Hellllllllo nurse


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The Wii u version sold 8 million. So troll better homie

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I've never played doom 2016 so I will be getting this. I just don't know when, since it's coming out when sooooo many other games are going to be out.

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Was the sub 540p confirmed? I know I saw that Bethesda said it was 720p portable and 720p docked.

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They played it safe and got burned. No one thought it was going to sell this well, not even Nintendo.

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"We've spent a few months really digging into what makes the Switch hardware tick and it now runs smoother than the PlayStation 4 version, with less noticeable save points for instance."

I don't think they mean the game overall is running smoother than the ps4 version but they polished the switch version to make the feel of the game smoother, as in hiding where saves are being done. No way the switch version of any game will run better on its hardware than...

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I think that's a big chunk of the game for most people. Also I think they should bring back splitscreen to get the old school players back in.

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I'm still pissed about halo the master chief collection. You said you would fix it and never did. Why would I ever buy another product from them. Though I love halo

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Why is it just saying switch, this is happening with my xbox one version of the game. Though I haven't had any data wiped yet.

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I love the first two. I can't wait for this one

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I was very surprised by this announcement. Nintendo is really trying to get third party's on the switch. Which is great for the consumers. It looks good but definitely not as good as athe ps4 version. This game is prob going to be watched by other third parties, to see how it sells and how it actually runs on the switch.

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Wow I really didn't know what to think of this game. Seems that it has peeked my interest

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Just like with monster hunter it shouldn't matter what consoles it comes out on

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Nice just shows the industry is going strong

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I love monster hunter and would love to see it on all systems. I don't see the issue with that

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I love reading all the comments with lime123 because he just keeps getting destroyed. Just not a good troll :)

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Nintendo games don't drop in price sadly

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Yeah after you said that about Zelda I knew you were a troll.

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Wow this is great

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Zelda has def help the switch but I'm sorry the Wii u basically was never going to do well. Marketing was terrible the name was terrible the look was terrible. To this day people don't even know that the Wii u existed

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I laughed so hard at this comment it woked up my baby.

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