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Sounds like Risen to me.

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I'm at 124 hours, level 38, blood and broken bones difficulty; just finished Hearts Of Stone, about to do Blood And Wine no Gwent, racing or fighting yet and my map is still dotted with activities; this is the only game this gen, so far, which I find myself thinking about during the day when I'm at work.

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Sort of.

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Gods save us from people who play games to "experience" something.

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Yeah, I thought so too.

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TPP was developed by people from a country which does have major issues with nudity and explicit imagery, just in a different context ie Japanese animators and anime artists can get away with more than photographers or film makers.

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If Quiet had an A-cup bust nobody would complain, this is boob shaming at it's worst.

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Hooray, but also whoop-de-do, I do believe we were promised TWO full expansions for D3?

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Yes, it was one which lived up to the hype.

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And if I recall the "realistic" NPC's in Two Worlds were incredibly annoying, if you walked into a house you weren't supposed to the whole village would try to kill you.

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Because Fallout is written to be quirky and humourous it has fewer jarring, obviously silly moments than TES, like "Arrow to the knee", Skyrim has an overall serious tone and when it tries to be funny it mostly falls flat, like the stupid Daedric dog quest.

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That and the fact that there hasn't been a next gen console game released so far that has motivated me to upgrade, that attitude may change with Fallout 4 on the horizon and to be honest I didn't upgrade from original Xbox to 360 until late 2007.

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It's a tad expensive if you're going to play seriously and at higher levels it can be tedious if you don't pay for the premium service.

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The first one was novel at the time and had a moderately interesting story, the second one was tedious because it didn't do anything to improve on the original and the story was less intriguing.

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Depends if there's a decent pre order bonus or some other goodies attached to a day 1 purchase.

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There's nothing wrong with Mafia II, it's a decent enough game and the F! series are always good value if you're into racing.

1027d ago 1 agree1 disagreeView comment's all coming back to me, great game but she was annoying.

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Agreed, Superman has the powers of a god but most of the time he chooses not to use them. He's a silly character from the outset but most of his life is spent in the guise of Clark Kent anyway, the only way it could work is if they made a game which was 90% Clark and only had a few set pieces as Superman where you got unrestrained use of your powers. It could till be open world but you could have a mission sequence where once Clark's investigations or whatever are done then the phone ...

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There's no equivalency at all, moral or otherwise, women aren't "oppressed" let alone subject to the sort of conditions placed on Jews under the Third Reich. Even women in places like Afghanistan don't see themselves as oppressed, it's just life as it is and always has been for them.

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What about bad boobs in good games?

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