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@ Bansai

I hope those are just different times of the day and not actual cutscenes.

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Hopefully, they give us a DD2 also.

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We all have I hope they come out with more than 6 missions. They should just pull the jobs that they had in story mode and add a few twists.

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The entire time reading the list I thought we would see Duke Nukem.

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They need to add alternative uniforms in MyCareer and lower D-Wades speed.

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Agreed, but at least we don't have to pay for it lol. One thing that I still wish they would've added multiple team uniforms in MyCareer mode.

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I dunno, the game just feels weird. From the first game I played on NBA2K14 I fell in love. I can't say the same for 2K15.

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Same here, I got it last night also.

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I am hoping for Destiny (the MMO possibilities have me loving the game), but then again Destiny seems like Halo with a new skin + expanded RPG experience. I think COD needs a complete overhaul and new ideas. I mean come on I was hoping for something new, to me the new exo-skeloton + parkour = TitanFall w/out the heavy armor.

I am for sure probably getting both games, but come on how about something new from the 3 major FPS franchises.

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Obviously not, Chris Smoove even says it in the video.

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Wrong console at 3:06 the player pulls up the player pass options which shows that it's XBO game play.

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I think the reason why people are calling CDPR hypocrites is because they said in May no exclusive content on ANY platform.

"WE ARE TREATING ALL GAMERS EQUALLY" Marcin Iwinski said. My how the mighty have fallen.

Only 2 months later, now theirs exclusive XBO content. It'...

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I think everybody was like what the hell is wrong with my PC. I tried clearing my cookies and was like WTH.

I am liking this game it's like a graphical beastly version of Dark Souls.

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I say set it in Beijing 40-50 years into the future. Let's think more Ghost in the Shell, it's a game it doesn't have to be set in the real world. I would love it to get to the point where you're hacking androids and other things.

Make the city bigger (way more districts), add more hacking options, real hand to hand combat (not the same boring, baton take downs) and more people (Chicago looked sooo sparse, hopefully the next game looks like a real living city...

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If it's not a timed exclusive SE has made another stupid move in a long list of stupid moves. I cannot see this game being a platform specific exclusive as it means they will be missing a huge chunk of it's sales with PS4 and PC fans.

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I wish they would take the Witcher 3 approach no timed or exclusive DLC.

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I really just want to see some gameplay footage or something besides mocap settings. I thought that's what we were going to be getting when they did that Twitch live feed and that didn't happen.

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I thought The Agency was RockStar?

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I have to agree with you, while I like D-Wade, he just hasn't been the same for the last year and a half.

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When I saw; Star Wars 1313, 8Days and Pirates of the Caribbean: Armada of the Damned, I was hyped. Sadly, they all never came out. I think I was more disappointed with Star Wars, because that game looked like a beast.

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