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"Google pays me $0 an hour!"


It's more than a little weak, not to mention it's a compete rip off of the The Simpsons: Tapped Out. #1.1
Good job nobody is forcing you to buy them then, huh? #7.1.2
I was thinking about this last night, I'm currently playing through Star Trek Online and have 80 hours of play time. That's a hell of a lot of entertainment for free so I decided I'm going to pay a little back through the in game store when I get paid. #4
No, it's been discounted by $20, It's now $39.99. #1.1
Could the title be any more British? haha. #12
Pretty much, and it's cheaper for them to publish something digital than physical (even though the prices seem to be the same for us). #6.1
I love the trailer, it's a comedic take on Dead Island teaser that was released; #10

Sure, if you can afford this card then you will probably buy top of the range products to go with it. All I'm saying is you don't HAVE to, since that was what air1 was asking. #2.3.2
You only need to make sure you have the right kind of PSU, something along the lines of 650+ wattage would do. Motherboard doesn't matter because they're all compatible, along with CPU and RAM. #2.3
Once you experience an SSD you can never go back, a normal HHD is the biggest bottleneck of any system. #2
>Facebook and Sony are now competitors.

Definitely not, does Facebook have a console? Are Facebook in the gaming industry in any way that Sony are? Definitely not. #42.1
I've never had my excitement for a product to be so incredibly dashed until now, it's a horrible feeling. #36
A bat credit card?! #1.1.6
Comments/Ratings disabled, no new videos for over 2 years and their new videos are for something completely different (yet still showcasing "unbelievable" tech)

Yeah, sorry to say but something is definitely fishy there. #14.2
They already have,

It's not even a new concept, it's been around for a while now. #8.1
To be fair, the PlayStation Move and 3D were pretty big gimmicks. I feel like VR is something that people have been expecting and wanting for decades now. #9
People were thinking about VR years before Microsoft even existed. #1.2
That's not even the same product, the picture you've linked to is for Sonys head mounted display, nothing to do with VR. #12.1
Sure, for "scientific study", they just want to play some certain Japanese titles; #4
I can't wait to use this headset to play certain Japanese games; #2
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