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Understandable, story wise its typical vague nintendo fair but the art style was very good. The first was easily the best and made you feel completely alone on a living planet.

Atmosphere is a mixed bag in games, KZ2 looks like it will have an exceptional atmosphere as well. Bioshock was cool too.

Don't see enough engrossing atmospheres out there!

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metroid prime impressed me, it always has. One of only a few first-person games that has an adventure feel to it. A few of the devs left Retro and made a new company that will be making 360/ps3 games, cannot wait for that.

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ya thats most likely it

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I cannot think of a single game Nintendo could make that appeals to the Halo crowd... Mario with sligshots doesn't count, Metroid is more like Bioshock than Halo, Zelda is an adventure...

seriously I got nothing, maybe a new franchise..

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wow this wins the crappiest comment of the week, and its only teusday here... great.

But I'm sure your in love with Master Cheif and Marcus Fenix as characters right? At least no steroids are involved here.

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Open world games take alot of work, I don't understand why a developer would go open world without at least 30-35hrs of content, 15 or so in main story.

No doubt it'll be good though, Sucker Punch is great.

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People don't exactly flock to FPS for a good story, however I will have to say that the day an FPS pulls off something truly emotional with a story will be awesome. With the war-like themes there is the potential for true emotion but I have yet to see that feel genuine.

Heavy Rain looks very good but I won't lie, I'm afraid the story will get ruined like in Fahrenheit (Indigo Prophecy). It does look quite interactive though.

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Maybe, but that has nothing to do with Gears 2 since the story isn't interactive...

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Just...No...I mean...Really?...NO!

So MGS4 was denied the interactive storytelling title it actually deserved, but Gears 2 gets it?

I feel sick, I mean can people really believe this? Its surprising what some theatrics and BS heart felt commercials can do. Really gaming can never be taken serious can it...

EDIT: @ person who mention SOTC, ya that game really felt amazing as far as connection to the character. That is interactive storytelling.

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Wow thats just crappy. The basically criticize it for being everything they love about other games, we will leave those games unnamed.

Aw screw it, like Gears doesn't have set piece bosses? WTF? Seriously escapist, what the....

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Nice but, Sony... BUY THEM!

Either way I'm sure Sony own the LittleBigPlanet franchise name. Good move so far.

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This would be nice but I doubt it'll ever end. Every exclusive on X-system is presumed to be in direct response to exclusive on Y-system.

Blah blah blah, just have to ignore it.

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Great preview, I don't think I have read a negative one yet.

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lol ya I noticed that.

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Splinter Cell: Conviction has been in the cooker too long, it'll suffer from Too Human syndrome.

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If they are using the HL2 engine STILL, HL3 cannot come close to KZ2 graphically. Chances are they will stretch HL3 out with episodes and ruin it.

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Well I completely disagree, sony first party moves games forward. MS just throws out the same formula.

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Well RARE has been a bit off this gen, lets watch Jet Force Gemini become an RPG...

Lets just say I'm no longer excited for RARE games...

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There is no way games will display at those resolutions with the next consoles, TVs with those resolutions exist but CONSOLE games at that resolution? Can't be. Maybe the following generation.

I'd also bet it'll be 3 or 4gb ram, not 2.

Seems like speculation, some of it seems possible, others are just plain ridiculous, and still others are wishful thinking at best.

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It looks stellar, the destructibility looks amazing. At first I thought the best we would see was Company as far as destruction goes, which was nice but very fake looking. This, however, is the real deal.

DMM is very impressive as well but in general it didn't provide as much atmosphere and reality like we see here.

No expense spared, Sony first party is just jaw dropping, always is.

EDIT: Check out the particle effects, ridiculous.

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