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There is no way they are not showing at least a sneak peak of the next halo or gears during the reveal. I think the lack of titles for the last 2 years on the 360 leads to MS launching or at least working on a bunch of titles for the Nextbox.

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Maybe MS has unofficially loosened up the reigns that allows the devs to at least acknowledge the Nextbox exists.

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And now the mods are even disagreeing on locked articles. Lovely stuff.

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If it this is truly what's going on, then this site is truly f*cked. Period.

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I tried to submit the article straight from Vgleaks but was denied as the site is "not reputable". Something fishy is goin on here...

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Same thing happened to a article I tried to submit in regards to this rumour.. It's a joke to be honest.

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Exactly, there is a huge difference between "always on" vs "always online".

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If this is a confirmation from a MS employee that the Nextbox will infact be always on, he should be fired. Devs and journalist are bound by the NDA, so I doubt the brass at MS are very happy with this guy running his mouth.

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This is interesting post from GAF in regards to the 2 APU rumor:

"Apu #1: Very limited cutdown low power, accessible only to system OS and used for dashboard / media / always on. Not usable by devs.

Apu #2: Game APU accesssible to devs plus OS.

Same setup has been used in macbook pros for years. Very standard these days, would be of limited note worthiness if in durango. Is purely about reducing noise/power/heat when in media hub use.&qu...

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Did you even read the thread? He didn't make up the rumor, he just created the thread as requested by other Gaf'ers in another thread.

Here is the link:

Note the title "[Forum Rumor] Durango Beta has 2 APUs. Console and Controller plastered with stripes."

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That is the odd part about the post... I think the guy is backtracking to be honest.

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I think was pretty much shot down on GAF, it even went as far as BD saying the OP had "negative intelligence".

Key points:
- Durango's GPUs would have 33% more power (2.46TFLOPS vs 1.84TFLOPS), the difference would be closer because having that power spread over two APUs would cause some inefficiencies due to crossfire.
Possible scenarios:
- Durango + ARM where ARM is used for OS/system services
- Durango + Xbox 360 SoC for BC <...

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I guess the blocked used games rumor was BS. I sense something fishy with MS and GS brewing....

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no worries man. peaz

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I think you are missing my point. The fact they are saying it is slightly powerful speaks volumes, it is not the massive gap ppl are saying or hoping it's going to be. In the end the two consoles should be roughly equivalent in terms of power. But like you said, who the f*ck really knows until MS officially reveals the specs of the Nextbox.

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he can't... don't bother.

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Putting aside all the technical stuff (that 99% of the ppl on N4G don't understand anyway) in this article and articles similar to this, the fact is that a lot of the devs are saying that the PS4 is slightly more powerful the the Nextbox, period.

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@ the phantom disagree.

MS and Epic have some history of doing this. For example, when Epic was developing UE3 they kept showing this pic:

Only later did they reveal that the character was the Berserker from the original Gears of War game.

That being said, I have a sneaking suspicion t...

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Actual tweet:

Key responses:

- It will be fine. :) Lots coming in 2013.
- We'll see what happens May 21, actually.
- It will. (Release in 2013)
- This will be a happy year if you're an Xbox fan.
- Not sure about rumors but its all good news from what I know about.

With all the negative rumor...

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Calling it now... 720 launch title. ;)

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