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"Google pays me $0 an hour!"


You poor thing, not winning for once must be awful! #1.1
Any controller*

*Not quite any controller #3
I've been using the trial since last night, here are my opinions.


Quality is awesome, my upload speed is 20Mb and I haven't seen any issues in graphics or resolution yet

The games appear right there on the PS4 UI so finding and playing them isn't a hassle;

You can earn trophies, even in the trial.
Yeah, the trial gives you access to a bunch of full games including trophies to earn and I've been playing on the Killzone 3 multiplayer without any problems. #7.1
You need a credit card, as long as you follow the options you'll be fine. Just delete the card info and auto-renew after you redeem the trial and you'll be fine.

You'll get an email to confirm the £0.00 total for the 7 day trial.

It's no different to most other free trials out there, you mostly always need a credit or debit card. #4.1
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This is exactly what I was hoping for, I've always been curious about how it works but I didn't want to pay. After 30 minutes of playing The Walking Dead, it feels amazing. I keep forgetting I'm streaming a game at all.

If you want the free trial, just make sure you guys cancel your card and auto-renew and you'll be good to go. #2
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I would love to buy it, whether or not I could afford it is a different matter. #12
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It's going to be it's major downfall, you only drag it on for so long before people start getting really fed up and the hype disappears.

Personally I can't wait for the game but it's just so annoying to see him dance around the release date all the time.

It boggles my mind that they have to announce games so quickly, they would have been better off waiting until E3 2015 to reveal the game. #3.2
The communities are awesome, they just need some tweaking in future updates.

1) Message notification when somebody has mentioned you or replied to you in a comment

2) Short video clips would be a nice addition to go along with the screenshots you can put into the messages #13
There's another option too, you could send yourself a message using the PS App from your phone with a picture attached. #6
Seriously, I would have taken AC Black Flag by itself instead of all of the games being offered. #27.1
It is, but this is the complete version. #9.1
The Media player and the USB music player are two different things. #3.1.2
Same, it just feels like the same indie platformer after the other. #7.1
What a strange review, it's like going back to classic movies and lowering the score because film technology has since improved.

It's hardly the games fault they released when they were with the technology they were based on. #11
It was actually just added in the new update. #4.1
DLB? Wow, I remember listening to this guys podcast way back in 2006. Nice to see him still going. #1
Out of stock now. #1
Check out 'Outrage Beyond' too, he is Yakuza in that too and it's a great film. #5.2
People here sure don't like opinions, feel free to make your own list if you're unhappy. #44
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