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You can speculate about the supposed specs, or gripe about the current game/new ip situation with the 360. But the fact is that outside the few people who are directly involved in the development process for the "Nextbox", the rest of us have no clue what the console will include in terms hardware, online features, user interface and most importantly the games. If this gen is any indication of how unpredictable things may turn out, all we "know" may be totally incorrect. I... #1.1.12
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Either way, from the looks of it MS is swinging for the fences with the "NextBox". #1.1
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Play it on a more difficult setting, the 5 hours it took you will double at least. The game on a whole is will be much more enjoyable and difficult at the same time. #2.2.2
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To be honest so would I. But a lot of E3 is more about generating excitement then anything else, the KZ2 video in 2005 blew the roof off the place. I suspect that Sony and MS are aiming for that type of reaction when unveiling the launch titles for the next gen consoles. #2.1.1
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I'm pretty sure this is a given. Another pre rendered video running off of the expected hardware for the PS4 to get the gaming community all giddy with excitement. #2
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Whatever specs the machine will end up having we surely be beastly. All I care is that MS insures that the machine won't konk out or burn down my house. #18
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This might help all who are facing any issues in regards to their codes. Cheers!

https://forums.halowaypoint... #5.3
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That's the first place I checked. I didn't see anything that didn't appear to be already there before I redeemed my code. That's what I found odd. #5.2.1
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Thanks :)

I just figured I would see a "star" when new items are unlocked. #5.1.1
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I got mine, but I didn't see anything new once I redeemed the code. Not sure it if it me missing something or if something went wrong. #5
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If the budget for this new game is anywhere near what MS threw down for Halo and Gears, this game should be one to watch for. #33
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Reviews say one thing, gamers say another. Halo 4 is a damn fine game regardless. #3
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Then you also have this:


Easy XP points, as well as the other goodies that comes with it (armor, tags, concept art, emblems), You just have to meet the requirements. #5.2
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big time, played for the first time last night. jumped into a party and got over 4500 xp points. the level didnt even take 10 mins to complete. #5.1
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1)Blue Team
2)Oly oly oxen free
3)Two fingers across the helmet #10
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No, it was that good. #1.1
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The sticky grenade is a pretty sweet weapon. The Halo 4 version is so much easier to use because of the not having to hold down the RT and let go to detonate the grenade. #8
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Yup and Linda is the best sniper out of the SII's. To be honest Blue Team as a whole are all bad@ass. #4.1.2
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Give it a try. To be honest it's not that bad, difficult at times but not to the point of frustration. That's where I found Halo 4 different very similar to Halo: CE, the game is difficult but enjoyable and rewarding at the same time. The bottom line is that Halo 4 is just a fun game, the campaign, the MP, the crazy amount of content, as a gamer you can't ask for anything more in a game.

P.S. High five for being able to have a decnt con... #2.2.7
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Ok, fair enough. So it looks like 7 hours is not a hard time to beat the game in with two people. Beat the game alone on legendary and let me know how long it takes you. #2.2.4
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