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"Google pays me $0 an hour!"


Impressive numbers all round, the Xbox One is going strong but the PS4 is stronger, outselling it by about 200k units globally for that week. #11
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All the press these developers could ever hope for. #24
The more information I see and read about this game the more excited I get. When I first heard about it I wasn't too sure about it but lately it just seems to be hitting all the right notes. #2
What's next, a petition to stop criminals from breaking the law? #3
Ironic how the comments in question are from Polygon and Giantbomb, the gaming platforms for tolerance and quality only when it suits. #12
CPUs have very little to do with the performance of gaming. #7.3
Yeah, I can't wait to see what games they'll be showing off in 2-3 years time. The PS3 had a slow start too, well most consoles have slow starts any way. #6
'Normally I equate reimagining with destroying the good memories from when I was young!'

See, I don't get that. The memories you have are still there and will always be there. #3.1
I live in Manchester, if somebody in London was willing to do this for me I would very incredible greatful! #3
Set in the past during the Soviet Unions occupation of Afghanistan, Personally I think that would be a very interesting setting. You would do missions for both the Soviet Union and the Mujahideen. #3
Ah it's great to see some positive news for DriveClub for a change. #15
I'd still be happy with 30FPS but of course 60FPS would be amazing to have. #2
Yeah, impressive numbers all round. #1.1
The fact that they even need to address something like this is ridiculous. Isn't the whole point of quality not to draw attention to something? #4
Seriously impressive, congrats to everybody at Playstation. #1
The recent one with the female doctor? Really? No Kevin Butler? #1
This sounds like fun, I better get started! #1
Nice, I just hope the YouTube footage that follows isn't completely awful. #6
Sorry, yeah I meant the translation comes out to "Nope, it doesn't work" #1.1.1
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