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"Google pays me $0 an hour!"


Good luck everybody :) #2
That doesn't happen, Naughty Dog made this quote once and it's sums it up perfectly; #6
"just stability" #1.1
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For what platform is this taken from? #6
I'm buying this game next week and I can't wait, the game has come a long way since launch. Nice to see developers supporting it so much. #5
Slow news day? #7
Chris Pratt has the charm but not the looks. Nathan Fillion has both of those, he would fit into that role so easily. #2.2.2
It's not even 12K in the traditional sense, it's basically just 3 4K monitors put together. Actual 12K monitors are years away. #7.1.1
Same here, after going through the hassle of signing up we deserve it! #3.1
It is being released on the Wii U, it was just delayed for reasons. Apparently it will be 720p 30fps. #39.2
Is it just me or is the quality of these themes really really terrible lately? It's like shovelware for themes, almost like these companies are slapping Google images onto a theme and charging $2.99 for it. #1
Great to see them supporting the game despite the negative press. #6
Same here, 2.50 is one of the best updates to date. No problems here. #2.3
This would be so welcomed. I love taking screenshots but sometimes it's way too obvious how compressed they are. #1
To be honest it's a little late for that, digital is being the standard. Not to mention Bluray drives aren't standard for PCs. #3.1
I can't wait to play this game again. I bought it day one on PS3, enjoyed it so much but I feel like the PC version is going to take it to a whole new level (let's not forget about the mods!). #13
The creator of Five Nights right now; #5
I hope so although I can understand why people are starting to get a little sick of remasters now. #1
I bet even the developers of this game have died a whole bunch of times, as it should be! #1
Oh yes! That'll make Twitch streaming a lot more entertaining. #19
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