Google pays me $0 an hour!


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Yup, what a disgusting thing to say to the people who funded the game with their own money.

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Not bad at all, you finish a single playthrough of Heavy Rain in about 6 hours. The biggest selling point for me is the replay factor, easily 20+ hours.

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Where are the Indies? Really? People have been screaming for less Indies and more AAA titles. I couldn't have been happy to go through a Sony conference without generic indie pixel side-scroller number 246.

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Congratulations, you missed the point completely.

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Maybe ;)

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'Who in their right mind would buy the Neo when the Xbox is going to be way more powerful.'

Probably because specs aren't everything and cost is the most important thing for a consumer. Just because the Scorpio might be more powerful doesn't mean people are going to be willing to spend an additional $100-$200 for it. If Microsoft have learned anything from the Xbox One it's that people aren't willing to spend more than $399 on a console, and the rumo...

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People seem to forget about the cost problem, something that's '4 times as powerful as the Xbox one' isn't going to cost less than $499, and if recent gaming history has proven anything it's that gamers aren't willing to spend more than $399 on a console.

So either the rumours are wrong, Microsoft is willing to eat a huge loss on each console sold or they're just going to end up making the same mistakes they did with the Xbox One and make the cos...

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'no psvr version of driveclub and journey has been shown'

Not quite true

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Europe gets the game later than the US for some reason, 20th of April for the majority of EU and 22nd for the UK while the US gets the game on the 12th.

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Great news, I can't wait to try out the remote play.

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'It's my birthday week'

I almost feel bad, almost.

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Quality reasons, I can't speak for the Xbox One but the PS4 is limited to 720p 30fps with a low bitrate. The difference between using the build in recording features and a dedicated capture card is night and day.

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Everybody’s Gone to the Rapture is not a Sony owned IP, they just partnered with Sony because they felt they couldn't fund the game otherwise.

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Well why wouldn't there be?

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'big leak' = random Reddit user unable to post proof of anything

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By that logic nothing you buy is the real price until you add on the cost of electricity.

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I didn't even realise it was a different voice actor to be honest.

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Sony have really stepped up their game with these firmware updates, I know it's features that should have been there from the beginning but it's nice to know they're listening to what people are asking for.

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Their original PS3 8/10 review;

"It's innovative and brilliantly acted"

Their PS4 5/10 review;

"damp performances and dismal writing"

It seems they can't even stick to their opinions.

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