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If it is still KZ2, can't be.... maybe it'll release by christmas, .00000001% posibility?


Who am I kidding, not gonna happen, maybe LE/CE announced?

EDIT: WHOA Dec 4 is the first thursday of December, most likely QORE related, I would be a subscriber by then if I were you.....

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Why couldn't it just be Nuts and Bolts, without the Banjo? This is not a Banjo game.

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Really I am mixed on the subject. Some games don't just tell you what to do but are designed correctly so that your thought will lead to it. As mentioned Metroid Prime is a good example as is Portal.

Some games attempt this but do not do it so well. For me R2 boss battles were like that, it didn't spell out how to do it, but didn't reassure you that you were doing it right either.

Other games just throw the answer in your face, like Zelda. (love Zelda, just an observ...

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Some of these are good, others meh. The sackouette(spelled wrong) should be up there, best yet in my opinion.

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Its SPIKE so Gears 2 will likely win, not the game awards I would pay attention to.

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yep as generic as GOW2 and COD5, oh what a sin.

A game can be generic and focus of perfecting something you know. Improves gameplay, atmosphere, and graphics. I am not complaining.

KZ2 will be as good as another FPS so far if not better, that sounds fine to me, get over it.

Why don't you tell me a game that is taking the FPS further as of now?

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I cannot wait, If they push it back again I am calling a petition, and not the silent and nice type.

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Every game has online issues, Insomniac is very aware of issues and works to fix them in a timely manner.
The online in R2 is massive.

Amazing game.

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Not a shot at Sony at all, I think they are one of the best electronic companies, my personal favorite. Every Sony product I have owned has been exceptional. Its quality, just expensive quality.

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I expect a PS3 price cut around E3 09. How much I don't know.. MAYBE $75.

Dunno, Sony is in the crapper at the moment since the economy is. High-end electronics are the first to go. People are still buying HDTVs but are more likely to go Vizio or Samsung with the current economy.

Still worth the money for the most part, its just a lot of that money.

I know I will be getting my BRAVIA early next year!

EDIT: What did I say to get 2 disagrees?!?!...

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This was easy to get, surprised it is news. I have had it for some time now.

Its cool looking but it is very easy to loose track of yourself when you are running because you are so skinny!

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Love quality but seeing as it is an open-world thee does need to be a decent length.

Cmon now Sucker Punch give me at least a 20 hour game if you are going open-world.

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ok square stop announcing stuff and start releasing stuff!!!!!!!!

Platform wise it depends on who is developing. SE themselves means multiplat but Tri-ace means 360 exclusive since they don't want to make PS3 games.

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your avatar brings back memories robotnik, oh FFXI why are you so crack-like?

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At best it can mimic PSP like graphics so PS2 is still a ways off. PSP2 will be out soon enough and likely be PS2-ish in power.

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Damn YouNoob, start taking your own advice and look at your own avatar.

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It does little the DS can't (gaming wise), the DS2 will pass it in graphics and Nintendo has a ENORMOUSLY GIGANTICALLY COLOSSALLY OTHER-WORLDLY sized install base.

It just can't compete.

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Last Remnant is hardly a main event.

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WTF? Didn't expect this, looks pretty bad in comparison to some other RPGs we saw on PS2.

I guess Japan will always have that soft spot for JRPGs. Looks like a 7.5-8 game at most to me. Hopefully I'm wrong, I have been in a JRPG mood lately.

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Oh no. Banjo was in the same range I believe. To launch at that price spells out half-assed title.

It is made by Cavia? I didn't know that. There is no way they could handle a game as big as an RPG. Drakengard was ok but RPGs take a hell of alot more work than a hack and slash, explains the iffy texture work and framerate issues though.

I hope it is ok, I had some hope for this title..

No good JRPGs til WKC and FFXIII I guess... Kinda depressing since th...

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