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They are described as Thralls in the advertising for the game, so yeah, it's based on old Norse and Middle European law.

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You kidnap people in MGSV and make them build your base.

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Then there's "Free", I got Fallout 4 and Forza Horizon 3 for "free" when I bought my Xbox one.

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It's not just "casuals", some people aren't interested in storytelling in games, only in the mechanical aspects of gaming, progress, competition against others etc.

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I really liked Halo 5 Warzone, didn't care for the SP too much.

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Yeah, and you get the game pass catalogue at a discount price too, something like 10% off if you want to purchase outright. Game pass has mostly good games, Hunter:Call Of The Wild, Gears, Halo Wars, Resident Evil, DMC series, Tomb Raider etc.

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I had it for 360 but I'm keen to start another playthrough on XB1, I recall liking Vanquish at the time as well so it'll be cool to see how it holds up after so many years.

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I just loaded Morrowind up on XB1 from my original GOTY edition, after playing for an hour or so I'm noticing how hard it is compared to Oblivion and Skyrim, your character is completely feeble to start off with.

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The only one I've ever finished was Black Flag.

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I would have put Leliana from Dragon Age on the list.

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If it's 20 bucks or less I'm in, sounds like fun, I liked the versus multiplayer in Dying Light.

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Future Soldier had solid multiplayer, which few people played on console, the campaign was nothing special.

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I've got legit mental problems and games don't make me feel one way or another, they're just a way of distracting myself so I can sit still and concentrate for a while, they're really good for improving concentration actually.

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Because schools in the "hood" are so plagued with violence anyway that kids are searched, put through metal detectors and heavily policed by staff and security?

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@ KwietStorm I've put about 40 hours into Warframe, leveled up the first frame and a couple of guns. You are right that it's convoluted but so are a lot of games, thinking about it some more it's probably that I never felt like I was progressing, everything seemed like a sideways move at best. There's also no incentive to go on that tedious grind given that the Warframes and other microtransactions are not that expensive, relative to something like World Of Tanks that is.

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Oh how I've tried to like Warframe, for me there is just something off about the game.

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Sounds like Risen to me.

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I'm at 124 hours, level 38, blood and broken bones difficulty; just finished Hearts Of Stone, about to do Blood And Wine no Gwent, racing or fighting yet and my map is still dotted with activities; this is the only game this gen, so far, which I find myself thinking about during the day when I'm at work.

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Sort of.

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Gods save us from people who play games to "experience" something.

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