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I don't know why but I was expecting something a little more out there, like racing games and cooking sims.

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It's OK, the Razor Twoya will come out and show everyone the error of their ways...

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I hope there's a 'smoke cigarette' button.

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We have a code name, that's all we need!
My prediction - It's a portable home console augmented VR reality cloud machine, will require fiber internet, launches with DQ VII,VIII, X, and XI, P.T., Konami's console port of Castlevania: EROTIC VIOLENCE and F Zero. Prove me wrong internet :D

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But what about the jiggle physics!?!

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YYYYEEEEESSSSSSSSSSS! My Wiiu needs some jrpg love...

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I hope the song gets released, it's definitely a high point in the game and something I'd listen to regularly.

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Silent Hills isn't cancelled, the entire game is hidden within the Splatoon code. I'm sure entering the Konami code after the final boss will reveal the truth! (I'm dead inside, f&%$ Konami...)

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I'll be anxiously awaiting it's release, looks fantastic!

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I'm still hyped about the Godzilla game, I've watched a couple of let's plays and I don't think it looks anywhere near as bad as reviews say. This is why middleware developers disappeared, of your game isn't the new hot s$#@ it's a pile of garbage according to reviewers.
After Nier, Godhand, Deadly Premonition and numerous others I knot take reviews semi seriously. To many amazing gems get bashed on by the reviewing community to take their word as golden.

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You're a RotR fan!?! HAHAHHHAAAHAHAHAAA!!!
(I beat MK 1 with every character... on the gameboy... Also owned and extensively used a Tiger RZone)

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If you like Asimov styled robo antics with point and click style puzzles mixed with some fairly solid gunplay then yes, this is a 10/10 game. I would put it on my top ten games of last year, mostly because of the solid gameplay and amazing story with voice acting that far surpasses most AAA titles. The worst part is that there isn't much as far as replay value :/

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Now on to outselling the Gamecube

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11 cents is a pretty good price for anything

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If you don't want to read peoples comments then don't do it. It really is that simple. Whining on internet forums about random people isn't useful, it's annoying.

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Gotta steal that Borderlands 3 money from someone...

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The world is less fun now. Rest well Iwata-san, you've been a shining example of how to walk your own path and the legacy you've left will touch lives until there are no more lives to touch.

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I'll buy your bridge, but only if it's a physical bridge. I don't do digital bridges anymore...

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No, not at all. The people petitioning to have the game cancelled are the worst bunch of babies I've seen in a while. Apparently "Never judge a book by its cover" is lost on the vast majority of people now.

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