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Odd how a article like this stays buried in the pending section. If this were about the Orbis/PS4 this would of been approved within a blink of an eye.

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More information I do not understand at all... Anybody care to enlighten my uneducated mind?

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@ nlvwithgms

bub +

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Thanks for the clarification.

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**Double post**

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Seriously, what does all that mean?

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MS made roughly 10 billion dollars last year from it's Entertainment and Devices division. So let's just say MS takes a hit of $126 (similar to the 360 when it launched in 2005) on each Nextbox, the total loss would be roughly 2,520,000,000 on 20 millions consoles sold (arbitrary number). One years worth of profit would cover the loss four times over. So are you telling me that MS can't afford to lose a bit of cash over investing in a console that would give technical superiority,...

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I agree with you, I just hope it true. The truth is that MS has made a lot of money this gen, especially from XBL. So what better way for them to use that cash then to develop a monster machine with unmatched hardware and to make XBL free (or at the very least making multiplayer free).

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To be honest I'm kinda surprised they haven't responded in some fashion yet. But at this point the time table for the next console has most probably have been set for awhile now. So I guess it's a matter of MS just sticking to theirs guns then anything else.

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Expected on a Sony-centric site, impossible to avoid the stupidity.

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Wonder Boy III: The Dragon's Trap is still one of favourite games.

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Kinect 2.0 is a 100% certainty, so games will be developed.

But I, like you and a lot of 360 owners out there hope MS focuses on hardcore games as well. As much as I love Halo, Gears and Forza MS CAN'T expect to neglect the consumers who just want to play games... no gimmicks, no flashing lights, no flailing of the limbs, just straight up "controller in my hand" games.

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Amen, but at least of them is bound to be Kinect related. I'm guessing Ryse is one of the titles he was referring to even though it was announced awhile back ago, nobody has heard squat about it for sometime now.

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Interesting, can't wait to see the lineup both MS and Sony launch with the new consoles. Things are definitely heating up on the next gen front!

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I still have mine buried somewhere. I'm proud of the fact that I have been gaming since the beginning.

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Yup, all signs are pointing to a PS4 reveal. It would also explain why the rumor articles were so sure of the PS4 specs, it seems as though the PS4 was closer to it's final stages then anybody knew.

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Totally agree with you man. But the die-hards will always pick brand loyalty over common sense all the time.

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At last, we can finally lay to rest all the hardware spec rumor articles. Now we will know how powerful the PS4 really is.

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As it should be. There is no need to change the name now, the PlayStation brand is one of the most noticeable and familiar names in gaming.

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That's cool, but shouldn't the focus be on game performance? What I'm hoping is that they choose to have 8GB of DDR5 instead of DDR3. Overkill I know, but why not MS use all the money they banked this gen towards their next console to make a monster machine.

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