that Nintendo hasn’t lost its passion for dedicated game consoles, and in fact it is working on a platform utilizing a completely “new concept,” code named “NX.” Iwata-san hopes to share more about it next year." #6.1
I just found out there's a place with a Cruisin' Exotica cabinet in my town, and this makes me want to play it really bad... #1.3.2
Nier has an amazing story with numerous facets and multiple endings that not only expand on the story but often change your perspective of events throughout the game. It's amazing, it should be on your list. #2.1.5
I remember when Mortal Kombat had just come out and I showed it to my parents, they wouldn't let me play it after seeing some of the finishing moves and the gore. I would go to the arcade and watch from a distance when I could, read the articles (the June 1993 issue of EGM is what I used to convince them I could play the Snes version of MK) and only got to really play the game when it was on released on consoles. I never did tell them about the Genesis blood code though ;)
The Konami Code as the password to launch nukes worldwide confirmed. #12
And NeoGaf...
Honestly this is about what I expected for the awards, there's not much surprise here except that Shovel Knight is walking into the sunset, Shield Knight by his side, without an award. #13.1
I'm personally a huge fan of Super Best Friends Play (or Two Best Friends Play). They may be crude but they're honest and have a huge appreciation for games. #7
One of the first systems I ever touched was an Atari 2600, I had a lot of great time with Breakout, Pitfall, Defender, Missile Command and many others. Thanks for helping bring some great moments to my, and many others, childhoods. #10
And Sakurai, somewhere in a hotel getting ready to go to bed, felt a twinge in his wrists. Somewhere, somehow, someone had discovered the one mistake, the bug that crippled his wrists as he tried to fix it.
Somewhere in a hotel, Sakurai crys... #7
I still haven't been able to hop on the DLC train, I've bought VERY few pieces (Mario Kart, Dark Souls 2, that's it). I have so little faith in the industry to make quality content after a game releases that I just pretty much ignore it entirely. I hate any story DLC locking important parts of the experience (i.e. the ending), character DLC since I have no trust that those characters will be as balanced as the others, I refuse to pay for micro transactions in anything, so on so o... #2.1.2
I played Grandia on PSX without a memory card after renting it for a week. Never turned the game off, left it on for 3 days. I got all the way to the end of disc one but couldn't move to disc 2 without saving, but I finally had the money for a memory card. I left, got the card, and came back home to find my system had been unplugged. 40 hours lost.

So I started again from scratch, memory card and battle system love in hand, another 35 hours and all the way to disc 2. I pu... #1.2
I can change my name to John Carmack... But that doesn't mean I'll make great video games. A name means nothing, the people behind the name are what matter. #5
And people have been rampantly complaining about it since it started, but instead of more common sense DLC practices the majority has just gotten worse. I remember when the 360 was nearing its launch and games started to cost $10 more for a couple of extras (making of video, maybe a retro title from the same sites). Later it was confirmed that those were just to see if people were willing to pay the higher price, and when they did it showed that "next gen" games could use that price... #9.1.2
This mirrors a lot of what Jesse Cox, you tuber and consistent member of the co optional podcast, has said recently about UbiSoft. If I remember correctly he was getting copies of games to play and trips to events for UbiSoft games, but after playing those games on his channel and talking a fair amount of trash about the games all of that stopped, and now Ubi never contacts him for anything anymore.

Like I said Jesse is a you tuber and not a reviewer, but I can easily see man... #1.4.2
To be fair backing a Peter Molyneux game is akin to throwing your money into a volcano. Kickstarter is a great way to fund projects that would otherwise never be released. You can't just wait to buy a game when it comes out of it's never going to come out :\

That being said Kickstarter does need some more protections for people throwing money at these projects, a better definition of what the customer is getting and penalties for groups or companies that don't del... #2.1
The I think only game that would wipe the data from your Amiibo is Mario Party, at least so far. #1.1.1
LittleBigSonicKong: The Game

It looks pretty enjoyable. #4
No mention here that this will be the last time anyone can get Doc Louis' Punch Out, EVER?! If you love Punch Out it's definitely worth grabbing for 250 coins. It's short, but satisfyingly sweet. #4
The puzzle part isn't the worst part for me, it's the idea of the camera angles being awkward and the original tank controls being unplayable. Both of these things actually work really well together, the tank controls offer a reliable way of traversing through the constantly changing camera while keeping the player on edge and the camera angles themselves are made to not only look gorgeous but to make the player feel uneasy about what's next.
It's like a modern review... #1.1.1
I'm sorry, but until I see one of these 'girl gamers' in the wild and get to test one out with my own hands I'm not convinced. Articles like this tend to play up the capabilities of new products but I learned a long time ago that new hardware always has its problems. Definitely not pre ordering one of these 'girl gamers', I'll wait until I can try one in a store or a friends house... #6
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