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"Google pays me $0 an hour!"


GTA will do incredibly well but imagine an Uncharted 4 bundle. #18.2
Don't forget that XBL launched all the way back in 2002 and has been a paid service ever since. Sony didn't launch their service until 2006, which was free until the PS4 launched and is still free for those who have a PS3. #7.4
Price, obviously. Sony realised that people aren't willing to pay $599 for another PlayStation console, and Microsoft realised that and opted for something cheaper so they could compete. #13.3
As much as I dislike GT now, I really respect the fact they've never given any game a 10. For me personally, a 10 should be unachievable as nothing is perfect. #5.2
2016 seems so far into the future, I can't believe it's only 14 months away. #1
'Even big budget games such as GTA V only scored a 9 on its site'

Only, really? It's statements like this that make the entire scoring system worthless. #10
I sped up the footage a little and made it into a webm, here; #7
A crash won't happen, we don't live in the same world as we did when the video game crash happened. The quality of games being released is still far above what they were releasing back in 1983 and because of things like digital purchases publishers don't have to worry about retail space.

Also disasters like the game E.T just wouldn't happen any more because of quality control, developers tend to be delaying titles more often now instead of pushing them forward. #6.2
On the video description it says it was played by a small girl. #1.1.1
3 brand new characters, more voice talent, unlimited tools/space for level design, deeper 3D depth. It seems like they've improved the franchise quite a lot to me. Not to mention every level is playable on the PS4 with updated visuals.

It is strange how Sony aren't really pushing the game more, Sackboy is definitely one of the favourite Playstation mascots. #2.1
That was frustrating to watch, but it was being played by a little girl so I'll forgive her! #1
This is why you need to password protect your payment details people. #1
Thats actually a lot better than I was expecting from Polygon. #1
The highest rate review so far, although I can't see many other sites giving such a generous score. #1
Isn't 65/100 average, not bad? #1.1
Finally, the reviews are being released. 3.5/5 is about what I expected. #1
They'll be all over N4G when I get up in the morning then, that's something to look forward too, haha. #1.2.1
Any idea when the reviews will start being released? Thanks.

Abriael, thank you! #1.1
This was a playstation 1 ad and it's considered one of the favourites. #4.1.1
It kind of reminds me of this old PlayStation ad #4
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