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Yea, I'm kind of put off by the Windows as a service thing as well. I would hope we've all been around long enough to know that free doesn't mean you aren't paying in some other way... #4.2
This, times 9000. #2.1
Really excited for the Let's Play... #8
It looks really good remastered. Honestly I'm still amazed at how well the GameCube version holds up, they really pushed the system on that release. #1
I can't wait to play this, it's taken way too long for devs to start making games inspired by Earthbound. #1
Her family and the world of music have lost someone irreplaceable. My deepest condolences to everyone. #7
The majority of hate that this games gets is from a ton of decisions made for the original launch on PC. The game was always online, it stuttered or lagged and that resulted in lots of unfair deaths, the Auction House system screwed with the loot system and made finding a legendary piece of gear for your character either borderline impossible or really expensive, there was a lack of depth in the difficulty, character attacks and some enemies were either way too weak or too strong, etc.
I was actually really interested in Evolve...
I'm no longer interested. #13
Rated M for Magical?... #5
I said a model that's backwards compatible, not all models. That gives customers far more choice than what PSNow is offering. Anyone regularly using this service is going to wind up spending more than the extra costs of a BC model would be, and would likely be far more reliable.
As for the other option with PSNow, that's still just rental, and if the prices on it were making people so happy this subscription model wouldn't exist.
It seems the only... #11.3
That kid is going to need neck surgery after 30 minutes of playing that thing... #1
I would have rather had a backwards compatible PS4 model for an extra $180 dollars than this subscription service. That way I could choose exactly what I want to play, keep my psn downloads and avoid paying for this service as the only option for some semblance of backwards compatibility. #11
I still feel that just buying a cheap, used PS3 and whatever games I actually want to play would be a cheaper option. Most of the games that are available on the service are at least a year old and can be picked up for sub $10 prices used. This also seems rather pointless for anyone that already has a PS3 as, yet again, most of the game here can be bought cheap and you can simply get what you want instead of a whole bunch of stuff you'll probably never touch.
As a solution to back... #29
Now THAT is something I would love to see companies get behind. I've never quite understood why these companies don't just bring some of these fan game crews under their wing. Throw a little bit of money at these devs, maybe even a couple of staff, and sell this stuff. I love free and all but I would much rather talented people get paid for what they do... #15.1
The biggest difference between the digital marketplace and physical releases is the use/pre owned market. Sure, Tatsunoko vs Capcom is out of print and unavailable digitally but I can still buy the game. It doesn't have to be new for me to enjoy it.
With digital that's not an option. Once it's gone it's gone, better hope someone with a console that already has it downloaded wants to sell their entire console.
This problem extends even further i... #4.1.4
That's very true. I feel like the slow countdown to the digital marketplace on last gen consoles being shut down has begun. The question now is how long is the countdown. #4.1.1
Sony/MS make a lot of money off of selling online access, and that's not going away anytime soon. As long as online play is locked behind a pay wall multiplayer aspects of games are going to be pushed and pushed hard. I don't think single player is going to disappear or anything like that, but the emphasis has been made clear over the last couple of years. Multiplayer=More money for companies=more online multiplayer components for AAA games. #8
The digital marketplace is really starting to show it's flaws. It seems like these kinds of announcements are coming faster and faster, and without a physical release or a way for owners to sell these games it just means people that if you didn't jump in you're just screwed now if you want to play. I thought technology was supposed to make things better, not more disposable... #4
I'm all about a new (or remade) Mana installment on consoles. I don't even care which console, this series just needs to be brought back and done right. #5
Yea, until you have kids... #3.1.2
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