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How in any way does the extra space make RFOM a better game?

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Have had it since launch, and am very happy with it. All I care about is the games man, all this constant bickering about which console is better doesn't interest me. If anything it provides me some really good laughs, the fact is their are a very few ppl on this site who actually have some sense. Aight, "im out...Peaz

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I felt the same way as you guys when I first read the article, but it has been proven to be false. For what could of been a huge pie in the face to PS3 fans, was apparently due to some major miscalculations on the part of the author.
"Those numbers in that Resistance file list are the LBA indices and each block is 2kb. This means that each padding file equals 32MB, making is a total of 7GB of FMV with 1.9GB of padding. Audio, in all its localisations, totals 2.24GB. The rema...

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The game is awesome. But as far as GOW goes, I finished the game on all three settings maybe a week and a half after I got it. I didn't bother with online until two nights ago...I have slept 4 hours since then...the game is just fawkin amazing on every level.
P.S. Swanana's are evil

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But will be fixed very soon you impatient child.
"Even games coming out in the future look worse than Gears, what kind of retarded BS is that..."
So are you implying that GOW is a bad game? Or all games coming out are not on par with GOW graphically, cuz in both cases you are dead wrong. Evertyhign is looking up for the 360, so don't worry buddy. And if you need one really good reason...HALO 3 ;). Peaz

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They are addressing the issue right away, or aknowledging it at least. Even though MS has a bad rep, when it comes to the 360 they certainly are really stepping up to the plate.

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If anybody knew when it becomes avaliable in Canada.

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Dood, I don't care about the transfering of files. I was just saying that it would be very convenient if I was able to switch out the 20 GB in my 360 for a much larger one if I chose to. It's a very cool feature on the PS3, having the option to replace the current HD with a larger one, so you don't have to transfer data back and forth because the HD is to small.

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If their was one thing that the PS3 is capable of doing that I wish the 360 can do, it would be to do this. The fact that the PS3 can use any SATA drive is awesome.

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Dood, we can go back and forth like this til the cows come home. Let's just agree to disagree.

P.S. I am right ;)

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The article doesn't make sense, the reasoning is flawed. A company creates a product to sell it, plain and simple. Do you think MS or any other succesful company has ever said "we are selling to much, this is bad"? I don't think so, sales equals revenue, which is the the goal of every company. PERIOD.

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What kind of backwards thinking is that?? The more games console owners buy, more ppl will be introduced to games, which will result in more ppl buying games. Which ultimatley will lead to more console sales. It's about generating interest in a product in anyway possible, through advertising, through word of mouth, and best of all physically trying a product. A company creates a product to sell it, plain and simple.

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I got the game, it awesome.

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"Then why do 360 fans put three times as many posts on playstation-related articles than PS3 fans? With so many of them attacking Sony on a daily basis, this looks par for the course"
Because DJ, the whole lead up to the PS3 launch beginning from last year the majority of Sony/PS3 have been so arrogant. You fell for the smoke and mirrors Sony created, you ate it up and were so proud to regurgitate all the BS that they gave you as fact. Now that the PS3 is being exposed, it...

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Very good point.

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Don't even bother with DJ. Sony fans are very desperate to hear any good news about the PS3, notice how he disregards all the other multiplatform games that have been reviewed, not to mention the other launch titles. It's sad, it really is. Like I have said before, Sony'PS3 fans remind me of a battered wife, they just keep blindly coming back for more abuse. They fail to see all that Sony has done, but you can't really blame them cuz they are human, ppl just do what they know, and a lot of pp...

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I'll start off by saying that I love my 360, but I personally think PS3/Sony is going to end up selling more units in the end. You just can't deny the massive install base that they already have, coupled with the fact that the machine itself is amazing. But with that being said when you look at the PS3 and the 360 for just GAMING purposes, and forget all the bells and whistles(HD-DVD, BLU-RAY, backwards compatibility, media playback..etc) I think the 360 comes out on top. And the reason why I...

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Where did you go? ;)

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It might be since I don't really play these types of games and I suck, but it's tough!! Seems like the Pinatas try to avoid my garden for some reason. If you have a lady who enjoys gaming and or kids, this game is defintely geared towards them so they would enjoy it. If not, I would suggest that you rent it first. Still a pretty cool game tho!!

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