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"Google pays me $0 an hour!"


It's the trolls that need to grow up and man up. #1.1
It must be the longest fad in history then, people have been wanting it for the past 30 years or so. #5
Your tattoo analogy isn't very good because you CAN get a tattoo amended if you dislike it. #1.1.6
'imagine people with capped/slow internet '

That's why discs still exist, if you have a capped or slow internet then obviously you shouldn't be downloading 50gb titles. #1.1.5
It's almost like you get what you pay for! #7
Like this? #8
Hopefully, I've just managed to find a new job after a year of searching. It's getting more and more difficult out there. #7.1
Thing is, the majority of those features weren't even available on PS3 until a couple of years after launch. I still remember a time where you had to quit a game just to read a message.

It's unfair to compare the two in my opinion, considering how the PS4 is new and the PS3 is almost 8 years old! #9
Only 14%!? They are obviously sexist, wait til Tumblr hears about this. #10
I just said exactly the same thing in my head while reading the title, I'm so sick of it. I mean what's next, 'which console packaging is better? Xbox One or PS4?' #5.1
The Sun getting called out is a weekly thing, nobody takes it seriously. #6
500,000 total units for just one week is incredible. Well done gaming industry. #4
'Is a comparison even possible given that it is current Gen vs next Gen'

Guys, it's old gen vs current gen. How can something be next gen if it's already out? #3
Um, what gay man? Both Andrew House and Mark Cerny are married to Japanese women. #3.1
It's amazing how many articles these internet journalists managed to squeeze from these small videos. #2
True but I still think they are lucky that Kaz is their boss, he worked at Playstation for years so he probably understands better than most people what needs to be done. #2.1
We've known about the RAM for over a year now, one devoloper was quoted saying something like "If You go With 4GB of GDDR5" RAM on PS4, "You Are Done". #4
'you can tell by closely looking at the water beading and streaking down the window'

Because as we all know, when you're driving 100+mph in a race with other drivers you have plenty of time to closely look at the water beading off the car.


'[NOTE] The Dynamic Weather feature is still in development.' #61.1
I can't wait to see the mods for this. #2
The kill cams are always the highlight but even they get tiresome after you've seen it for the 50th time.

Personally I'd give the game something like 6.5/10, it's fun to try and replay the missions in a realistic way. #1.1
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