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I disagree, I think it will be the end of 2017 before a new console comes out. I do think Zelda will be on it as a launch title, but it will be more like TLOU rather than TP. This gives the Wii U a regular console cycle lifetime, which N said they were going to fully support the system, and sales have been up instead of down for the console so replacing it too soon would be a mistake. 2017 release, hopefully we see the console at some point in 2016. #1.1.4
I came here looking for mention of Shadow Hearts and I'm not disappointed. Good job :D #15.1
At the same time, simply plastering a "THIS STORY IS NOT CANON" sentence during the title screen load would be more than adequate to let people know whatever is in the game isn't canon. I kinda think this is bad time to squash down alternate stories through certain media, there could be some great ideas thrown out there that Disney could use to their advantage. #4.1
I would also say, to their credit, that Nintendo has had recent problems with people communicating through their games for nefarious purposes. Wasn't it flipnote studio that was shut down because pedos were trying to get in touch with kids through it
? Nintendo is still trying to cater to the family friendly idea. Splatoon would be perfect for VC, but at the same time it gives sick people the ability to do what they want and there is very little Nintendo can do to keep up with and... #9
Finally, we're going to get that free to play mobile game sequel to The Bouncer that absolutely no one wants... #9
20 million more copies sold confirmed :D
All joking aside, that was pretty cool, but it's the soundtrack that really sells it... #12
Wait, we're getting rid of Bubbles? But, but, but, what are we gonna do when Bubbles is gone?!? Damnitt....
Anyway, I'll leave this here...
to commemorate the days of N4G when Cats and Bubbles were all the rage and everyone was into them. #45
Oh Jim, you say you almost died from an allergy, but I know it was just because Willam DaFoe got too rough with you after dinner for dropping Skyrim by Committee. Just do what DaFoe says from now on or leave him and take your chances with Val Kilmer...

OT: I can definitely see how there are influences and similarities, but calling it straight up survival horror may be too much. Doom has a horror aesthetic and plenty of tense moments where you're low on ammo with 18% healt... #3
Why are so many people upset at Nintendo for a C&D? Show me a universe where a remastered, advertised Uncharted, God of War, Halo or Forza gets released without approval by some random devs. This is business as usual for almost any business.

That being said, I'd love to see some of these random devs unlicensed projects being picked up by any company. Good talent shouldn't go wasted, and making deals with or supporting some of these projects could be easy money for... #8
Announcing your unlicensed game before it's released is the STUPIDEST thing any developer can do. EVER. Make it, release it, tell everyone to look at it. Unless you and your team take themselves off the grid and communicate their intentions and progress through a third party with no knowledge of their whereabouts by carrier pigeon with notes glued together from magazine clippings then SHUT UP and make the damn game.

Never forget Chrono Resurrection... #2
That's like saying all Catholic priests touch kids, you're using some pretty broad strokes there in your opinions of Nintendo fans...

OT: I think Zelda will be available for NX at/near launch IF NX is actually a home console, but I think it will be more like TLOU in that it will release on Wii U and then later in a remastered edition around the NX launch, which will probably be about a year and a half after the official announcement of the console. #2.2.4
You won't be disappointed :D
The trailer on their website gives a little better idea as to how the gameplay works and what the story is about. #11.1.1
This game is amazing, the story and the VA are both really quality and include a lot of really well written dialogue. The gameplay is also exceptional, with the game being a cross between a Metroidvania and a point and click style adventure. Use your gun to stop enemies, use your items on things in the environment to gain access to new areas and items.

I can't begin to stress how cool this game is. If you like Asimov inspired robot stories, genuinely good voice acting (s... #11
You're right, if Nintendo had been able to hold on to ports of CoD and Assassins Creed they'd be doing great now... #1.3.2
"Iwata-san wanted to make sure the audience understood that Nintendo hasn’t lost its passion for dedicated game consoles, and in fact it is working on a platform utilizing a completely “new concept,” code named “NX.” Iwata-san hopes to share more about it next year." #6.1
I just found out there's a place with a Cruisin' Exotica cabinet in my town, and this makes me want to play it really bad... #1.3.2
Nier has an amazing story with numerous facets and multiple endings that not only expand on the story but often change your perspective of events throughout the game. It's amazing, it should be on your list. #2.1.5
I remember when Mortal Kombat had just come out and I showed it to my parents, they wouldn't let me play it after seeing some of the finishing moves and the gore. I would go to the arcade and watch from a distance when I could, read the articles (the June 1993 issue of EGM is what I used to convince them I could play the Snes version of MK) and only got to really play the game when it was on released on consoles. I never did tell them about the Genesis blood code though ;)
The Konami Code as the password to launch nukes worldwide confirmed. #12
And NeoGaf...
Honestly this is about what I expected for the awards, there's not much surprise here except that Shovel Knight is walking into the sunset, Shield Knight by his side, without an award. #13.1
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