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Please change his name to Mega Man so both him AND I can both win in life. Congrats! #21
Someday I'm sure we'll see a Benonetta game with bulging crotch torture moves and big bicep beat it off action... #10.2
This is probably my biggest issue as well, I have no faith in any digital games being available after a system stops being supported. All the PSN and Xbox downloaded titles will eventually be rendered inaccessible when the servers are shut down for the Ps3/360 services. Or even worse what if one of these companies goes under?
I can play my NES games now and in the future because I own everything I need to do so, but with digital there are too many variables and lots more opportunity... #23.1.2
The Shadow Hearts game were very under rated, I wish that series would make a comeback.... #7
EA is the best, can't wait to buy all their games day one with all the season passes and exclusive content.

April Fools #43
194,412 #5.2.1
177,094 #5.2
I have never, and will never, use Origin. Change all you want EA your digital platform is a heap of crap on a turd throne. #8
165,761 #5.1
157,390 #5
Not for $60, but maybe for $40. Honestly it doesn't matter to me anyway, I won't have a PS4 for awhile so by the time I do get one this will be cheap and I will be happy. #43
119,960 #16
Any device that forces me to get a facebook account to use it is dead to me. #9
Even if Sony doesn't get the Morpheus working for PC I would be shocked if the PC community itself didn't get it working. One way or the other the PC is going to wind up with Morpheus support. #3.1.4
Ssshhhhh... You don't want Petey the Piracy Platypus to show up and start giving lectures, do you?!? #4.1
This is just some sneaky way to gather metrics on gamers t shirt sizes, isn't it?........ You win, XL :D #51
Oh, you want to give me some super awesome merch? Well thank you! #135
You can golden sun on your TV now with a GameCube and the gameboy player attachment. Also I completely agree that this guy has all the good taste in GBA games. #1.1
Although what Orth has to say here has some merit it's not like the internet is what causes this sort of thing. Mobs, threatening letters, stalking, random acts of violence and more have existed throughout time and have held far greater thrall over the people that have been targeted than a bunch of upset sh!t talking internet fops.
People like Dimebag Darrell, John Lennon and Martin Luther King lost their lives for putting themselves in the spotlight, is always a possibility that... #24
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