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I like that you can do 2 players on each switch with wireless play. Would have been awesome with 4 players and would make LAN parties fun

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It can change it like they did with the Wii. But only if it has games to push it. By games meaning third parties jumping on board and not making crappy ports. Which could prove difficult.

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Great score for the game. Surprising since it's a repackaging but with some enhancements. Though Mario kart 8 on Wii u was awesome. hopefully I'll find a switch soon

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Great interview

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The thing is sega didnt have to really make mature games, just good ones. Most of segas games in the last 10 years have not been good so it hurt their brand. Just throw a mature game here and there and don't say somebody is lying because they don't agree.

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Yeah I can't find one they are sold out everywhere

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I love the game and yes you do talk to other people about what's going on in the game etc. That doesn't mean it's a multiplayer game

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How fast is the ram?

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It needs sales and then it will get the third party support. Problem is it will be mass effect lite and gta lite. The same was done on the Wii

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We truly don't know what the switch is capable of yet from a game made the ground up for it. Since Zelda is made for the Wii u and looks great on it

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I really like this game on the Wii u. I hope Nintendo gets these guys to f-zero

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Soooooo when the switch was first announced ton of my no gamer friends wanted one. Then after a few months and then when the price point was announced half of my friends were like maybe they will get it during the holiday season. Now that's it's out the ones that didn't get one want one. I dunno why but but a lot of them just really really want one though they were iffy about for the past few months. I think Nintendo will be fine if they have games coming out. But if their is a hu...

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Watched a old 80's news video on the nes and even back then they say Nintendo did shortages on purpose

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I have had disconnecting issues but not to often. Nothing crazy

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I play both but though very similar I enjoy battlefield more

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This suck since I have enjoyed the game.

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Also voice chat

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I was wondering about this. Would the lesser ram be looked at different because it's more of a mobile chip. Like how can people say they are porting ps4 games to it with no problems but have lesser ram

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Well I came to work the day after and ever since then people that aren't really gamers have been talking about it. When I mention it could be 299 almost all of them have been ooooo that's not bad surprisingly. I Hunk I could sell it def has more hype then the Wii u

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If you look at the hair it looks customizable. Which can't be don't in the original game

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