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Take a look at the Gamersyde720p videos, they look extremely similar.

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How exactly are you concluding visuals? Hopefully not from that video.

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If he did skip it that explains the loading, the PS3 should match (or beat) the 360 load with install (Duh!...).

Other than that the only difference I saw (as is the only possible with a video that quality) was the colors (as usual) I still think 360 games tend to look like the contrast is ridiculously high, just my opinion but I think it looks weird.

While the PS3 would need an install (those loads were quite bad.) it would still fair better thanks to the D-pad, the...

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No game can compare to the scale offered here. It is mind blowing to see such large areas and quantities of enemies all running seamlessly. The mo-cap is absolutely stunning and makes for some of the most enemies and overall movement we have seen this gen. The story seems to have been given a lot of attention and the direct continuation from R1 was a good choice.

Overall I am very impressed, I was afraid the story mode would get overlooked and left in the shadows of 60-man multip...

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Well this doesn't count out a PSN/XBL original release. Also he still states a FF7 game is coming, just not a remake (fine by me).

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The 360 won but not by much(especially considering the lead they have) across the categories and with plenty of PS3 exclusives coming this could easily change.

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Wow. This game has a very different environment and character style from recent fantasies. Honestly it looks close to FF7 in design. Really interested to see what this becomes.

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My opinion on there features:


Send voice messages -> Not impossible but last on the list of things that would be useful. Text is fine.

Access the XMB no matter what -> Definitely possible down the road.

Change more settings while in-game -> possible feature in the future.

Custom Soundtracks -> possible, I still cannot see why the PS3 cannot overwrite a games sound with your own, it would cover music and sound...

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From a hardware standpoint the 360 is an unreliable mess, I have no idea why consumers tolerate it. MS hasn't even fixed it they just offer longer warranties.

It great to see a company (MS) trying to fix their problem with a warranty but by now it should be gone.

Fake article or not, it is still mostly true. The PS3 is still cheaper than production and the 360 has goblins inside it.

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Well I trust PS Lifestyle alot but this is just insane, if Sony must buy one game, this needs to be it.

I have heard in the past that Sony and SE have an agreement which prevents new FF games(main series) to appear on other platforms, but it is possible that that agreement was re-worked to allow FFXIII to be multi-plat while a new FF7 game would remain exclusive...

All speculation, lets just say this SE event will be something to watch out for. I'm not a huge FF7 fan but t...

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There are currently 2 SKUs on the market.

-40gb PS3 with no BC or memory card ports.
-80gb PS3 with BC and memory card ports.

Once the new SKU launches this will be the availability.

-80gb PS3 with no BC or memory card ports.
-80gb PS3 with BC and memory card ports.

The 40gb PS3 is just getting a bigger hard drive. Sony will ALWAYS have a BC PS3 on market, it is a large selling point.

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I agree, for the most part.

1. you should be able to re-download videos as long as a full purchase was made.

2. Simple trailer previews would be nice.

3. Download should be no longer than 10-15min for episode-like content and and hour for large movies. That being said I believe the writer is having an issues on his end because my PSN video downloads tend to be fairly fast. Not to mention( he may have forgot) you can begin watching the movie sooner than i...

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Almost positive the people we elect or do not will be the team you play as in co-op. Not sure whether it'll be the one we inject or not. I'm going to say the one we inject.

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The RSX is defiantly weaker than the 360 GPU but he is underestimating what the cell can handle, according to DICE the cell helps to push texture res up, not down. Also in an age where graphics are being maxed out(too much more and the development costs won't justify the sales) the PS3 will at least be able to look toward advanced physics and other number heavy systems which the CPU allows it to do much more efficiently than any other console.

The PS3 can not output the raw poly...

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Seeing as the first one had questionable quality, not sure if a port would be recommended anyway...

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Thats fine... 360 Bioshock looks great so equal is fine. Outside of graphics though there are still great improvements. More ares, new modes, and from the looks of the videos an improved animation system (in the first one the enemies looked awkward when dying, like Animation FPS drops very low.)Shaping up nicely.

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PS3 version will always have the upper hand in fighting games, the D-pad!

Still I don't even hear people speak of Tekken anymore....

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At worst we will see a close market share between the 3 consoles. Even if Sony gets third with 30% or something. I think they will end up second, and while it is a loss from the PS2 it is far from a failure.

EDIT: If Nintendo could survive the Gamecube then Sony will be fine, also it doesn't mean a shortage of quality either, the Gamecube had some of the most stunning games of last gen (Metroid Prime [and its sequel], Twilight Princess, Wind Waker)

And people overest...

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I see Gears 2 has the bigger problem. I mean damn at least R2 ran the whole way through and while I thought the textures in the building were horrid if it will be burning in the final version then ok. Still funny to see both demos fall off track.

Gears 2 - Crap another 360 murdered...

R2 - Oops wasn't that building supposed to be on fire?

But yeah I am glad R2s building textures were a mistake and will be fixed, Insomniac is known for making great smooth...

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A few relevant points:
1.That build is old, the game is near beta and that build is pre-alpha.
2.The A.I. on every demo is set to uber-dumb for demo-ers sake.

Well anyways I think people hold this expectation that KZ2 is aiming its spear at HALO or something, not FPS games are alike, FPS is actually a fairly wide genre. Also I have heard nothing but good about the games A.I. recently and while they claim the game is "Close-to-rail" another hands-on (IGN I be...

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