Hellllllllo nurse


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Wow I love serious Sam

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Hahahaha hahahaha no the new smash seriously is just an update to the Wii U version. They spent 25 minutes on smash tell us how they change faces and tails. This was super disappointing

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I love monster hunter and at first I couldn’t get into world. My wife kept pushing me to play and boom I’m in love with the game. It’s fun and enjoyable. I was looking forward to the switch version but truly the downgrade in how it looks really hurts it. I hope in the future the make a monster hunter game specifically for the switch so it can take advantage of its capabilities. But I still might pick it up

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I guess but fortnite is free lol and you can’t beat free. Though this game will sell quite a bit but it could go the halo 5 way and not sell to expectations cause it pissed a lot of it’s base off.

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Give us halo 1 4 vs 4 please and thank you

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Like if yo are going to copy it change it up, like do a 100 person battle car royal twisted metal style

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I think people just love to own their games. Game passes will work but over all people will want to keep their games physically or in their hard drive.

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This game to me is what you make it. I’ve enjoyed it and so has my wife. Playing with friends is where it’s at though not solo. I do agree their should be a hub and more variety to enemies.

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So today my wife and I were playing with a friend and we started getting attack by a smaller a ship. So after being chased for a bit we loaded all the cannons heading straight towards a boulder and dropped the anchor at full speed which whiplashed the boat to put us in a good spot to shoot the other boat. We ended up dying but the whole experience was a great rush and fun. I understand why people might not enjoy it since it was a bit boring at first and they definitely need more to do.

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My wife and I have been playing with friends and it’s fun. But I can see it becoming boring but as of yet that’s not the case. We have prob put about 10 hours in

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I think it’s more on how it runs. Even on mobile fortnite runs pretty well. Truly its just a fun game

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I love stuff like this

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This would be great but I think if they were going to bring monster hunter is should be a different game. I have mh on a base Xbox and it really doesn’t run that great. So the switch would definitely struggle with a game like this

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I have to say just looking at those numbers, makes me smile. The video game industry is still going strong

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That thrill when you win is awesome

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I love fortnite, play it every night with my brothers and friends. Started to finally win some games this week

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The Wii u version sold 8 million. So troll better homie

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I've never played doom 2016 so I will be getting this. I just don't know when, since it's coming out when sooooo many other games are going to be out.

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Was the sub 540p confirmed? I know I saw that Bethesda said it was 720p portable and 720p docked.

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