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I hope Epic convinces MS to bump up the amount of RAM in the Nextbox the same way it convinced them with the 360.

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I think it started out as a "regular" game, which then they converted into a Kinect game. Then realized that Kinect is pretty crap, so they delayed it to take advantage of Kinect 2.0 hardware and make it a Nextbox launch title.

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That design is way to busy looking, the Playstation brand has always been about clean flowing lines, making a statement without hitting people over the head with over the top design queues.

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Nonsense... The statement that Sony has so many games to choose from would be a valid argument, if the games sold. The fact is that with all the amazing games listed, none of the games sell well apart from a very few. To be honest it's quite sad that the PS3 user base doesn't take advantage of the great lineup it does have, so yes the list is large and varied but the fact is that nobody plays them.

Here are a couple links to further back up what im saying. It's a ...

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The majority of users on this site are straight up stupid, don't even try to understand or comprehend the madness.

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Nyeah, no worries man. I usually don't pay attention to it. I just find the [email protected] ramping up with all the articles about PS4 and Xbox720 coming out lately.

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Who the F cares what games they have? The titles clearly sell, and so is the console. And does it really matter? It's f*ckin video games... Choose the console(s) you like, play the games you like and enjoy. It just annoying how every comment section becomes a pissing war over who's console of choice is better.

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I was responding to your comment, and how some on this site like to harp on the idea that MS milks their games. Yet when it comes to Sony, that notion doesn't apply.

I don't care either way, a good game is a good game regardless of the title or number that follows it. I just find it humorous how some people think on this site.

FYI- Those disagrees were not from me. Peaz

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But MS milks their games... gotta love the hypocrisy on this site.

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Is anybody technically savvy enough on here to explain what the hell all that means?

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Very clean and very modern. Pretty sexy indeed.

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That's my point, all the recent articles about the supposed specs have been relatively similar (including this article) in regards to the power for both consoles.

So how could DF be so sure about the PS4 and not have any concrete info about the "720", It just seems odd to me.

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From what they are saying the specs listed in the article are basically confirmed.

Not being technical at all, I wish I knew what it all meant.

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Agreed, so from what they are saying they know nothing about the Durango/Kryptos/720.

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So these specs are basically 100% confirmed?

CPU: Eight-core AMD processor running at 1.6GHz
Graphics core: Radeon HD hardware, 18 compute units at 800MHz
Additional hardware: GPU-like Compute module, some resources reserved by the OS
System-on-chip codename: Liverpool
Memory: 4GB GDDR5, 512MB reserved by the OS

But at the same time the specs for "Durango" are still very much under speculation?

SO mu...

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It's a delicate situation. Neither of them want to show their cards, but at the same time neither of them want the other to get a head start. Either way 2013-14 is a given, it's just a matter of when. I'm personally psyched about the reveals for both consoles, when we actually get to see the exact specs and features, and what the launch titles will look like. It's a great time to be a gamer for sure.

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yup, you can rack up 7000+ XP an episode playing Spartan Ops.

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Not arguing the fact that a free Live would be awesome. As a Live subscriber since day 1, I would feel a slight slap in the face if this were to happen. As selfish as my feelings may be, I would have the lingering thought that my money had paved the way for the new Live (free) adopters.

Butttt, if this were to happen consider it a brilliant idea on MS's part. Eliminating one of the major factors consumers held off buying the 360. Next move would be to beef up 1st party s...

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I was thinking the same thing, that mock up is pretty sexy looking. The actual console, not the cheesy "infinity" logo.

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I have a feeling MS is going to change the Live model for the next console. They can't continue charging ppl when their competitors are not. Hopefully they use all the cash the banked with from Live towards making Live 2.0 free.

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