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Depends if there's a decent pre order bonus or some other goodies attached to a day 1 purchase. #1.2
There's nothing wrong with Mafia II, it's a decent enough game and the F! series are always good value if you're into racing. #8.1's all coming back to me, great game but she was annoying. #4.1.2
Agreed, Superman has the powers of a god but most of the time he chooses not to use them. He's a silly character from the outset but most of his life is spent in the guise of Clark Kent anyway, the only way it could work is if they made a game which was 90% Clark and only had a few set pieces as Superman where you got unrestrained use of your powers. It could till be open world but you could have a mission sequence where once Clark's investigations or whatever are done then the phone... #2.1.1
There's no equivalency at all, moral or otherwise, women aren't "oppressed" let alone subject to the sort of conditions placed on Jews under the Third Reich. Even women in places like Afghanistan don't see themselves as oppressed, it's just life as it is and always has been for them. #1.4.1
What about bad boobs in good games?
http://www.magitek-designs.... #2
Since the site tracks your overall progress and rewards are based on ingame achievements it's worth registering anyway, if you've got lots of awards in the game you can redeem them for gold or parts on the web site and shift them across to your stash. #1.1
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I'm slightly addicted to raid mode. #2
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True Crime became Sleeping Dogs and it was a great game, there's no reason why a spiritual successor to Shenmue or a re-boot shouldn't be made. #4.1
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Nah, more like the world of Snowcrash or Virtual Light, The Matrix was bullshit compared to the original cyberpunk novels. #1.2
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There had to be some other reason for his death, when I was that age I'd stay awake from basically Friday to Sunday morning, sometimes with the use of drugs, sometimes not and I've literally sat on a kitchen chair for a day and a night without moving while having a bad acid trip. Im not saying the kid was a druggie just that I've personally done far more extreme things than that and lived, the time I had to walk for eight hours straight after being abandoned out in the hills by a... #1.19
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That's bullshit, you've clearly never been to an Islamic country, believe me they're not oppressed and most people pretty much just do whatever they want,the cops are usually too lazy and underpaid to do their job unless there's a kickback in it for them. #1.3.2
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The Alienware Alpha comes with Windows. #2.2
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Errgh. Since when did soldiers have individual personalities anyway? Any team based activity necessarily requires co-operation and in order to co-operate effectively the members need to suppress their personal traits and especially their feelings. What the author wants is female centred melodrama in games, which is exactly what you get in real life when you have a mixed association with male and female members.
Here's a thought, let's return to the silent protagonist and cut o... #3
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Then there's Flemeth from Dragon Age, Anna Grimsdottir from Splinter Cell, Blake Dexter from Hitman Absolution, Cortana from Halo, G-man from Half Life.
From that list though Granny Rags takes the win for mine, she's downright bizarre. #2
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PC for me because I'm on a tight budget, if not for Steam sales I wouldn't still be gaming at all, console games are just way too expensive in Australia, I can't pay $100 for a game. #1.8
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It would take forever to get to 1,000 on normal, the point of gradually moving up to harder difficulties is the XP increase with each level. And Diablo 3 isn't easy if you're playing hardcore, my last character was going along nicely in nightmare then got hit with jailer/freezing/poison/desecra tor all at once and died, it's the randomeness which gets you. #3.1
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If Hitler had won the world would still look much as it does now, some of us refer to the Third Reich as the "First European Union" and the Nazis were all in favour of normal people having fun and pursuing hobbies in their spare time. #2.2.1
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Being a jerk in Fallot 3 seems worse though because everyone is basically just clinging onto life, it's kind of like running amok in a refugee camp or something. #2
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My nephew has both physical and intellectual disabilities and he picks up games quickly enough, he likes the UFC games,FIFA, GTAV, Skate3,etc.
I think that these "newcomers" the suits are referring to might be our lady friends, the times I've tried to get my wife to play FPS or even stuff like Skyrim she's said it's "Too hard", she's more into PC RPG's and roguelikes. #1.3
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