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* scratches head* WTF did I just read...?

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I hate for this to be true, but where there is more there is fire. Way to many articles that state this to be true from the Nextbox... I really hope this is one rumour that is false.

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So would bumping the amount of DDR3 RAM be a better/more realistic option at this point for MS? Would it even be worth the trouble to increase the amount of RAM or is DDR5 that much faster then DDR3 that any increase would be considered a waste of time? I'm curious of what you think as you seem to know what you are talking about.

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Because on N4G if it's not Sony doing it, it's crap.

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you sir a breath of fresh air on this site. Bub+ for you

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Exactly, the whole "team" working on the Nextbox is very small to begin with. On top of what you just stated, MS has made a very strong attempt to keep everything under wraps until they are ready to unveil the console. To think that the whole company or a large number of individuals working for MS are aware of all the details related to the console is pretty ridiculous.

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That statement is true for the PS4 (and 720) in general. For all we know all the specs can change, everything said should be taken with a grain of salt until the console actually is shipped.

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It was a reply to the original comment... Which is the complete opposite of what is stated in the quote.

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bub +

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Directly from the article:

Watch Dogs was confirmed after the event as running on PC hardware with specs equivalent to the PlayStation 4, while Square turned up with a re-heated outing of its existing Agni's Philosophy demo (said to be running on PS4, but we're sceptical). Capcom's new Panta Rhei engine, running its new Deep Down IP, looked really impressive but again it was unclear how the tech would translate into a final PS4 game. Our worry here is that the spe...

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Amazing, Sony continues to lead the way in terms of innovation... Where do they come up with these amazing ideas!?!? ;)

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I'm pretty sure that was their intention regardless of what Sony was doing with the PS4.

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Yes, the upcoming months leading to E3 will be very interesting indeed. Now that MS has seen what Sony has to offer the can tweak the areas where they feel they may be at a disadvantage. With that being said, the roadmap for the Nextbox is all likelyhood 99% set by now. But I can see changes being made to the hardware specs for example, like calling the decision to go with 8GB's of DDR5 RAM and raising it to 10GB's of DDR3. But only time will tell, it is a great time to be gamer for s...

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This event is going to be huge.

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Well said. Bub +

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It's insane how good looking racers look on current tech. I can only imagine how realistic they will look and play with the next gen consoles.

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Your last questions is probably the most important one. If would a huge benefit to MS if they were to make this happen.

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A lot of stupid and blind (by fanboyism) people on here.

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With words like that I'm surprised you still have 2 bubbles.

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