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Project Milo

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The console is not even out yet and they are already talking about the machine having a lot left? This should not even be a issue at this point.

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I think its to late for that. According to the rumors the deal has been signed for quite some time now.

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Rare has hired a insane amount of ex racing related devs which as led to A LOT of speculation as to what their next project(s) is.

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What I'm most interested in is the final specs.

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I'm pretty sure it'll end up being Xbox Infinite or something along those lines.

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- Games, new IP's as well as familiar titles.
- Unveil the console / Final specs (close to par with PS4)
- No always online
- BC
- UI run through
- New features
- Kinect 2.0
- Games
- Games
- Games

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Games I'm hoping for:

Alan Wake 2
Bethesda game
Halo 5
Epic game (Marlowe Briggs)
Next gen Madden
Black Tusk game
Rare game

In the end I just hope they make the games the main focus of the presentation.

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It's about damn time MS!!!

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Better yet, for the Nextbox.

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It's better then them denying it. The lengths to which MS has gone to keep this baby under wraps is ridiculous.

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It's called being sarcastic....

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Butttt that would mean that the Nextbox will be more powerful and have BC. That can't possibly happen... especially on N4G.

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Well... If all the rumors are true and the console is as severely under powered then the PS4, it would make sense that the Nextbox would come at a much cheaper price point.

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Whether you like it or not, the COD franchise is a cash cow for both MS and Sony.

What is even more telling is the fact that out of all the PS3 exclusives only 4 (Uncharted 2: Among Thieves, Uncharted 3: Drake's Deception, Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriots, LittleBigPlanet) titles make it into the top 20.

If anything that is ...

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Petaflops>Teraflops .... interesting

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Logo seems a bit "meh"... I thought they hired some some hot shot indie designer to create the new logo.

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While I agree with you that the Nextbox is not DOA as some people maybe be suggesting/hoping. At the same time, the PlayStation brand is way to popular to be "in trouble". In the end both consoles will be beasts in their own right, it'll just be a matter of of which one appeals to gamers more.

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Smart move, but Sony has EMEA locked down anyways.

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