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I'm a big fan of rouge likes. #4.2
I'm sure Diablo will just hitch up his big boy pants, dry his eyes and move on with his life. #4.2
There's that scene where she's climbing a ladder and if you move Leon too close she squeals "Hey you perve!"..or words to that effect. #8.1.1
I just found him irritating. #5.1.1
I haven't played Reach for a while but I'd agree it's my favourite Halo. As for Destiny it's the only new gen game I'm interested in but before I shell out for a PS4 I want to see where they go with it in terms of new content and what the timeline is going to be between games, if it's going to be a yearly thing or have major expansions like an MMO. #2
Lymle from Star Ocean: The Last Hope.
Makoto from Enchanted Arms.
James Heller from Prototype 2. #5
LGBTI people are actually only about 2.6% of the population combined according to the most recent studies, Kinsey's work has long been discredited and his findings can't be reproduced. #3.2.3
It's not like there's a shortage of shitty dating sims available on Steam and The Sims 4 is on the way, people who want to play fantasy same sex couples instead of fantasy wizards and warriors can make their own arrangements, they will be bobbling around on near empty servers if there's any justice in the world. #2.1
After "gamergate" we have to insist that politics be kept out of gaming altogether, much like the "No politics in sport" idea.
If SJW's want to play their crappy games in a corner of the internet they're welcome to it, the rest of us real gamers will get along fine, like we always have. #1.1.1
Cool, I've got Borderlands 2 and Reach, If I alternate betwen the two I'm sure my imagination can fill in the the rest. Destiny here I come! #1.5
I'm one of the minority of gamers who actually played Fuel and the weather really was amazing, you could get hit by a twister, in the dark in the middle of a race.
And what about Far Cry 2 with those massive rain storms and the way the wind moved the foliage? #6
Well I just bought another as new second hand 360 after mine died and by the contents of the HDD it hadn't been used since about 2009, incidentally that's the fourth 360 I've owned since 2007. #2.1.3
The problem with SJW's is that they live in a fantasy world which is the equal of any game world.
Oh and Anita Sarkeesian is a lying scam artist whose problems have nothing to do with gaming.
Funny, I just watched this:
This is the reality of gaming, what Sarkeesian is talking about has nothing to do with our hobby. #1.1.2
Well in the 1970's when a TV broke you called the TV repair guy and he came to your house and fixed it or took it back to his shop and did the work.
We had this old Jewish guy in town who could fix anything, watches, TV's, blenders and he had one of those cool, dingy old shops with the banks of drawers for every little part, if you needed an element or a bulb or a valve for any obscure piece of equipment he usually had it. #5.2.1
I played a lot of Defiance with the sound turned off and music playing through the headset, if I have the money to buy Destiny it'll be the same. The leveling,trying different character builds and the loot are the point of these games for me, I don't care about the story or social elements. #1.4.3
I suck at FPS most of the time so I don't usually worry about issues like this but I did notice the same things and I also got some pretty iffy kills myself, including a post mortem double kill in which the shots seemed to hit just as the re-spawn screen was appearing. #2.4.1
Destiny has a great atmosphere, I found the gameplay to be good enough, everything works really well and there's nothing aggravating about the menu layouts etc but the sound, the music and the lore are outstanding and this game is just going to get better and better with time. #2.1.3
The PC version is going to be upgraded with patch 2.1 soon, I wonder if the console games are going to be 2.1 on release?
I've got both the PC and 360 versions so yeah, it's a bit rich that they're charging full price just for the extra content and not releasing it as an expansion...gah, who am I kidding, I'll still buy it. #3
Strange that nobody ever mentions the "fully Gay" characters from Red Dead Redemption or GTAIV, guess it's because they are written so well that they actually fit seamlessly into the story...we'll see how Bioware handle it. #11
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