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I have the Move, I'm holding on to it in hopes it has Morpheus functions, and it's great for playing Okami. What no one remembers is the Wonder Book...

Anyway, it's slightly different circumstances. The Move was simply trying to capitalize of the Wii success, while this sounds more like trying to reclaim the casual market altogether. I don't think it will work, that market is gone for now, but as long as it doesn't lead to a refocusing of resources towards... #18.1.1
Wal Mart is an awful place now. They used to do raises after 3 months, merit raises, incentives, decent insurance and such but now it's a shell of its former self.
I worked there for 4 years, overnights, and was fired while I was on medical leave because of a no call/no show error with a new automated call in system that was being tested in our store. I tried going back a few months later and they started me the beginning of the pay scale, $7.00 hr with 4 years of recent experienc... #2.1.1
"We need to have the kind of product that will engage that more casual consumer. I think that’s a big opportunity for us, and that’s not yet clear on the horizon, but something we should and I’m sure will be focused on as we look forward into year two, three and four.”
Sony courting casuals, going after that Wii crowd that won't be coming back to console anytime soon. Sony Sports Resort and and PSFit confirmed?!? #18
Anyway, I saw a message kind of like this when i went to torrent The Battery. If been going through finding some stuff to watch and, unfortunately, I don't have the kind of money to just buy movies on a whim to watch so i was downloading them.

When I went to download The Battery there was a message in the comments just saying 'hey, hope you like the movie, if you do or just want to send some money our way DRM free copy can downloaded (insert websit... #1
My gf woke me up to fix our car, but I was able to adjust her notification settings in the menu and I went back to sleep. Unfortunately, she was able to do a factory reset :( #7
Really? Amended reviews are the worst, the games should be shipping in a finished state, not patched to it later on. Anyone looking at this review for information should know that without a patch the game may perform poorly. I feel sorry for future retro gamers, most of the games released this gen and last aren't going to work in the future unless these patches are magically available after servers are shut down. #24.1
@ Kenshin
"Across two PlayStation 4 systems, my (already patched) game encountered frequent frame rate stuttering, crashed multiple times and glitched out so I couldn’t respawn after dying."
That was with a day zero patch.
How does a reviewer try a day one patch when the review is written before it exists/is available? Even if she used the patch she'd have to go through the entirety of the game again to check for those bugs. Doesn't make sense. #4.2.2
Oh, those are the WORST bugs. I had an ME2 bug corrupt my HDD, lost everything and had to send it back to Sony. I feel for your friends, that sucks :°( #5.1
Best way to fix a game is to break a game...? #2
Markets also believe reality TV is hot and that the Transformers movies are worth seeing. Markets are usually pretty dumb, especially since the millennium. #7.3
Looks like my coins are just going to keep building up... #3
P* games have a history of selling poorly EVERYWHERE. Bayo 1 performed poorly on its release, on consoles with far larger install base, Vanquish, Okami (might as well be P*), infinite space, etc. Metal Gear Rising is the only game I can think of that was a sales success, and that's in part because of the Metal Gear name. #1.1.1
Anyone else hoping for a loli dance rhythm visual novel puzzle shmup MOBA? #6
If you miss that Japanese flair you should pick up Valkyrie Chronicles on Steam, it's a good port and ,although it's not super eccentric, is full of oddball character traits and great strategy JRPG action. #6.1
My playthrough on Okami was like 90 hours (though that was with me and my son taking turns reading most of the dialogue out loud) and that game just keeps giving and giving. Truly a masterpiece of a game, but it demands you to treat it as such and put the hours into it.
Also, completely with you on the PS4, Bloodbourne and Witcher are THE games that make me want one, though I'll probably still wait to pick one up for awhile. #4.1
The difference is how it has been handled and how its happened.
343 took a cookie out of the jar and apologized. UbiSoft took all the cookies, took a dump in the empty jar, blamed the dog and then tried to apologize. Which one would you be more upset with?
Oh, and by the way, EA fed the cookies to the dog and killed it, blamed you for buying the cookies, then burned down your house 'cause you tried to punish him. Later on, in juvi, he baked you a cake (DA: Inquisition), bu... #1
Seriously, how long do you see the Live Store on 360 and PSN on PS3 being supported? What makes you think either of those marketplaces is going to stay up forever, let alone the rest of this current generation?

You say which store has gone anywhere but digital has only just become a thing, no consoles before last gen had them and we're only 1 year into the current gen, they haven't had anywhere to go yet but there's no question that those services will be shut dow... #4.2.1
I bought a copy of Grandia on PSN only to have it disappear from my list of purchased games. I also had the HDD on my PS3 corrupt because of a save bug in Mass Effect 2, and if that were to happen with no PS3 PSN I would be screwed out of anything I had on there. There's just too many variables and unknowns for how digital content is, or if it even will, carry on over time. I like having access to older games and digital, on console at least, doesn't give me any piece of mind that I&#... #4.1.1
I just can't get behind digital, literally everything about it outside of not having to swap a disc is more limiting with digital. Can't sell it, can't trade it, can't loan it, it's more expensive on console, the game become unavailable on console if the store/servers are shut down and after that if you get a corrupted HDD your stuff is gone, there's so little we know about how digital will be handled on the last gen consoles once those store are done, it's just a... #4
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