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Actual tweet:

Key responses:

- It will be fine. :) Lots coming in 2013.
- We'll see what happens May 21, actually.
- It will. (Release in 2013)
- This will be a happy year if you're an Xbox fan.
- Not sure about rumors but its all good news from what I know about.

With... #31.2
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I totally agree with what you said. But, I'm really curious of what changes (if any) were made from the supposed leaked info. There are some pretty crazy rumors out there on gaf and B3D. #1.1.1
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And to further prove my point, there is this:

This was posted on Jan. 2nd, so it's pretty obvious that their intention all along was to reveal at E3 regardless of what Sony or any of their competitors was doing. #1.6.3
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I think its more of a case of them having a plan from the beginning and them sticking to it. #1.6.1
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MS are either very confident or very arrogant. Either way it is very obvious they are comfortable with their strategy for the Nextbox. People forget that MS were the ones who hinted about their next gen console first with Major Nelson putting up the counter for E3 and the line "and it's on.." on his blog way back in January.

Link: #37
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Yup, it's f*ckin ridiculous. #24.1
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True, in regards to the PS4 leak the most important details was left out... the fact that Sony decided to with the 8 GB of DDR5. So, if there were discrepancies 2 months prior to the reveal of the PS4, then surely MS has time to tweak the specs of the Nextbox. #12.1.2
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It is a fact that the leaks are a year old, possibly even older. This has been stated over and over again on GAF as well. #12.1
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Nyeah... I don't give a r@ts @ss to be honest. It'll come out when it comes out, and I'll 100% buy it. I'm not one who invests much into all the wild speculation or hype given to the next gen consoles. That being said, I still take an interest so I read a lot of articles, but at the same time I don't get all hyped up or bummed out with every piece of info.

And the gaming market is much different then when the Saturn was around, so that is a moot point. Eve... #4.3.3
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Not weighing in on whether the strategy is positive or negative, I was just saying that I have a feeling that they might announce that it will be available right away. They did it with the 360 slim, and Balmer has said that MS has taken a new company policy to release products as soon as they announced... So if they are revealing it at E3, it would make sense for them to release it shorty after and not to wait until November. #4.3.1
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They both want to take advantage of the holiday season. #1.2
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I'm suspecting MS to announce that the Nextbox will be available "now" at E3. Just a gut feeling. #4
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From what I have read, as it stands now... The Ps4 is quite a bit ahead of the rumoured specs of the Nextbox in terms of RAM and the GPU, the rest is pretty much a wash.. #28.1
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To anybody who knows... If switching to DDR5 this late in the development cycle is to difficult, what's stopping MS from increasing the amount of DDR3 RAM to even out the playing field? And I'm not saying doubling the amount as was suggested earlier, I mean like increasing it to 10GB or 12GB... You get my drift. Would the cost be to high? Would the amount of RAM sockets on the MB take to much room? Please educate me. :) #29
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Link? #6.1
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I'm guessing it's because apart from a very few people who frequent N4G, the majority of us have no clue what this and the other "leak" articles are talking about. #7.1.2
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"Research" shows that the information provided in this "leak" is old. So while this info may have been true at one point, the CPU has most probably been tweaked/modified.

FYI- All this is on Neogaf. #9.1
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This article is a dup and has been reported as such. #3
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Why is this article so inactive? #7.1
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I wish both camps would keep their traps shut and let the consoles/games do the talking. All this posturing seems desperate and weak.

That being said, if that was a 6 then MS a) knows they have a real winner in the Nextbox or b) are blowing a lot of smoke up every bodies @sses. #4
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